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Other Important Government Officials/ characters

Government and military officials and agents

The Black wolf of the Imperium

Age: unknown (possibly late 30s)
Date of Birth: Classified
Place of Birth: Classified
Distinguishing characteristics: Rarely seen in public without his signature black armor. Slim, athletic frame.
Duties: Commander of the Litan Inquisition

"I've never taken pleasure in the things I do for the inquisition, but never have I felt guilt for anything I've done."

"The Praetor has tried multiple times to have the inquisition disbanded, calling it a terrible cross between a secret police and a death squad. I see where she comes from however, many people want to believe that groups like the Inquisition aren't needed. In a perfect world I would agree, but sadly we do not live in a world such as that and the presence of the Inquisition is needed."

Kaetus is a man that few Litans know, but many know of him. He was appointed as the Grand Inquisitor by the Viceroy, who seems to be the only one who knows much about him, and has preformed his duties both diligently and admirably.

He is a man of few words to say the least, he seems more comfortable listening to conversations that partaking in them. An intelligent, well spoken, and highly educated man with a deep voice is revealed when he speaks and often shocks any listeners. On the outside, he is a kind and often chivalrous man who seems to behave like a stereotypical knight of the medieval times. But on the inside, he is a cunning man who is devoted the safety of the Imperium and is willing to attain that safety via any means necessary. Despite this, he is a truly noble man considering his position as the head of an organization that is anything but noble and honest. He prefers to keep others out of his personal life, and keep Viceroy in a strictly business relationship. While he isn't opposed to the idea of romance, he feels that he probably wouldn't find someone who would take and that he may not have much time to spend with them.

Equipment, modifications, and Abilities
His uniform is very unusual compared to other inquisition operatives. He wears black steel plate armor befitting a knight in a storybook, in stark contrast to the modern tactical gear of the Inquisition owls. Both of His swords for instance utilize advanced plasma blades that can easily cut through ant material. His armor may look archaic, but it incorporates numerous advanced technologies as well.

His armor has a powered frame capable of greatly boosting his strength and speed to surpass even the most skilled Aillari blade dancers. The suit also has an integrated point defense energy shield guantlet that can project a shield that can withstand blows from powerful foes and even rockets, while the powered frame prevents his arm from being broken by the kinetic force. The armor also has a built in cloaking device that can render Kaetus completely invisible, even on thermal and IR sensors. His helmet seals to his armor to protect against airborne threats and has and advanced HUD.

Kaetus also subjected himself to numerous biomechanical augmentations, chemicals, and procedures to his body that greatly improve his physical prowess and combat abilities. These range from

list of augmentations

  • Muscular enhancement injections: Protein complex is injected intramuscularly to increase tissue density and decrease lactase recovery time.

  • Catalytic thyroid Implant: Platinum pellet containing human growth hormone catalyst is implanted in the thyroid to boost growth of skeletal and muscle tissues.

  • Occipital capillary reversal: Submergence and boosted blood vessel flow beneath the rods and cones of the subject's retina. Produces a marked visual perception increase.

  • Superconducting fibrication of neural dendrites: Alteration of bioeletrical nerve transduction to shielded electronic transduction. 300% increase in subject reflexes. Anecdotal evidence of marked increase in intelligence, memory, and creativity.

  • retina-inversion stabilizer drug:Color sharpness is significantly improved upon, and night vision is adapted.

  • carbide ceramic ossification catalyst drug: Advanced material grafting onto skeletal structures to make bones virtually unbreakable.

All of these modifications, augments, and advanced equipment have made him capable of the following feats:

  • Running 54 mph, sprinting 77 mph.

  • cutting bullets fired from 30 yards with his plasma sword, and deflecting energy blasts from 20 yards.

  • lift up to 2,000 pounds with his armor on, 1,400 with it off

  • His armor can allow him to quickly short distances( 15 yards) at speeds of 250 mph.

  • Vertically Jump 10 ft, horizontally jump 60 ft.

  • Cutting through 2 feet of steel with his sword in a single swing.

  • Having his shield gauntlet hit by a 84mm round from a Carl Gustaff recoilless rifle, and not moving.

