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Technocratic-Director James Abrasax

James Abrasax

The Technocratic-Director when not in his isolation suit, in one of his many suits
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Anexis, Cybusian Empire




Thomas Abrasax


Jane Abrasex


Evolved male

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"With the flame of knowledge, I shall illuminate the universe." - James Abrasax

An Evolved-descended Banshiek, Technocratic-Director James Abrasax was elected to lead The Raven Technate for a 10 year term, and has proven so popular that he has won almost every election since. He is an intelligent man, one who values both science and religion, and is careful to consider the needs of his citizens.

Born on the world of Anexis to an Evolved architect and a Banshee fashion model in 2055, James quickly proved to have an innate knack with technology. He graduated at the top of his class from high school, before graduating from Anexis Technical Institute within 3 years, with a pair of majors in mechanical and electrical engineering, and two minors, one in biology, the other in AI programming. He worked as an engineer for Colossus Defense Engineering, improving shield generator efficiency by 35%, until what is now the Technate declared independence in 2106.
Political Life:
James was shocked at first by the declaration of independence, and briefly considered leaving to return to the Empire he loved. However, he heard of the planned changes in society, the creation of a technocratic system. Intrigued, he submitted his qualifications for consideration by the electoral committee. He was approved for candidacy, was elected to the Technocratic Council, and from there, after a vote by other members, selected to lead the newly formed Raven Technate. He first served as Technocratic-Director for 10 years and has an 85% approval rating. He has bolstered the economy, created a defense force, and subsidized the cost of higher education. He constantly strives to learn, to better his nation and peoples quality of life, and to explore the universe.
Notable achievements during his leadership:
* The creation of the Technocratic Guard
* The subsidizing of the cost of higher education, enabling a guaranteed free first four years of college for anyone who wishes to attend.
* Passing minimum wage laws and placing environmental regulations on corporate entities, while successfully managing to attract foreign businesses such as RobCo and Ryan Industries.
* Convincing The Technocratic Council to allow AI representatives be admitted to the Council, and allowing AI to vote for those representative, so long as they follow Technate orders.
*Successfully handling and terminating a Drakul infestation on Corixis, personally killing three Drakul who broke through the lines of defenses and narrowly avoiding being infected in the process.
*Subsidizing the efforts of the Followers of the Apocalypse, a Cybusian humanitarian organization. He even joined the organization himself in 2450.
*Opened up relations with The Collux Ascendancy, and quickly developing close ties with the various Presidents.
Abrasax led the Technate in the Technate-Taerillian War of 2220, which was fought over the valuable world of Arkoss. This led to a pyrrhic victory for the Taerillians, who re-acquired their ancient homeworld, but at a heavy cost. The Technate had evacuated all of its advanced research facilities, shipyards, and purposefully irradiated the bulk of the planet. This incurred heavy casualties among the Taerillians, but was cleaned up with the use of rad-scrubbing nanites, much to James's chagrin, as he thought that it render the world uninhabitable and thus deny them their prize.
Since then, he has championed the creation of what he calls New Arkoss, a planet strikingly similar to the old one thanks to terraformation, and had furthered ties with the Collux Ascendancy, collaborating on several weapons projects, including refining their Tachyon Arrow weapons and integrating them into certain Technate ships.

