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Other Important Government Officials

The Black Knight of the Imperium

Age: unknown (possibly late 30s)
Date of Birth: Classified
Place of Birth: Classified
Distinguishing characteristics: Rarely seen in public without his signature black armor. Slim, athletic frame.
Duties: Commander of the Litan Inquisition

Kaetus is a man that few Litans know, but many know of him. He was appointed as the Grand Inquisitor by the Viceroy, who seems to be the only one who knows much about him, and has preformed his duties both diligently and admirably.

He is a man of few words to say the least, he seems more comfortable listening to conversations that partaking in them. An intelligent, well spoken, and highly educated man with a deep voice is revealed when he speaks and often shocks any listeners. On the outside, he is a kind and often chivalrous man who seems to behave like a stereotypical knight of the medieval times. But on the inside, he is a cunning man who is devoted the safety of the Imperium and is willing to attain that safety via any means necessary. Despite this, he is a truly noble man considering his position as the head of an organization that is anything but noble and honest. He prefers to keep others out of his personal life, and keep Viceroy in a strictly business relationship. To him, romance is merely another distraction to his duty.

Despite their close relationship and how the Viceroy is only one to know him on a personal level, they are NOT in any kind of intimate relationship.

His uniform is very unusual compared to other inquisition operatives. He wears black steel plate armor befitting a knight in a storybook, in stark contrast to the modern tactical gear of the Inquisition owls. His weapon if choice is german Kriegsmesser. This does not mean that he refuses to use his nation's advanced technology however. His sword for instance utilizes an advanced high frequency blade, allowing to weaken the molecular bonds of whatever it cuts. His armor may look archaic, but it incorporates numerous advanced technologies as well. Including a powered frame to increase strength, a HUD integrated into the helmet, and an energy shield generator on the left gauntlet.

Pro: Surveillance of citizens, torture, authoritarianism, Litan Inquisition, Espionage, assassination, black operations, diplomacy (when it is viable), human experimentation, civil sabotage operations, government propaganda, censorship

Against: Democracy, anarchy, libertarianism, communism, rushing to violence, freedom of speech/press, religion

One of the most unusual things about him is his animal companion. Tavi, as he calls her, was the result if illegal and unethical genetic experimentation on Wolves. She appears similar to other members of her species but differs in her massive size. When she was the size of most other wolves, she was still technically a pup. Fully grown, she now stands close to 10 feet tall and 16 feet long and weighs over 700 pounds of mostly muscle. Her physical prowess easily surpasses any non Litan wildlife. Having a bite force of 8,000 psi, and run up to 60 miles per hour consistently as opposed to cheetahs who only reach 75mph in short bursts and when chasing prey. Part of the genetic experimentation also made her incredibly smart, possessing intelligence surpassing that of even orangutans (often considered one of if the smartest species of primate).

The experimentation also left her very durable and with enhanced regeneration, both her hide, muscles, and bone are difficult to penetrate with both blades and bullets. A test was done where 8 men with 7.62x51mm rifles each emptied 30 rounds into her at once. Of the 240 rounds only 13 penetrated the hide, after hitting spots other rounds hit, all 13 were stopped either by the muscle or the bones. She very quickly regenerated her wounds in a matter of seconds and seemed unfazed by the whole thing.

Tavi is a steadfastly loyal to Kaetus, any who try to threaten him under her watch will subject to her wrath. Kaetus does occasionally ride on her back, and she often offers to do so herself, but prefers to see her as a companion instead of a steed. Kaetus describes her personality as protective, friendly, and mischievous. One of her favorite toys being Kaetus' helmet which she likes to hide or hold out of his reach.

Tavi fully grown

The Red Warrior of the Imperium
Age: 82 (40's in appearence)
Date of Birth: October 3rd, 1955
Place of Birth: City #01, Isle of Lita
Distinguishing characteristics: Pale skin, red eyes, and red veins and arteries visible through skin. Red lyriite crystals growing out of skin, most visibly on chest and arms.
Duties: Chief Commander of the Litan Armed forces

High Commander Valerius has served the Imperium longer than any Litan has in the past. He was appointed as general by Imperator Thaddeus in 1986 and has continued to serve in that capacity since. His duty as the

Valerius is not the most tactful or civilized man, but he knows when to act correctly in the presence of his superiors. He has a vast knowledge in military tactics and history, and he frequently reads Sun tzu's Art of War . He generally prefers to stay out of politics and foreign negotiations, leaving those to the Imperator and the Viceroy instead. Similar to many Litan generals, he places great value on his men. Being unwilling to simply throw them at the enemy in great numbers like cannon fodder, unless there is absolutely no other way. He was never married but frequently says that "No women, not even the ugliest Quraash or the Aillari with the lowest standards or a scion with nonfunctional optic sensors, want an ugly old bastard like me with red crystals growing out of him."

