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Vulcan Alēxxīus saō Đardanexia XX

H.S.M. Vulcan Posing For His First Official Portrait As Monarch

Emperor Of Great Hekktorium

In office:

August 3rd 2021 - Present Day

Preceded by: Emperor Tōmā Servus saō Đardanexia

Personal Details


11.7.1996 (24)
Hektor, Syagros





Political Party:



Empress Ałessia


Crown Prince Shin


Saint Thomas More University

- Philosophy
- Political Science
- Art


Catholic Christianity (Ttroaditine Rite)



"The Earth Is Our Home And Europe Is Her Bride. The Future is Europe."
-Emperor Vulcan Alexxius saō Đardanexia XX, at the Conference On European Leadership 2021

His Stoic Majesty, Emperor Vulcan Alexxius saō Đardanexia, the twentieth of his name, is the presently reigning head-of-state of the Third Empire and Constitutional-Monarchy of Great Hekktorium, from the Crown principality of Syagros in the capital city of Hektor.

Early Life

Born to the Emperor Tōmā Servus saō Đardanexia IX and Empress Melissa Benoist, the American actress of great renown, the Emperor was reared into a life of luxury and prestige. However, the young boy, destined to take the crown of Syagros and rule the nation,

College Years


Being a young leader, the Emperor has not had any long-lasting impact on the country or world- yet. However, his persona has caused some stirrup in the global regime, and he has instituted some policies.

Upon his coronation, there was an attempted Coup d'état of sorts, known as the "Marital Crisis" though it failed. Senator Oculatus Draedexia, a fascist political known for his wild conspiracy theories, inspired a populist assault by armed militia on the Palace. Fortunately, the Palace Guard prevented their entrance and swiftly dealt with the mob. However, perhaps the more menacing threat of it all was an attempt by the nation's Chamberlain to discredit the Emperor's legitimacy. The Chamberlain challenged him before his coronation, on the basis that then Crown Prince Vulcan had forfeited all rights to the throne by marrying a commoner. Though the Senators objections came as no surprise, as he insists the Emperor is not the true-blood of Troy, and that he has forsaken his post by marrying someone of a different race, as the Emperor's wife is of Korean descent, the Chamberlains's treachery came as a shock to all involved, as he had always seemed to be a reasonable, respectable man. As a result, the risk was more severe. While the Emperor was away from the country, Cicero set a trap, taking control of the Palace, and insisting he controlled the military during the period between the Crown Prince's Father's abdication and the coronation. By tradition, the great Legions continue to serve the Imperial family, but there was no formal way to insist they follow the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince was sent a letter, insisting that if he came to Syagros, he would face a trial. But the young Crown Prince refused to bend-the-knee. He traveled to his country anyways, to the sight of several Legions prepared to arrest him per the Chamberlain's orders. But the Crown Prince successfully rallied every Legion around him, with the words:

"You can kneel now, as loyal soldiers of Syagros and your Emperor, and protect the Senate. That, or you can kneel later when you pay the price for treason."

Every soldier bent-the-knee, refusing to abandon their country or the Emperor. They marched on the capitol, and the Chamberlain was arrested, then stripped of all of his titles by order of the Senate.

Fortunately, after his coronation, the Emperor's reign has been less eventful.

The Emperor has promised that his reign's great achievement will be defending the rights of the people. His majesty is concerned that democracy is under assault in other countries, and it is his task to stop this. The Emperor is a noted liberal man, who isn't very traditional. The Emperor considers himself a serious Catholic, but in most other regards, he takes issue with the status quo. He has made strides to modernize the monarchy, by no longer requiring full-kneeling posture upon greeting him, and has promised to do what he can with the Senate to upend entrenched corporate powers. He has begun reforms to the nation's bureaucracy and central government, ensuring meritocracy. The Emperor is a noted critic of various populists.

The Emperor is a major advocate of Europe, and the European Union. He flies the E.U. flag in front of the palace near the flag of the country and seeks to strengthen Syagros's incorporation into the union. However, he has been critical of the democratic deficit in the union, insisting that the common people of Europe need more say in it.


  • Sea & Air
    For centuries, Syagros has been a premier sea-power, and one of the top air forces in the world. In order to maintain Syagrot naval and air superiority, the Emperor is seeking to increase the military budget by 12%, investing in Syagrot military technology research and the acquisition of new European, Japanese, and American-made jetfighters, as well as Syagrot made aircraft carriers.

