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Patient Zero

Victor Vonstein

Name: Victor Vonstein

Nickname: Patient Zero
Birth date: October 31st 2009 (Age 239)

Place of birth: Rapture, Rapture Republic

Religion: Atheist

Occupation: Patient Zero, Blackwater Division.
Formerly: Special Cadet Operative, Command Academy Student.

Marital status: Single

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

"The Human Condition is not to be understood, it’s to be devoured." - Victor Vonstein


Patient Zero, formerly born as Victor Vonstein was apart of the Special Cadet Operative of the Republican Miltary, after graduating from the Command Academy, largest military educational facility for young patriots to serve and die for the greater good as they believed themselves to nothing but sacrificial tools to ensure the survive of the State and dying to see no evil bring the guiding engine falls, not caring for pursuing of his own existence.

Every two years, a special cadet recognized and placed into the operative for revealing extraordinary abilities that surpass, what an Aquarian can achieve. Would be selected as a Patriotic Tribute to participate in Experimental Super Soldier Programs to ascend themselves to more honorable position in servanthood to the government to overgoing these horrific tests with low survival rate, as taught to the cadets.

Cadet, Victor Vonstein would be twelve years old, the youngest tribute to scarifice himseif for the greater good for his blessed superiors and masters that have kept the nation from faultier into the hands of it’s various enemies. Only ten out of twenty five tributes from separate military branches would have survived being subjected to the experiments and injected with differing serums, granting them powers beyond their wildest imaginations for a servant to unleash upon the enemies of the state leaving millions dead from the acquired ability or just his biologically augmented physique from the preformed tests by military scientists.

For being one of the ten honorable serfs that survived, Victor would grant notoriety in the extermination of neighboring galaxies to the Milky Way, populated by civilizations that have become hostile to the Rapture Republic over moralistic and ethical and false claims of his homeland being overtly oppressive to its own citizens. Privileged by the Chancellor to authorize the mission, all empires and so-called “democracies” were incinerated over a span of five hundred years, estimated by observatory drones to scientists, a a former cadet, Victor Vonstein, now known as Patient Zero. With his ability able to infect with a virus, transforming victims into necromorphs than once an entire world was infected, would become a subservient entity known as a Brethren moon, to widen the spread of the extragalactic plague quicken it’s an infection and lowering the reaction time that targeted nations could defend against with an antibody.


**Patient Zero**

HP: 240,000
Mag. Size: Inf. / N/A
Damage per Hit: 1333
Rate of Fire: 2 / sec
Damage Per Second (DPS): 2666
Primary Attack: Clawed tendrils and hands that has an effective range of up to 4 meters. Slashes deal full damage to multiple enemies in an area-of-effect.
Infection (Passive): When near him at 2-meter range, whichever comes first, increases the chance of enemy turning into Necromorph, up to 80 % chance.
Markers' Gift (Passive): Infected forms and Necromorphs will not attack Patient Zero, and if they do, Patient Zero will receive 60 % less damage from them.
Forward Slam: Charges up the tendrils and slashes forward at an enemy. Charge-up time is 3 seconds max, & damage varies from 500 to 2000. Interruptible.
Tendril Slam: Slams the ground with the tendrils and unleashing a myriad of spikes from the ground, dealing 400 damage each and stuns for 6 s. 5 meter AoE.
Breach: Increase the HP of the allies by 2x, while reducing the max. HP of the enemies by 50% for 4 seconds. Increased chances of infection into Necromorphs.
Reanimation (Ultimate): In a 10 meter radius, converts enemies w/ less than 10% of their max. HP into grotesque Necromorphs. 2 sec cast time, interruptible.
Patient Zero is an all-rounder by definition, though his ability kits is most effective on two occasions - Defensive, or a Rushing Offensive. His primary attack, while lacking range compared to guns and other projectile-based weapons, is not to be underestimated, being able to decimate and slash everything and everyone within the effective area-of-effect with much power. The slashes deal 100% damage to secondary targets, i.e. it does not matter if the enemies around him are secondary; they will take the same damage as the primary target. The passives are Infection and Markers' Gift, with the former meant to increase the chances of a successful infection of the enemies around him, while the latter, should a Necromorph turned against him, would still give Patient Zero the higher ground to deal back with them. He has two basic abilities with the tendrils on his hand - a forward slam that effectively rocket punches (with spikes) onto an enemy, with the damage dealt depending on how long he charges up. The second one - a tendril slam, works in a different way; instead of a single target, he hits the ground and have tendrils shoot up from the ground, impaling and stunning enemies in an AoE. The last non-ult ability is Breach, which would make his enemies weaker, while giving all of this strength to his allies. This also increased the chance of Infection by a further 10% (effectively 90%).
The Ultimate ability, Reanimation, is Patient Zero's bread-and-butter; for the enemies are severely weakened, he is able to infect them and turn them into Necromorphs in a rather instantaneous manner (excluding the 2-sec casting time). Combine this with Breach and Infection (just stand near enemies), and Patient Zero will effectively be able to turn his attackers into an army of shambling corpses.

For what it's worth, Patient Zero is recommended when it comes to fight with numbers, since he can then spread his infection to many, many units. He might have a few problems here and there when it comes to dealing with strong single-target units.

All credit goes to Valentine Z for creating the powers and abilities for my characters.



Appearance and Health:

Zero wears a ghoul mask resembling a leather gimp mask with an eye patch. It bears a lipless mouth with large, gnashing teeth, much like a restrained asylum monster. With bolts sticking out of his neck would invoke a Frankenstein-like theme.