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House đardanexia
The Elder House Of Europe

The Royal Seal Of The Dynasty

House đardanexia is the reigning house of Troy, and the oldest in Europe; with the family's time in power stretching back to 3,000 B.C. House đardanexia found its start in the person of Dardanus, founder of the city of Dardanium in the Troad. His son, Ilus, would go on to found the city of Troy. There, for the next one thousand and seven hundred years, the house would rule until the cities conquest by the Greeks under King Priam's reign, by the treason of his son, Paris. The fall of old Troy would be romanticized up and down the ages, most notably by the Greek writer, Homer, and is still a great sorrow among the islands population, both those descended from the Trojans and those not. For thirty years, during a time known as the Trojan Diaspora, refugees from Troy, including the remains of the royal family, notably, Pandarus, the eldest son of the slain of King Priam, Hector. In 1300, in the port of Tyre, the Trojan Diaspora would seek to purchase a ship from Phoenician sailors. However, unable to afford the ship by themselves, the Trojans would split the cost of the ship with a cluster of Jewish families hoping to find safe harbor elsewhere. According to the Trojan historian Ajax, who recorded the history of the Trojans from the fall of Troy through their time on the ship '435 Trojans, 320 Women, 40 Men, and 75 Children and 230 Jews, 110 Men, 100 Women, and 20 Children were loaded onto the ship on the 3rd of May, 1300 B.C.' For the next eight hundred and fifty three years, Pandarus and his descendants would rule as Emperors and Empresses, who were known as Basileus's and Basilissa's over Syagros, from Hektor, the city founded by the Trojan refugees in 1300 B.C. until the lands conquest by the Roman Republic. In 196 A.D. the nation would declare her independence, to be ruled as a Republic for two hundred and twenty two years until its fall at the hands of the Visigothic Kingdom. For the next one thousand, three hundred, and sixty six years, the land would be ruled by foreign Kings in a time known as 'The Alienis Rex.' period until 1783, at the birth of the Second Republic. In 2016, after two hundred and thirty three years as a Republic, Basileus Tōmā đardanexia VIII would ascend to the throne- the first Trojan emperor in two thousand, four hundred, and sixty three years.

House of đardanexia

Country: Syagros

Titles: The Western Trojan Empire, The Kingdom of Syagros, The Kingdom of the Burcaean Isles, The Kingdom of Arstassigon, The August Duchy of Cape Verde

Founder: Dardanus "The First Father"

Current Head: Basileus Tōmā đardanexia IX

Ethnicity: Trojan

Cadet Branches:

His Stoicness
Tōmā đardanexia IX
The Basileus

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Age: 33 Years
Net Worth: 22.3 Billion
Birth Date: May 29th, 1985
Baptism Date: June 3rd, 1985
Religion: Ttroaditine Rite Catholic Christianity
Star-Signing Date: June 7th, 1985
Star-Sign: The Dragon
Confirmation Patron: St. George of Lydda
Race: Vampiric Human
First Language: Anatolian
Languages: Aramaic, Greek, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Chinese (Mandarin),
Japanese, Korean, Thai, Tagalog, English, German, French, Spanish
Middle Name: Priam


Father: Basileus Sirius đardanexia-Attalid I
Mother: Basilissa Sophia Elizabeth đardanexia-Attalid I
Spouse: Basilissa Consort Melissa "Benoist" đardanexia I

Spouse Overview

Basilissa Melissa "Benoist" đardanexia
Sex: Female
Age: 30
Birthdate: October 4th, 1988
Occupation: Actress, Singer, Dancer
Languages: Anatolian, Latin, English
Ethnicity: European
Height: 5'8
Body Type: Fit
Religion: Latin Catholic
Father: Křrie. Jim Benoist
Mother: Křria. Julie Benoist

A son: Crown Prince Vulcan Servus đardanexia XX
An Uncle: Quinn đardanexia
An Aunt: Aytamo đardanexia
An Aunt: Bella đardanexia
A Sister: Prince Patrician Gwendolyn Hecuba đardanexia (Age 29)

A Sister: Prince Patrician Europa Atalanta đardanexia(age 28)

A Sister: Prince Patrician Astraea Ruth đardanexia(age 28)

Europa (pictured left) and Astraea (pictured right) are twins.
They can usually be spotted wandering the castle halls,
arguing over whom loves the other more.
Here they are pictured together at a Castle Ball
A Sister: Prince Patrician Therese Jeanne đardanexia (age 26)

A Brother: Prince Patrician Tyrese Michael đardanexia (age 20)

A Brother: Prince Patrician Zaira Michella đardanexia (age 20)