Kaetus' armor with and without his signature blue poncho

Point defense energy shield guantlet

Both of his swords are similar but still rather different in nature. The Caeruleus blade (designed like a falchion) has a long plasma emitter that releases the plasma and a magnetic field gives it it's shape and single sharp and heated edge. The Umbra blade (a double edged arming sword) has its plasma emitter in the handle and the magnetic field gives it a double edge. This allows for the blades to deliver cuts that can easily burn or melt through most materials. The Caeruleus blade or the blue blade is a prototype of this technology and the Umbra blade or the shadow blade is the most current version of this technology. It should also be noted that the emitter on the Caeruleus blade can be destroyed and render the blade useless, while the Umbra blade has no such weakness and the blade itself cannot be destroyed. Kaetus is widely considered the greatest swordsman in the Imperium, easily surpassing any the best that the knights of Landt have even without his armor. With his armor and implants, his speed, strength, reflexes, and overall combat ability are exponentially increased. He has also undergone countless hours of gene and hypnotherapy that have resulted in him becoming all but immune to any kind of mind controlling or altering abilities both artificial and even nagical.

Kaetus is also a lyriite user, and one of the few individuals to have use two varieties instead of one. In his case, he utilizes blooded lyriite and red lyriite which grants him telekinesis abilities. His usage of blooded lyriite gives him the ability to use his own blood to increase his combat abilities. He can douse his two swords with his blood to increase their length and cutting power. He can also use the blooded lyriite to siphon the blood and life force of others in order to heal his own wounds and regain his stamina. Fully draining a person temporarily doubles his physical strength, speed, and durability. He is capable of fully draining an adult human in five seconds, however he has to maintain physical contact or have his hand within a foot of his victim and this draining can be interrupted. Also, his drain ability is passive as non lyriite users around him usually complain of lacking energy and lethargy. At a greater strain on his body, he can greatly increase the power of his passive drain to that of his active drain and siphon life from anyone within 20 meters of him.

Synthetic beings or any kind of inorganic entity are invariably immune to this life drain.

His signature ability with red lyriite is imbuing his sword with telekinetic energy, enabling his blow to shatter stone and send whatever he strikes flying. Kaetus' telekinetic strength is also powerful enough to allow him lift and throw objects ranging from IFVs to a two story house.

He is also capable of creating telekinetic fields that he uses to immobilize and seemingly paralyze his victims, usually to keep them still while he drains them. His telekinesis coupled with his enhanced reflexes allows him to easily stop objects, beings, and projectiles moving faster than supersonic speeds. Making any living beings caught by him easy prey for his life drain.


Pro: Surveillance of citizens, torture, authoritarianism, Litan Inquisition, Espionage, assassination, black operations, diplomacy (when it is viable), human experimentation, civil sabotage operations, government propaganda, censorship

Against: Democracy, anarchy, libertarianism, communism, rushing to violence, freedom of speech/press, religion

Kaetus' false origin is that he was the son of a minor Landt noble family who eventually joined the ranks of the order of the Knights of Landt. In reality, he along with Commander Maeron were designed and created in a lab to be extremely loyal and efficient agents of the Viceroy and later the leader of the Inquisition. Maeron proved to be too unpredictable and violent, leading the Viceroy to create Kaetus as a much more reserved and predictable agent. All of Kaetus' personality traits, genetics, and augmentations we're added and created during his "birth".

One of the most unusual things about him is his animal companion. Tavi, as he calls her, was the result if illegal and unethical genetic experimentation on Wolves. She appears similar to other members of her species but differs in her massive size. When she was the size of most other wolves, she was still technically a pup. Fully grown, she now stands close to 10 feet tall and 16 feet long and weighs over 700 pounds of mostly muscle. Her physical prowess easily surpasses any non Litan wildlife. Having a bite force of 8,000 psi, and run up to 60 miles per hour consistently as opposed to cheetahs who only reach 75mph in short bursts and when chasing prey. Part of the genetic experimentation also made her incredibly smart, possessing intelligence surpassing that of even orangutans (often considered one of if the smartest species of primate).

The experimentation also left her very durable and with enhanced regeneration, both her hide, muscles, and bone are difficult to penetrate with both blades and bullets. A test was done where 8 men with 7.62x51mm rifles each emptied 30 rounds into her at once. Of the 240 rounds only 13 penetrated the hide, after hitting spots other rounds hit, all 13 were stopped either by the muscle or the bones. She very quickly regenerated her wounds in a matter of seconds and seemed unfazed by the whole thing.

