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Eta Carinae ~ Captain of the Blackwater Division

Eta Carinae

Name: Eta Carinae

Birth date: February /14th / 2231 (Age 19)

Place of birth: Blazing Rift, “Hand of Enlightenment”, EH11K Realm

Religion: LinkShintoism

Occupation: Blackwater Division, Captain.
Formerly: N/A

Marital status: WELP!

Spouse: NAME (Age XX)

Children: NAME (Age XX)

"When it rains, look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars." - Eta Carinae


Eta Carinae is a being made out of light as result of an energetic and blazing rift that created him by Tesla Cell Architects and lifeworkers creating a void-observatory for the State National Parkways for research and tourists to observe the Golden Rift’s lightoid ecosystem and light-based creatures forged by its unknown mystical elements. Understanding by Eta’s formation by onsite workers as a lightoid human instead of some star lion or phoenix was a strange and stunning to see the birth of a star child, caused by minimal manipulation in the time continuum to build the Void-Observatory.

19 years later, the scientists at the Ministry of Science, who were guaranteed permission from the Central government to study and care for Eta Carinae since his discovery at the Blazing Rift, would be baffled to recognize and Eta himself could create an entire world from his own imagination from the stories has read, as he has gotten older, the world he created, was named Valkatria, that can be accessed from a rifle only opens, if Eta wishes to travel there. Alongside this amazement, the world would be enriched by various species and nations all combined with the technology found the steampunk franchise, which is one of Eta’s most favorites as he bores of the mainstream science fiction. However, Eta couldn’t control this world, only one part of it, as he was a benevolent ruler of an empire known as Valkatria, and when he’s not there his subconscious would operate the kingdom, ensuring it’s prosperity despite him not being fully conscious of whatever is happening there.

Eta Carinae reaching maturity at 19 years old would voluntarily be selected to join the Blackwater Division as the Captain of the Division with the military comparing him to the Chancellor, as one of the few individuals that can keep the ever destabilizing Patient Zero in quarantine has become more animalistic and dangerous with the rising fear of him becoming a threat to mankind since he took the Tribute Program. To ascend his servitude to the state and the fatherland.

Strength & Abilities

Name: Eta Carinae
Role: All-rounded, but more towards Support
HP: 300,000
Magazine Size: 800
Damage / Hit: 35
Rate of Fire: 60
DPS: 2100

Primary: A continuous beam of light that is fired from Eta's hands. The beam of light does not pierce through multiple enemies. 100% dmg. falloff at 100 m.
Afterburn (Passive): After getting hit with the primary fire, the targets suffer 100 dmg / sec for 5 seconds. The damage stacks up to 500 dmg / sec (5 stacks).
Hope (Passive): Allies around Eta at a 20 meter radius heals at 3% of their max. HP / sec, while Eta heals at 1% of max. HP / sec, 2 secs after taking damage.
Positive Visage: Instantly heals 10000 HP to an ally, but if targeted to an enemy, deals 50% of their maximum HP, capped to 1 HP. Ability can't kill instantly.
Burning Passion: Summons an Orb of Light that deals 800 DPS for 10 seconds. The orb can't be damaged or destroyed for its duration, but can be shut down.
Forward Dawn: -1 sec. cooldown to all the allies' abilities in a 20 meter radius, as well as providing 5% to the ultimate meter. Takes 2 s to cast, interruptible.
Blinding Daze (Ultimate): Unleashes a beam of light that deals 3000 HP / s in a 10 m line, as well as increasing movement speed of Eta by 50%. Interruptible.
Irresistable Optimism (Ultimate): Provides +100% movement and attack speed to allies around Eta in 5 meter radius, as well as +200% damage output. 8 sec.



Eta Carinae, while suitable as an all-rounder, is more suited towards a Support role due to his healing abilities. Symbolizing Hope and Optimism as a whole, his attacks are all light-based, as well as fire-based, due to the sheer intensity of the lights. The attacks, as it was stated, does burning damage overtime to those that are unfortunate enough to caught in the line of fire. His Positive Visage can instant heal a great amount of health towards his allies, but it can also be used offensively to damage an enemy, though not until they die, so as to make it much more balanced. Eta also has an ability to summon an Orb of Light that automatically targets enemies around it in a 15 meter radius, being able to supplement and provide a defensive asset. It cannot be damaged, but it can be shut off by disruptive abilities of the enemies.

He also has an ability to hasten the recovery time of his allies, that is, he can make their cooldowns shorter and their ult meters fill up faster so as to shorten the downtime. However, this takes time to cast and Eta is vulnerable to attacks and interrupts at this point. He has two ults to choose from - either a forward line attack that is a stronger form of his primary fire (and increasing his movement speed), or an aura that makes his allies and himself insanely faster, as well as being able to attack with pure injustice.


Eta Carinae was primarily educated by the Lightoid Research Group at the Ministry of Science, when he was discovered by a construction crew in 2230, joined by state-hired tutors from the Military.

Appearance and Health:

Eta has spiky, short red hair with an area of gold hair in the front of his head, red eyes and a slender body and his outfit changes to that of what appears to be a captain like uniform which sports red, white and gold colors.


Eta Carinae is known to be very cheery and kind person. He is normally very energetic and is normally optimistic towards others. Unlike the majority of the Blackwater Divisin, Eta also firmly believes that he should fight for those who are weak and need help. Instead of helping only those that the Government wishes to help for its ulterior motives.