Tyrese & Zaira, siblings, were adopted by the Imperial couple from a U.S.A adoption agency in New York.
A Sister: Prince Patrician Cassandra Artemis đardanexia (age 17)

A Sister: Prince Patrician Eleanora Jacklyn đardanexia (age 15)

Physicality of Tōmā

Body Type: Muscular
Height: 5'9
Weight: 145
Natural Hair: Brown
IQ: 168
Personality Type: ENFJ-A


Catholic-Orthodox Distributist

Social Causes: Environmentalism, Religious Liberty, Racial Equality

"We have bowed too much. We bowed to the Greeks, to the Romans, to the Visigoths, to the Moors, to the Iberian's, to the Germans, to the British, to Hitler. We cannot bow to the Chinese, it is too much."
- His Stoicness, 2018

Basileus Tōmā đardanexia IX, The Red Lord

Pupilage & Early Life

Born in the Orchid room of the Castle Sarpedon to Basilissa & Basileus. Sophia Elizabeth đardanexia-Attalid, Tōmā's education was led by his mother. He was educated in Philosophy, Mathematics, the Sciences, Charisma, and Economics. He was also taught healing, illusion, blood, and ice magic. Being born a pure-blooded vampire, the Crown Prince's adeptness in magic exceeds most of his peers. He played Goalie on his high school soccer team, and has long enjoyed Equestrian sports, Fencing, Archery, and played Violin in his school band from 6th grade until his 14th year. According to him. "I was never particularly great at the Violin, and in University, I thought it would be better if I not torture any more people with my bad performances."

"If religion is the opiate of the masses, then individualism is the opiate of the Aristocracy, and there is no more an Aristocratic place than the mind of modern westerners."
- His Stoicness, 2017

In college, the Basileus received an award for his excellence at writing, and says that he enjoyed engaging in E-Sports, with his favorite game for that being League of Legends, and generally speaking, he has said he enjoys Skyrim, JRPG's, PokÚmon, and Minecraft. Despite his many success's in College & High school, the Basileus struggled massively when he was younger. In November of 2004, at the age of eight, the Basileus's teacher recommended that his parents have him visit the school Speech Pathologist, as she was struggling to understand his speech at all. The Speech Pathologist diagnosed the Basileus as having a speech impediment. While the Basileus overcame this impediment by high school, he says. "It still affects me, I was unable to communicate much, and I guess I'm behind others when it comes to talking effectively." According to the Basileus, he also struggled with his size. "I was never particularly large, muscular or obese; I was skinny. I was always the skinniest guy in class, and being around the other guys was difficult, so I have always made more friends with women. It was only when I started dating my wife that I got bigger, she said she didn't care how big I was, but I always made a point of recommending we go on Gym dates."


With the murder of his mother the Basilissa Sophia Elizabeth đardanexia-Attalid I, his stoicness found himself thrust onto the Orchid throne at the age of twenty one. Unlike previous coronations which had been regal and befitting of a ruler of his rank, his was quick and simple. Instead of the Pope presiding over the ceremony, it was presided over by the Metropolitan Patriarch of Triton, and instead of many guest from foreign nations, only the President of The Burke Islands and Matrician of Arstassigon were present. According to the Basileus's official Scribe & Biographer, Nikolas Alfonsi "His stoicness really has never been a fan of over-doing it on himself. He'll invest everything into something if he is convinced it'll help the nation, but he won't invest in himself."

In the first year of his reign, the Basileus ordered the upgrade of the nations transport system, converting the city of Aenenth from roads to Hyperloop. He also began construction of a massive Hyperloop tunnel under the Atlantic to Morocco, Brazil, Sentretia and Huetiliania, expanding the Burke Islands tunnel and motivating business to manufacture Hyperloop pods, tunnel sections, and the construction of a cargo hub in the Burkish capital of Dˇmstˇll Br˙si that would serve as the cargo unloading bay for all of The Western Trojan Empire. As an accompanying law to this, the Basileus constructed nearly 10000 miles of Fiber-optic internet cables along the Hyperloop and around the country, as well as instituting Law 7823, which ensures Net Neutrality rights.
Personal Life

In his personal life, the Basileus enjoys soccer, archery, fishing, fencing, polo, and sailing
The Basileus has become known as a camping legend, leading a group of Pariscian scouts on monthly camping trips. According to some, spending time with the kids seems to often lead to a policy change or new law from the Basileus, thus netting the scouts the title "The Emperors New Counselors."
Since their marriage, the Basileus has become involved in Cosplay and video games with the Basilissa, both of them attended NerdFest together for a date, role playing as the Dovahkiin & Serana from Skyrim. When the couple appeared at Nerdfest, users on social media began sharing hopes that the two would cosplay next year as Superman and the Basilissa's character, Supergirl. Giving in to popular demand, the Basilissa promised to appear in costume for 2018's Nerdfest, but said "If Supergirl is seen holding hands with her cousin Superman in a mall cafeteria eating pizza together, I'm going to have hardcore Supergirl fans on my hands I'll have to explain that to. It would be weird, it would be too weird. He says he wants to go as either Shazam or Aquaman, so he'll probably go as one of those, not Superman."