Tavi herself has also been modified with both red and lyriite based powers. Her red lyriite powers mostly consist of her releasing powerful concussive blasts when she barks that can blow apart concrete and steel bunkers. Her blooded lyriite power actually allows her to heal her own wounds by consuming blood and flesh, as well as heal others by sacrificing her own life force.

Tavi is a steadfastly loyal to Kaetus, any who try to threaten him under her watch will subject to her wrath. Kaetus does occasionally ride on her back, and she often offers to do so herself, but prefers to see her as a companion instead of a steed. In battle she acts as both his mount and as his comrade in arms, charging and distracting enemies while Kaetus closes in for the kill or coming to kaetus' rescue when he needs help.

Kaetus describes her personality as protective, friendly, and mischievous. One of her favorite toys being Kaetus' helmet which she likes to hide or hold out of his reach.

Tavi fully grown

The Red Warrior of the Imperium
Age: 82 (40's in appearence)
Date of Birth: October 3rd, 1955
Place of Birth: City #01, Isle of Lita
Distinguishing characteristics: Pale skin, red eyes, and red veins and arteries visible through skin. Red lyriite crystals growing out of skin, most visibly on chest and arms.
Duties: Chief Commander of the Litan Armed forces

High Commander Valerius has served the Imperium longer than any Litan has in the past. He was appointed as general by Imperator Thaddeus in 1986 and has continued to serve in that capacity since. His duty as the

Valerius is not the most tactful or civilized man, but he knows when to act correctly in the presence of his superiors. He has a vast knowledge in military tactics and history, and he frequently reads Sun tzu's Art of War . He generally prefers to stay out of politics and foreign negotiations, leaving those to the Imperator and the Viceroy instead. Similar to many Litan generals, he places great value on his men. Being unwilling to simply throw them at the enemy in great numbers like cannon fodder, unless there is absolutely no other way. He was never married but frequently says that "No women, not even the ugliest Quraash or the Aillari with the lowest standards or a scion with nonfunctional optic sensors, want an ugly old bastard like me with red crystals growing out of him."

Pro: Usage of WMDs, Black operations, assassination, Usage of mercenaries, War profiteering, Militarism, preemptive strikes

Anti: Diplomacy, pacifism, disarmament, Geneva Conventions.

Perhaps the most physically notable thing about him is the red crystals growing out of him. These were caused by the red lyriite he was exposed to, willingly, in one of the human lyriite experiments. He specifically told the lyriite weavers to let the red lyriite spread further and make him more powerful. Aillari heeded his wish but told him that at the point he wanted it to develop to, the crystals would continue to grow unless he was constantly exposed to the Lyriite weavers power. The Aillari forged a special armor that would both keep his body exposed to the Lyriite weaver's magic as well as being laced with red lyriite that would both keep his lyriite dependency taken care of and boost his power. His lyriite powers fall under the telekinesis discipline like the Aillari armor bane aspect warriors. His most preferred weapon is the same autorifle that he was issued when he first enlisted, which he is extremely profficient with its usage.

Valerius in his Armor

Age: 30
Date of Birth: June 6th 2009
Place of Birth: Isle of Gaia, City #3
Distinguishing Characteristics: Vivid red hair, slim frame, form fitting grey and black tactical uniform. Always carries her custom made stun rod on her hip.
Duties: Acting commander of LSOC (Litan Special Operations Command).

Unlike most other Litan military leaders, Tacita was born on the isle of Gaia to two high ranking members of the Trident Arms weapons manufacturer. During her childhood, Tacita became enamored with her father's stories about being a Light Infantry black marauder and Tacita said that she would follow in his footsteps. On her 17th, she went to the nearest army recruitment post and shipped for ACST three weeks later. She excelled during her training and achieved the following accomplishments: Battalion soldier of the cycle, Battalion soldier leader of the cycle, highest PT score of 347, and expert qualification for rifle marksmanship with a 50 of 50 score. After ACST, ABT and AIT, Tacita was assigned to the 7th Light Infantry division which was the same unit her father was assigned to. During her four year assignment in the 7th Light Infantry, she saw most of her action fighting rebels, Arashi soldiers, and tribals on the isle of Pantora. She had received numerous commendations and was on her way to join the black marauder, but was then offered a position in the Litan commandos. Initially refusing, she was swayed to accept the offer by her father.

