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The Current Power of the Navy of The New North American Union

Aircraft carriers
U.S. Navy supercarrier USS Nimitz. Approximately forty-six aircraft are visible on the flight deck.
Nimitz class (60 in active service)
Gerald R. Ford class (40 in active service, 10 under construction of 100 planned)

U.S. Navy Battleships
Iowa Class (60 Active Service)
Montana Class (40 Active Service, 40 planned)

Amphibious warfare ships
Wasp class (10 in active service)
America class (20 in active service of 11 planned)

Amphibious command ships
Blue Ridge class (20 in active service)

Amphibious transport docks
U.S. Navy amphibious transport dock USS San Antonio (LPD-17)

San Antonio class (20 in active service of 13 planned)

Dock landing ships

Whidbey Island class (10 in active service)
Harpers Ferry class (15 in active service)

Expeditionary sea base
Lewis B. Puller class (5 in active service of 6 planned)


Ticonderoga class (30 completed; 22 in active service, 5 retired) the first ship class with the AEGIS combat system


Arleigh Burke class (100 in active service of 87 planned)[11]
Zumwalt class (40 in active service, 1 under construction)


Constellation class (30 on order, 20 planned)

Littoral combat ships

Freedom class (20 in active service, 6 under construction, 1 planned)
Independence (30 in active service, 6 under construction, 2 planned)

Mine countermeasures ships

Avenger class (25 active service, 2 decommissioned, 1 lost to accident)[15][16][17]

Patrol ships

Cyclone class (50 active service, 1 transferred to the Philippine Navy)

Los Angeles class (attack submarines: 43 in active service, 34 retired of 62 planned)
Seawolf class (attack submarines: 43 in active service of 3 planned)
Virginia class (attack submarines: 43 in active service of 48 planned)
Ohio class (ballistic missile submarines: 46 in active service of 18 planned)
(Ohio class converted to guided missile submarines: 4 in active service)