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WikiNations - The Royal Empire of the Lemons

The Royal Empire of the Lemons


Motto: When life gives you Lemons, make an Empire!


Population: 2,324,000,000
-Density: 7746.6

Capital: Lemon City
Largest City:Lemon City

Official Language: English

National Language: English

Demonym: Lemon

- King: Finn Lemon
- Heir to the Throne, Prince: Doha-Will Lemon
- Minister of Defense: Otto Cooper
- Minister of Foreign Relations: Saskia Marakov
- Minister of Science: Gordon Yap

Establishment: from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Independence: 1719

Land Area: 300,000km˛
Water Area: 500km˛
Water %: 0.0017

Highest Point: 7,183m
Lowest Point: -53m

GDP (nominal): 3,732,000,000,000,000
GDP (nominal) per capita: 228,620.4

Human Development Index: 92

Currency: Lehm

Time Zone: UTC +10.00

Drives on the: Left

Calling code: +89

Internet TLD: .reotl

The Royal Empire of the Lemons

The Royal Empire of the Lemons, commonly called The Lemon Empire, is an Imperial Monarchy in Antarctica. It is bordered on the south and west by undeveloped land. The Lemon Empire covers 300,000 square kilometres and has an estimated population of 2 billion. The Lemon Empire comprises of 6 states.

The Lemon Empire is known for being the only nation to exist within Antarctica.


The Royal Empire of the Lemons is believed to originate from the unexpected citrus trade from The Lemon Empire. Its name as a colony, Frigea, came from the Latin "frigus citrea", literally meaning "Cold Lemon".

The standard way to refer to a citizen of The Lemon Empire is a "Lemon."


The Lemon Empire was established as the British colony Frigea in 1643. In 1718, the residents started talks for a peaceful independence from the British. At 0415 hours, 3rd August 1719, the residents declared their independence and launched a coordinated assault on British positions, causing many casualties on both sides. At 1845 hours on the same day, the British forces surrendered and the Lemon Empire's flag was raised across the country. Naval battles along the coast were frequent, with the Lemon Empire using many small ships against Britain's larger ships.

In the First World War, the Lemon Empire realised that, after helping Britain and losing a large portion of its regular army, it needed to revitalise its military image. It started frequent military parades and made military training mandatory for able-bodied citizens. It also invested a significant amount into weapons development, espionage and counter-espionage.

As the Second World War began, the Lemon Empire quickly mobilised its regular army and some volunteers, sending them abroad to fight, whilst keeping the remainder of its reserve army as a territorial defence force.


The Lemon Empire has a fairly mountainous terrain in the east, with the west being quite flat. The highest point is Mount Lemon, which is located in the Doha-Will Principality. The lowest point, Star Valley, is located in the Penguin Protectorate.

In the cities, the climate is artificially warmed and thus can be classed as temperate. However, in most of the Lemon Empire, the climate is classed as antarctic.

There is extremely little pollution in the Lemon Empire due to tough environmental policies.



The unusually large population resides mostly within cities.

The official and most commonly spoken language is English. Spanish is the most common second language, with roughly 238 million speakers. It can be taken as a course in the Lemon Empire's public schools.


The Lemon Empire is a secular nation, with the official religion being Atheism. Protestantism is the most common religion, not including Atheism or agnosticism, with 25 million followers.


Largest Cities



Metro area population



Lemon City


The Lemon Empire


Port Lemon


The Lemon Empire


Melon City


The Melon Principality


Lime City


The Lime Colony


Wil City


The Doha-Will Principality


The Lemon Empire is an Imperial Monarchy, ruled by King Lemon. It has a large government but does not practice democracy.

Foreign Relations and Military

The Lemon Empire runs an embassy program and frequently trades with multiple nations.

The Lemon Empire maintains a large, growing military. It frequently purchases weapons from multiple nations, mainly Allanea.

The Lemon Empire also maintains warm relations with Great Britain, allowing them use of an Airbase, RAF Lemon Island.


Economic Indicators

Currency: Lehm
Fiscal Year: 1 Jan - 31 Dec

GDP (nominal): 3.7q
GDP (nominal) per capita: 228.6k
Labor Force: 10b
Unemployment: 1.4%

The Lemon Empire runs a large, efficient economy. It collects heavy taxes and has moderate economic freedoms.


The Lemon Empire has a moderately rich culture which seems to be mainly themed around lemons and penguins.


The Lemon Empire has many Cities. There are two large airports, Lemon City International Airport and Lima Airport. It also has a large port, Port Lemon.

The Lemon Empire is a large user of solar power, wind power and nuclear power. Experimental Fusion reactors are often seen powering government facilities.

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