  • Green & Grand
    His stoic majesty, as part of Prime Minister Chae's New Earth Promise and in response to the Areiannapolis Protocols, has committed the nation to reach net-negative emissions that are negative 25% of the nation's total current emissions by 2040 and to maintain an admirable economic growth of 3.5% yearly.

  • Continental Patriotism
    The Emperor's policy of Continental Patriotism seeks to work against Euroskepticism, by encouraging a sense of pride in Europe within Syagros, and encouraging reform in the E.U. towards a less democratically deficient system.

For & Against

  • For: Religion, Globalism, Critical Race Theory, Fusion Power, Science, Welfare, the E.U., Monarchy, Democracy

  • Against: Abortion, Euroskepticism, Fascism, Fundamentalism, Conservatism, Tyranny

Personal Information

His Stoic majesty is a noted consumer of anime, gardener, and weightlifter. He also enjoys clubbing with his wife, Empress Ałessia, when he is not caring for their infant son, the Crown Prince. The couple has been known to attend cosplay conventions as Fire Emblem, Elder Scrolls, and Final Fantasy Characters as well as generic vampires and demon slayers.

The couple met in their high school years and dated for a year, before the Emperor's then-reigning grandmother, Empress Solia, forced the pair to cut off their relationship. The young Prince was heartbroken, but his grandmother insisted.

In between his relationship with Empress Ałessia, the Emperor was an extremely eligible bachelor. The Emperor dated one Princess Talita Natasha von Furstenberg when he was sixteen. The two dated for two years, and while the relationship ultimately did not last, they have remained friends since.

Princess Talita, the Emperor's ex-girlfriend

The Crown Prince dated a number of other, mostly royal women, such as Princess Iman bint Abdullah of Jordan for a time, Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, and notably, the Kpop star Irene of Korea. However, in 2017, the Crown Prince began dating his high school sweetheart again in 2017. The relationship almost ended in scandal after a plot by the Royal family of Vultaos to have the Princess Ałessia to assert control over the throne of the entire Empire was exposed. The scandal ended up splitting the Princess from her family from a time, as she chose to be honest with the Crown Prince and exposed the plot she was coerced into herself. The two married in early 2020, and conceived of their first and only child, now Crown Prince Shin on their honeymoon.

The Crown Prince and Princess agreed that until he was on the throne, it would be best for him to remain as a househusband, to care for their son, and for her to pursue her legal career.

Pictured: The Imperial Couple's Seoul Apartment. The experience was living with his son and caring for him, is one he has said he loved immensely. Although he now must rule, the now Emperor insists on still providing for his sons wellbeing.

Personal Trivia

  • The Emperor adores bloodhounds, and has two at home. He takes them tracking recreationally

  • The Emperor is an avid consumer of anime, and asked to see the creation of one while on a state-visit to Japan

  • The Emperor loves American food, and often requests pulled pork for dinner, and pie

  • The Emperor plays videogames, and has hosted informal townhalls with citizens over livestreams

  • The Emperor & Empress's co-stream, which is in Korean and English, is extremely popular in Korea and China

  • The Emperor has an IQ of 112

  • The Emperor takes annual missions trips to live among ordinary Syagrots in various communities, once a year, for a week, while carrying out community service

  • The Emperor rides the tram, or his bike to work

  • The Emperor also has a pet shiba inu, a russian blue cat, a frog, several horses, some crown pigeons, and a hunting Eagle

  • The Emperor keeps an indoor pot farm in the Palace, which he says he smokes occasionally

  • The Emperor, while dating Irene, was invited to join a Kpop band, despite knowing little Korean at the time. He declined the offer. The Emperor and Empress consider Korea a second home, and are very popular in the country


“Progress is inevitable, you embracing it is not.”

“Men Should Feel Comfortable To Stay Home, and Support Their Wives.”

"Nationalism, and excessive reactionaryism have destroyed western culture, not immigrants."

"I believe that solving climate change will be the greatest icon, the most legendary accomplishment of Syagros culture, and it will be finished not by us, but by the world ironically."

"The Future Is Europe"

"We will always maintain a harmony between the free markets, and the equality all people deserve."

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