James is highly intelligent, and a bit absent-minded at times. He has a habit of analyzing everything rather than interacting normally, and he can be very, very excitable when it comes to anything related to any field of science. He can be quite sarcastic, though he has difficulty understanding it himself. He is, to the considerable surprise of some, very skilled in combat, despite having never served in the military. He uses his knowledge of anatomy and engineering to know where to strike to cause the most damage to a human or a machine. In combat he uses either his arms, which he forms into steel-cutting biomass blades when in combat, or a Rad Pistol, as well as using his magical abilities. He also has a unique and intricately decorated Arc Saber, which he calls Tesla's Wrath. While many scientists are stereotyped as rather cold, James is quite friendly and is always eager to meet other world leaders. He is well aware that, by the standards of many species, he is handsome, and is not afraid to exploit this to manipulate people, to get what he wants, which is almost always advanced technology or unique specimens. James has a bit of a vindictive streak as well, and is known to hold a grudge. The Taerillian conquest of Arkoss is a thorn in his side he refuses to pluck, and is always on the lookout for a justification for revenge.
James, as a Bansheik whose heritage is more than 75% Evolved, is capable of altering his form at will, but typically stays in a young, tall, thin Human male form, with poison green eyes and red hair, having inherited his mother's good looks and red hair in his default form. He is somewhat pale from rarely leaving his lab. He typically wears a suit and labcoat, both equipped with thin flexible layers of armor, and ingeniously, a shield generator weaved into the fabric. As a Banshiek, his natural magical talents include electrokinesis and pyrokinesis, and is rumored to be a Technomancer, though he is apparently awful at healing.

Personal Life/Trivia
*James's hobbies include inventing things, dissecting dead specimens (this does, on occasion include humans who have donated their bodies to science, but he would never vivisect anyone. He's not a monster.), building models of spacecraft and vehicles, and playing chess. He has also recently taken up shooting at a firing range.

*James is an avid reader, maintaining a vast library of everything from The Great Gatsby to technical manuals, from The Red Tide to a copy of The Necronomicon. He is very fond of Brave New World, by Huxley, and keeps a copy in his bedside table, as well as on his personal shuttle.

*Nikola Tesla, Howard Hughes, and Nathan Koenig are his role models. He has met and studied with Koenig several times, and is overjoyed whenever he gets the opportunity.

*He is a rather devout Mercerist.

*He has a coffee addiction, though he is also quite fond of tea, especially mint tea.

*He has personally programmed over 1,000 Artificial Intelligences so far, all capable of learning, and adapting to situations not in their original programming.

*James is fascinated by Eisenhurst's Mechanical Dictator, citing him as an astonishingly advanced AI for the 1920s, and has expressed a desire to beat him at chess. They managed to arrive at a stalemate after nine hours, which rather impressed James, who called Eisenhurst a "genius with a chess piece."

*Torchwood has hired him as a consultant on a few occasions, though the exact details are classified.

*James, being an Evolved-majority Bansheik, requires only minimal food and drink intake to remain functional, though he eats and drinks things because he enjoys them and it helps "humanize" him, especially with the Human population of the Technate.

*An Evolved male generally requires 4-6 hours of sleep to have the heightened reaction times associated with Evolved, and to perform optimally when it comes to cognitive tasks. James tends to get 3-5 hours, preferring to work late at night and rise early. He typically stays up until 1 or 2, and awakens at 6 or 7.

*(Secret: James is working on several abnormal prototypes, including a time machine, despite Torchwood's efforts to stop him from manipulating time. He has now successfully tested it, and was almost killed when he went back in time to the Battle of Arcadia. His time machine is a closely guarded secret, known only by Technate Intelligence, which has six Courser units guarding it at all times.

*When asked about his relationship status, he claims "it's very complicated.", and gives no further details. There are rumors he is in a complex relationship with Dr. Pyotr Fyodorovich Miroslavsky, the Premier of the Martian Technocratic State of Zitravgrad, which crosses timelines, though, when asked, he simply gives rambling non-answers and rambles about time travel and quantum mechanics until people beg him to stop.

*As of 2450, he has officially joined The Followers of The Apocalypse, a Cybusian charitable and humanitarian group devoted to furthering peace by providing medical care, education, and helping create infrastructure on underdeveloped worlds.

*Is gradually becoming a bit egotistical, calling less intelligent people a wide variety of names, including 'intellectually substandard', which he may or may not have picked up from a Zitravgradian scientist.

*As an Evolved, James is capable of altering his biology on the fly, forming weapons from his biomass, and Consuming others. He tends to enjoy his 'default' form, the form he was born with.

James has designed a custom Linkisolation suit for examining biohazards and entering hazardous environments. It is equipped with three miniature shields, and will automatically stun anything that touches him while wearing it. It also has an AI.

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