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Getting Started | The Pechenegs Rule Book

Section 1: Missions
Part A, Section 1: Raiding
1A.Anyone may raid as they want, except for attacking allies or attempting to beat other Pechenegs to the region first, as co-operation not competition will result in more successful raids
1B.Anyone found guilty of attempting to be first before another Pecheneg raider such as with more endorsements (Also called endos) will result in a temporary ban from raiding and two offenses will result in a permanent ban from the region and armed forces itself.

1C.As for returning to The Pechenegs or our armed forces puppet region (Such as Lily and The allied nations of eligataria) should create an odd decoy puppet, which should be moved around by another player to cover up movements and may feel spammy, it is necessary to manually move it, so the raided region is not found and defended by The Order of The Grey Wardens or others such as the NPO (New Pacific Order, owned by The Pacific), NPA (North Pacific Army whose bases are Birb, LunarPunk, and Cringe and Poggers).

1D. As for Fash Bashing, it is allowed but the operation must be approved by the founder, me and the region be password locked.
Necessary conditions: No delegate or currently a low endorsement delegate (10 or less). Tags of Fascist, National Sovereigntist. Remember, the delegate may only be in power for 25 hours or more at one time. This means that if you loose delegate status and regain it, its back to the start.

1E. Passwording is allowed for: Regions that are enemies, attacked the region, or have housed or belonged to a player who has attacked one of our own. This is a form of our anti-bullying policy.

1F. For defending, you may attempt to stop others from taking Pechenegs affiliated allies and regions.

1G. Missions that count as Capturing: Passwording, Refounding
1G.A: As for refounding regions, you should store 3 puppets with easy to remember passwords or write them down, and easy to remember names

Section 2: The Delegate's powers and duties
2A. The delegate shall not banject anyone unless there is evidence such as trolling, flaming, or malicious quote editing or any other violation of our rules or NS (Nationstates) TOS.

2B. The delegate is to approve proposals based by the region's vote, and if no one votes, then the founders (Once again, me). However, members are not required to
vote on the way the delegate wants, and there are no punishments for not agreeing to vote for or against based on the founders or delegates recommendations.

2C. The delegate is to help organize missions the delegate is to be chosen by the founder, but this may be vetoed via democratic vote by the population if they don't like the delegate or think someone else is better and more active or has better skills.

Section 3: Infiltrating other regions

3A. It is ok to put spies into other regions to keep eyes on their events and for example discord, but your puppets may not rise up the ranks. You may not disclose to regions that your puppet is a spy or you are in the Pechenegs to them, or disclose your main. This puts us at risk diplomatically.

3B. However, if the region infiltrated wishes or does not want to not have spies/puppets in their region, they are to pull out.

Section 4: Embassies

4A. Honorary consulates may be made to our Embassy Region of, Pechenegia. No embassies may be made with the home region, affiliated regions, and the armed forces but our allies and other regions who wish to negotiate treaties or truces.

4B. As for the Armed Forces, no embassies shall be made. We will not have an roleplay region, as the RMB may be used for chatting, roleplay, and announcements

Section 5: Chat Manners/Rules

5A.You may not call for a forced overthrowing of the delegate, but you may start a vote against the current delegate.

5B. No rude comments, changing what people said (Quote editing)

5C. If you get puppetswept by the mods, you are not allowed to come back.

5D.(Please note when we mean RMB ban, that means you may not post on our RMB, Affiliated Regions, or allowed to talk on ally's RMBs.) There is a three strikes warning system. First strike, you go easy off with a 1 hour RMB ban. Moving onward to the Second Strike, you get a full 7 week ban. A violation of this RMB ban will result in your third strike, a permanent ban even if you are on your first strike. We do not wish for rulebreakers to join our ranks at all, and we wish for a region of peace, not flaming.

5E.As for Spam, you may post a spoiler using it this way:

[Spoiler=Click at your own Risk][spoiler]

However, repeated spamming without a spoiler or multiple posts that contain spam like this will be suppressed and result in a strike.
5E.A: What qualifies as Spam?
1.Youtube links without the title
2.Long posts with gibberish/memes
3.Copy N paste Art/Copypasta
4.Jokes are allowed and so are questions of the day, but they must be approved and not spammy.

5G: Overall, follow NS TOS, which can be found by pressing "Help" under "Dispatches".

Section 6: Scripting

6A. Even though scripting is greatly frowned upon by many raider groups, we allow you to use scripts and develop them [b]Only to find regions with the following conditions:
1.No founder/a founder that is CTE'd (A gravestone will appear to the right or this way --> to their name)
2.There is currently no delegate that is active meaning it's the perfect time to strike them
3.There is no password
4.They are not raided by an ally

6B. You are allowed to keep your nations within refounded regions logged into by a bot every day or every few days so you don't have to manually type in the password and nations meaning regions are more likely to be lost after you are gone from NS for reasons such as Family, Life, College, a job, or other reasons