After Graduating Commando Selection and Assessment in 2031, Sgt. Tacita was assigned to the 1st commando Battalion. She continued to see action on the isle of Pantora but would also take part in the high dragon emergence from 2036 to 2039. Her exemplary service and personal recommendations from both High commander Valerius and Imperator Aurelian landed her the position of LSOC commander.

As LSOC commander, she has greatly increased operations of special operations forces in Pantoran operations. She has also dedicated resources to create a specialized task force for the purpose of hunting the numerous remaining High dragons after the deployment of project WHITE LIGHT. She did this due to seeing the level of violence and carnage that just one high dragon cam leave in its wake.

For the most part, Mariah was cynical, sarcastic and sardonic during her commando years. She treated all missions and people in a calm and collected manner and was unfazed by intense violence or things that would normally be considered traumatic to others. Despite this seemingly cold demeanor, She also showed a much softer side when dealing with her team and with civilians. She was always worried about the wellbeing of her team and was more than willing to comfort dying Litan soldiers. She also had a tendency of injecting dark humor into serious situations, like one time she made a joke regarding a teammates poor cooking skills after coming across a pile of burnt civilian corpses.

As the LSOC commander, she quickly learned that her previously sarcastic and cynical personality would do her no favors and has seemingly grown out of it. She still handles her business in the same collected professional manner as before but now she keeps her sarcastic comments mostly to herself.

Tacita as a commando and wielding her stun rod and and LSA mk.21 pistol.

Tacita's signature stun rod.

Likes: Militarism, usage of special operations units, Cross training with foreign militaries, Black operations, Veteran Support Programs, conscription, order.

Neutral: Literally anything relating to politics or economics, the Litan Inquisition.

Dislikes: Warmongering, viewing soldiers as "expendable", anti-military sentiment, Rebellion, anarchy.

The sworn defender of the Imperator

Age: 29
Date of Birth: March 7th, 2011
Place of birth: Gar' Savi, isle of Atiah
Distinguishing features: Aillari features such as pointed ears, heightened senses and physical abilities, brown hair, blue and grey tactical outfit, yellow visor
Duties: Personal bodyguard of Imperator Aurelian and his two sons. Member of the Imperatorial phalanx.

I have sworn myself to Aurelian to protect both him and his two sons. This is not a duty I take lightly, and you would do well to remember that."

"Being a halfbreed can occasionally be a challenge, but the Imperium is a nation that judges based on merit rather than ones appearence."

Faora is a strange individual, namely due to her halfbreed status. She was born to Japanese immigrant father and Aillari mother. She was rejected by the Aillari due to their negative view on halfbreeds and their parents. This forced them to leave their home in Gar' Savi and move to the isle of Lita. She went to school where, while she was not bullied, she was still alienated from the rest of the student body. Despite this, she still pushed herself to succeed in school, both academically and athletically.

As she was essentially disowned by the Aillari, she was instead considered a regular Litan citizen and was expected to serve in the military. At the age of 18, she chose to join the light infantry of the Litan army. Serving her mandatory 3 years, she eventually was accepted as a LRRP soldier in 2031 and was part of a five man sniper kill team. As a LRRP, she would rack up an impressive confirmed kill count of 234. She also met Imperator Aurelian's son in 2037, where she had a brief romantic fling with the young black marauder captain. Her team was attached to Aurelian's unit and the two developed a strong bond.

In 2039, the Imperatorial phalanx came to recruit from Aurelian's unit in order to fill 3 vacancies in their numbers. She easily passed their selection course and was accepted into the unit. Since joining, she has served and protected the Imperator and his two sons admirably. Both she and Damien Domitius have continued their romantic relationship, with the Imperator's blessing of course.

Faora is considered to be a very stoic and often cold individual, likely caused by her disownment by her people. This has lead to her having absolutely no attachment to her fellow Aillari, and has lead to her identifying more with her human side. She is very devoted to her duty of protecting the Imperator and see's this as the best way for her to repay her debt to the government that accepted her.

