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The Potato Party

The Potato Party

RP Policies:
How taxes work: Citizens that make 0-49,999 only have to pay 10% of yearly income, citizens that make 50,000-99,999 have to pay 20% of yearly income, citizens that make 100,000-499,999 have to pay 25% of yearly income, citizens that make 500,000-999,999 have to pay 30% of yearly income, citizens that make 1,000,000-999,999,999 have to pay 35% of yearly income, and citizens that make 1,000,000,000+ have to pay 40% of yearly income. The money will mainly be used to fund Education, Healthcare, and the environment.
Animals caught being abused will be freed.
Increased minimum wage.
Increased funding for Education, Healthcare, and the Environment
Spanking children is considered as child abuse

NS Policies:
Raiding Fascist/Nazi/Sexist/Racist regions is acceptable.
Any criminals will get a trial in Zone AF01.
Nations caught raiding the Amalgamated Federation will be kicked/banned, but only after proven guilty in a trial at Zone AF01.
If a nation randomly declares war, you may raid the region. If they are fascist/Nazi/sexist/racists, just raid them. If they are not any of those things, or are a much, MUCH larger region, try to make peace before raiding them and defending Amalgamated Federation.

RP Illegal Stuff:
Animal Abuse
Businesses discriminating people

NS Illegal Stuff:
Joining the Amalgamated Federation because you are raiding it. Then you will be ejected/banned, but only if proven guilty at a trial in Zone AF01.
Being a suprematist. This is only illegal if you aren't just private about it, but are more like "if you aren't a certain race, you get banned!"
Attempting to suppress certain rights. If you are caught trying to suppress rights, you will be asked to stop. If caught doing it a second time, you will be brought to Zone AF01.
Attempting to give certain nations more power than other nations. This is only illegal if you gave them more power because they were a certain "type" of person, eg. giving more power to somebody of a certain gender. If caught doing this, you will be removed of some authority, if you still do it you will be brought to Zone AF01
Trying to take control of the government, or trying to give yourself more power than the government. Even if it is "legal" (you didn't break any laws to do so), you will still be sent to Zone AF01, and if you are found to have attempting to take control of the government/give yourself more power than the government, you will be removed of much power.
Discrimination. Although just being a racist/sexist/Nazi/fascist/ any other ist that is anti-a certain type of person is allowed (because we don't control people's thoughts), straight up discrimination eg. you have to be a certain gender to get a job (RP) or certain genders get banned from the region is illegal.

Leader: The Potatoez
Officers: Marspolis 2nd Member of all time, New Jeremylands 3rd Member of all time, Bear lair 4th Member of all time, Littlelife 5th Member of all time
Members: Sawism 6th member of all time, Cendia Sawism's puppet
Ex-Members/Officers: Newbrasil (Member) 1st Member of all time (Left Amalgamated Federation, some time later Ceased to Exist)

If you want to join the Potato Party just send The Potatoez a telegram that you want to join and then you will be added.

This is all for now but the Potato Party will continue to be changed.
Have a good day,
The Potatoez