His stoicness also enjoys regularly flying with Surrexin, his Dragon, flying around the island.

With his Wife

The Basileus and his wife met in early 2008, when the Basileus was 11 and she was 17. According to friends of the couple, the first time they met was in Legionnaire State Park, outside of Nicaea. Despite the age difference the two became very close friends. According to a long time friend of the Basileus, Valentina GarcÝa, "Tōmā was always the most mature of our group of friends, we started hanging out when I was in 9th grade and he was in 5th. He just never acted like a kid, I think." As the Basileus ventured through high school, Benoist and him continued to write, and stayed close. According to sources close to the Basileus, by the time he was eighteen, he had a full-blown crush on Benoist. But by that time, Benoist was already dating Blake Jenner, and in 2015, the two were married. While the Basileus continued to admire her, he says "I didn't want to hold on to her. She was the girl I thought throughout high school was better than the rest, and also way out of my league. But she was my best friend first. We talked all the time, and I didn't want to ruin that." In 2017, when Benoist filed for divorce from Jenner, she quickly became closer to the Basileus, going so far as purchasing an apartment in Triton to be close to him. At the time, according to her, she wanted a distraction from her divorce, but in early 2018, Benoist asked the Basileus she wanted him to be her boyfriend. "I totally blurted it out. Asking Tōmā out was the scariest thing I've ever done, because I didn't want to ruin anything between us. But I wanted to. Because I love him, not just because he's my love, but because he's my best friend. He's been on my side forever." On June 9th, 2018, Benoist asked the Basileus another question "Will you marry me." in Yim Tim forest, Hong Kong. Two months later, the two were wed.

Titles & Styles of The Basileus

Formal, Traditional: His Stoicness

Informal, Traditional: The Fire Lord or alternatively, The Fire Keeper, The Fire Emperor

Informal, Modern: My Lordship

Informal, Modern: The Basileus

Formal, Traditional, Religious: Protector of the Bishop or alternatively, Defender Of Rome.

Formal, Traditional, Religious: Guard Of The Jews or alternatively, Abraham's Brother.

Informal, Traditional, Religious: Servant Of God

Formal, Traditional, Military: Nike's Spear

Formal, Archaic, Introduction: He who sits on top of the mountain

Formal, Archaic, Title: Ruler Of All Under Areia

Formal, Traditional, Greeting: My Zerxxes

Informal, Traditional, Archaic: Athena's bane or alternatively, Achilles Curse

Title: The Grand Dukas of Troy & Hektor

Title: The Basileus Of Syagros, Artassigon, and The Burcea Isles

Title: The Basileus of Western Troy or alternatively, the Basileus of Troy

Title: The Lord Of The Seas

Title The Blood Archon Of Syagros

Titles & Styles of The Basilissa

Formal, Traditional, Familial: Mother of The Heir

Informal, Traditional, Spousal: Holder Of The Imperial Bed, Love Of The Castle

Formal, Traditional, Spousal: The Imperial Bedwoman.

Informal, Traditional: The Crowned Consort

Formal, Traditional: The Heirs Vessel

Informal, Traditional, Spousal, Greeting: My Fire, The Fire.

Formal, Traditional: The Basilissa Consort

Formal, Archaic: The Basileus's Sword

Formal, Traditional: The Fire Matriarch, The Fire Empress

Informal, Traditional, Religious: The Bishops' Ear

Formal, Traditional, Religious: The Highest Almoner

Formal, Title: The Grand Dukass Of The Sea

Formal, Title: The Lord Of Poseipolis

Official Residences

Castle Baalmorel, San Monica, Southern Syagros

Proper Etiquette

When in the presence of a member of the Imperial family of Troy, it is best to know the proper etiquette in their presence and how to show them proper respect.

In Greeting

In Greeting the Basileus, the normal way to greet him is as "Your Stoicness" or an alternative title of his, listed above, may be used.