In regards to her relationship with Damien Domitius Aurelian, she is still rather aloof even towards him. However she never makes it her goal to cut him off or isolate herself from him. She absolutely hates the classic "lovey dovey" parts of romance such as hand holding or kissing in public. and prefers to keep the relationship strictly business when not in private. Domitius says that when they're on a date or are together at one either of their residences, she is rather protective of him, moreso than a bodyguard usually should be. Unfortunately she is often busy and rarely has much private time when she isn't actively protecting the imperator or his sons and as such she doesnt get to spend much personal time with just Domitius. She has expressed surprise as to why Damien doesn't have a mistress or second, something which is rather common in Aillari society. She has told him that it would be rather beneficial to his well being as she is often not able to spend as much personal time as she would want with Damien. Due to this Aillari cultural aspect, the one she doesn't outright reject, she has no problems with him having a relationship with another woman. Damien has also shared, much to Faora's chagrin, that she is a big time dom in bed.

Likes: Surveillance of citizens, torture, authoritarianism, Espionage, assassination, black operations, government propaganda, censorship, Order, Human Litans, cross species relationships, Damien Domitius Aurelian.

Dislikes: Democracy, anarchy, libertarianism, communism, freedom of speech/press, religion, Aillari Litans, discrimination towards half breeds, racism, anyone who poses a threat to The Imperator or his two sons.

As a halfbreed, specifically a human/Aillari halfbreed, she possess physical aspects and abilities of both races. Her Aillari heritage grants her the Aillari's increased strength, speed, reflexes, senses and mental acuity. She is also as tall as most other females of her race, standing at 6'10 and giving her 9 inches on Damien. Her human side however, caused her to loose the innate lyriite powers of the Aillari.

She wears a specialized stealth suit as her standard uniform. The suit clings tightly to her body and boosts both resilience and strength, acting as both armor and extra muscle tissue. The suit also comes with a optic camoflauge function that uses the technology from project WRAITH. Her sword is a vibro blade that was the prototype for the ones utilized by scion commando droids.

Imperator's Family

Age: 16
Date of birth: November 19th, 2023
place of birth: City #1, isle of Lita
Distinguishing characteristics: Young appearence and slim frame, hazel eyes and black hair.

The Golden boy of the Imperium
Age: 23
Date of birth: March 3rd, 2017
Place of Birth: City #01, isle of Lita
Distinguishing characteristics: black high and tight fade style haircut, white skin and hazel eyes, knife scar above left eyebrow. Wears either the standard Black marauder armor or his "formal" uniform in the picture above.
Duties: None in government, Currently a Captain
In the Light Infantry and a member of the black marauders 4th Brigade.

Despite Lita's position as the seat of the Imperatorial administration, there is a sizable homeless population that lives in slums and the outskirts of the city. Damien had lived on the streets like this for 2 years, after escaping an abusive household, until he became brave enough to sneak into the Imperial palace to steal some food. Imperator Aurelian himself caught the young boy and offered to let him stay at the imperial palace until Aurelian either found his parents or a place that would take him in. After Damien told him that his parents were both dead and none of that foster homes that were asked wanted to take in a homeless urchin. Aurelian decided to take the boy under his wing to at least raise him to adulthood, he soon became fond of the boy and adopted him.

Aurelian made it clear that his son would be an educated, law abiding, and patriotic Litan like any other citizen would. Aurelian ensured that Damien attended only the best primary schools, all while pushing him to excel both with his grades and in being a Litan citizen. Damien was also held to significantly higher social and educational standards as the Imperator's son. He felt that he owed Aurelian for taking him in and for giving him the chance to be great, and chose to focus almost entirely on exceeding the standards set for him and leaving next to no time for socializing.

Aurelian had Damien sent to the Litan Officer Selection Course prior to shipping off to basic after he had graduated high school. During 4 month course, Damien had earned multiple commendations for leadership, academic performance, and honorable conduct. All of this put him on the Magister's honor roll and earned him an early O-3 promotion before going to basic. In 2035 Damien continued to excel in his training becoming his training cycles soldier and Soldier leader of the cycle in BCST, ABUT, and AIT. Damien would be assigned to the 3rd Light Infantry corps as an O-4 Lieutenant. His first major engagement was the High Dragon Emergence, when his unit was sent to defend multiple cities in the Imperium from dragon attacks. He earned several commendations during this conflict, including the hero of the Imperium medal after he rescued the Viceroy from a burning building.