Pro: Usage of WMDs, Black operations, assassination, Usage of mercenaries, War profiteering, Militarism, preemptive strikes

Anti: Diplomacy, pacifism, disarmament, Geneva Conventions.

Perhaps the most physically notable thing about him is the red crystals growing out of him. These were caused by the red lyriite he was exposed to, willingly, in one of the human lyriite experiments. He specifically told the lyriite weavers to let the red lyriite spread further and make him more powerful. Aillari heeded his wish but told him that at the point he wanted it to develop to, the crystals would continue to grow unless he was constantly exposed to the Lyriite weavers power. The Aillari forged a special armor that would both keep his body exposed to the Lyriite weaver's magic as well as being laced with red lyriite that would both keep his lyriite dependency taken care of and boost his power. His lyriite powers fall under the telekinesis discipline like the Aillari armor bane aspect warriors. His most preferred weapon is the same autorifle that he was issued when he first enlisted, which he is extremely profficient with its usage.

Valerius in his Armor

Age: 34
Date of Birth: June 6th 2009
Place of Birth: Isle of Gaia, City #3
Distinguishing Characteristics: Vivid red hair, slim frame, form fitting grey and black tactical uniform. Always carries her custom made stun rod on her hip.
Duties: Acting commander of LSOC (Litan Special Operations Characteristics).

Unlike most other Litan military leaders, Tacita was born on the isle of Gaia to two high ranking members of the Trident Arms weapons manufacturer. During her childhood, Tacita became enamored with her father's stories about being a Light Infantry black marauder and Tacita said that she would follow in his footsteps. On her 17th, she went to the nearest army recruitment post and shipped for ACST three weeks later. She excelled during her training and achieved the following accomplishments: Battalion soldier of the cycle, Battalion soldier leader of the cycle, highest PT score of 347, and expert qualification for rifle marksmanship with a 50 of 50 score. After ACST, ABT and AIT, Tacita was assigned to the 7th Light Infantry division which was the same unit her father was assigned to. During her four year assignment in the 7th Light Infantry, she saw most of her action fighting rebels, Arashi soldiers, and tribals on the isle of Pantora. She had received numerous commendations and was on her way to join the black marauder, but was then offered a position in the Litan commandos. Initially refusing, she was swayed to accept the offer by her father.

After Graduating Commando Selection and Assessment in 2031, Sgt. Tacita was assigned to the 1st commando Battalion. She continued to see action on the isle of Pantora but would also take part in the high dragon emergence from 2036 to 2039. Her exemplary service and personal recommendations from both High commander Valerius and Imperator Aurelian landed her the position of LSOC commander.

As LSOC commander, she has greatly increased operations of special operations forces in Pantoran operations. She has also dedicated resources to create a specialized task force for the purpose of hunting the numerous remaining High dragons after the deployment of project WHITE LIGHT. She did this due to seeing the level of violence and carnage that just one high dragon cam leave in its wake.

For the most part, Mariah was cynical, sarcastic and sardonic during her commando years. She treated all missions and people in a calm and collected manner and was unfazed by intense violence or things that would normally be considered traumatic to others. Despite this seemingly cold demeanor, She also showed a much softer side when dealing with her team and with civilians. She was always worried about the wellbeing of her team and was more than willing to comfort dying Litan soldiers. She also had a tendency of injecting dark humor into serious situations, like one time she made a joke regarding a teammates poor cooking skills after coming across a pile of burnt civilian corpses.

As the LSOC commander, she quickly learned that her previously sarcastic and cynical personality would do her no favors and has seemingly grown out of it. She still handles her business in the same collected professional manner as before but now she keeps her sarcastic comments mostly to herself.

Tacita as a commando and wielding her stun rod and and LSA mk.21 pistol.

Tacita's signature stun rod.