His Nobleness
Prince Patrician
Quinn Wolff Astristr÷m
The Wolf

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Age: 40
Net Worth: 3.4 Billion
Occupation: Househusband
Birthdate: December 7th, 1977
Baptism Date: December 15th, 1977
Religion: Ttroaditine Rite Catholic Christianity
Star-Signing Date: January 1st, 1977
Star-Sign: The Dire Wolf
Race: Vampiric-Human
First Language: Latin
Languages: French, English, Latin, Aramaic, Arabic, Danish, Spanish,
Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Thai, Hindi
Maiden Name: đardanexia


Father: Basileus Emeritus Thomas đardanexia
Mother: Queen Mother Patrician Gwendolyn đardanexia
A sister: Basilissa Sophia Elizabeth đardanexia-Attalid I
A sister: Aytamo Amator Takeda
A sister: Bella OgiosprÝamos
Spouse: Matrician Synn°ve Astristr÷m of Trainovo

Spousal Overview
Sex: Female
Age: Thirty-Years
Net Worth: 409 Billion
Occupation: Matriarch, Entrepreneur
Languages: Arstassigonian Norse, Venetian, English,
Celtic, Burke, Latin, Aramaic, Greek, French
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Norse
Body Type: Fit
Religion: Norge-Rite Catholic Christianity

Physicality Of Quinn

Body Type: Muscular
Height: 6'3
Weight: 174
Natural Hair: Brunette
Sexuality: Straight
IQ: 112

Her Stoutness
Prince Patrician
Aytamo Amator Takeda
The Crane

LinkTheme Song
Age: Thirty Nine Years
Net Worth: 4.6 Million
Occupation: Adviser to the Basilissa, Consort to the Basilissa
Birthdate: December 25, 1978
Baptism Date: July 11th, 1994
Religion: Nihongo Rite Catholic Christianity
Star-Signing Date: July 22nd, 1994
Star-Sign: The Crane
Confirmation Patron: St. Magdalene of Nagasaki
Race: Witch
First Language: Japanese
Languages: Latin, Aramaic, Portuguese, Venetian, Spanish,
Japanese, Mandarin, Thai, Tagalog, Hindi, Gujarati, Vietnamese,
Korean, Mongolian, Kazakh, Uzebek, Tajikistani, Tibetan, Nepali, Taiwanese
Maiden Name: OgiosprÝamos


Father: Basileus Emeritus Thomas đardanexia I
Mother: Queen Patrician Gwendolyn đardanexia I
A brother: Prince Patrician Quinn Wolff Astristr÷m
A sister: Basilissa Sophia Elizabeth đardanexia-Attalid I
A sister: Princess Patrician Bella Jeanne Moran
A son: Dukas Patrician Thomas Daiki Takeda

Spouse: Dukas Patrician Haruto Takeda

The Dukas standing with her stoutness Prince Patrician Aytamo.
According to the Prince Patrician,
the duo were best friends while she was a street urchin in Japan,
and that he was her right hand
in the gang of children she led. She had always loved him,
but it would be years before they managed
to meet each other again, as fate would have it, on a state visit to Japan.

Spousal Overview
Sex: Male
Age: Thirty-Nine years
Net Worth: 1.1 Million
Occupation: Biologist
Languages: Japanese, Latin, Greek
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Japanese
Body Type: Slim
Religion: Nihongo Rite Catholic Christianity

Physicality Of Aytamo

Body Type: Fit
Height: 5'6
Weight: 125
Natural Hair: Black
Sexuality: Straight
IQ: 134

Her Grace
Princess Patrician
Bella Nora Moran
The Swan

LinkTheme Song
Age: 35
Net Worth: 8.67 Billion
Birth Date: May 15th, 1983
Baptism Date: June 4th, 1983
Religion: Ttroaditine Rite Catholic Christianity
Star-Signing Date: November 2nd, 1983
Star-Sign: The Swan
Confirmation Patron: St. Therese of Lisieux
Race: Vampiric Human
First Language: Latin
Languages: Aramaic, Greek, Gaelic, French, Venetian, Norse
Maiden Name: đardanexia


Father: Patrician Emeritus Thomas đardanexia I
Mother: Basilissa Gwendolyn đardanexia I
A brother: Quinn Astristr÷m
A sister: Basilissa Sophia Elizabeth đardanexia-Attalid I
A sister: Prince Patrician Aytamo Amator Takeda
A daughter: Dukas Patrician Alannah Moran

A daughter: Dukas Cait Moran

A son: Dukas Patrician Draven Moran

Spouse: Dukas Patrician Duncan Moran

Spousal Overview
Sex: Male
Age: Thirty Six Years
Net Worth: 3.2 Million
Occupation: Historian
Languages: Latin, Aramaic, Gaelic, English, Spanish
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Irish
Body Type: Muscular
Religion: Latin Rite Catholic Christianity

Physicality of Bella

Body Type: Slim
Height: 5'4
Weight: 124
Natural Hair: Blonde
Sexuality: Straight
IQ: 146