Damien has continued his military career, now a Captain in the black marauder, and see much of his action on Pantora against rebels and vandals.

Damien as a Black Marauder

Damien has been described as a much younger Darius Aurelian in his overall demeanor. Like Darius, he is a well educated and highly patriotic individual, but unlike him he lacks major social skills due to Darius making him push that aside in favor of excelling in school. Many have said that should Darius Aurelian die, Damien could easily take his place and lead the Imperium better if not just as well.

He is proven to be highly skilled in marksmanship, earning multiple marksmanship badges with rifles and pistols. He also is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, being an instructor for the new Litan CQC program. The new program taking elements from Judo, jujitsu, and Krav Maga. He even went against his father in a VR deathmatch, with the two of them tying at a 50% win rate. Damien is also in peak physical condition, being able to run a 4:10 minute mile and bench press 550 pounds. In his 5 years as a marauder, Damien has also racked up an impressive 176 confirmed kills and about 120 Possible kills. Over his career he has fought multiple threats: Vandals, Insurgents, Dark Aillari, Fire breathing high dragons, and Tribals. Meaning that Damien does have experience against mythical creatures and some experience against psychic enemies.

Damien in his standard Marauder armor

Damien usually goes into combat with the normal weapon of the black marauders. An m3-s Caseless submachine gun is his main weapon. This small weapon has a high magazine capacity of 60 rounds, as well as a fire rate of 900 rounds per minute. Despite its high fire rate and small size, the M3-s has minimal recoil even without it's foregrip and or butt stock extended. Chambered for the 5.7mm cartridge, the m3-s is capable of defeating light to medium body armor as well as penetrating the hides of most medium sized Wildlife in the Imperium. It also comes with a built in red dot sight and the weapon as a whole has an effective range of 75 to 100 meters.

Damien also has trained extensively with the Chinese shaolin weapon, the hook swords. Nearly every part of the weapon is either edged or pointed: the back of blade, the guard, the hooks, and Even the Kimmel can be used like a dagger. They can also be loosely attached with their hooks and spun in order to extend the weapons reach. The hooks be used to trip and grab opponents and also used to control or even rip away an opponent's weapon. Damien wields a pair of them as they 're best utilized in a pair. Damien rarely brings them into the field when deploying with his unit, but he does carry them on ceremonial details and duties.

His armor is the standard Marauder combat armor and comes with all the same features and protective qualities. It is made from shadow sap coated Titanium with the shadow sap increasing the armor's protective qualities and allowing to withstand high caliber sniper rifle rounds, large shrapnel, fire, and energy blasts. Only against large armor piercing rounds (i.e. .50 BMG, 12.7mm, anti material/incendiary), Point blank explosions, and powerful energy blasts does The armor give way. The coating also hides the wearer's thermal and electromagnetic signature. The suit also has the standard survival and tactiacl equipment used by other black marauders.

Damien is also jokingly looked at as a very socially awkward individual. He never developed social skills outside of a military environment, acting as though he is addressing a higher ranking commissioned officer when trying to be respectful and acting like he is with his enlisted men when in a casual setting. This has lead to him having trouble trying to fully integrate into civilian society. People often saying that he lacks a social filter due to him making many crude jokes that really only appeal to those who've seen combat. Damien is also being treated for possible PTSD after his many deployments in his relatively short career. One particular incident involving his convoy being hit with an IED and much of his squad being killed in the ensuing ambush. He currently experiences PTSD related symptoms such as flashbacks, dissociative episodes, night terrors, and severe anxiety, all that he is currently being medicated for. Despite this, he managed to garner the affection of his personal bodyguard, Faora Kaelus, either through charm or through her pity of the man. Though, Kaelus has said that it would be beneficial for the both of them to have Damien find a second woman as she cannot always be with him.

Likes: benevolent authoritarianism,
capitalism, militarism, atheism, nationalism, Imperialism, atheism, militarization of police, helping allies, usage of WMDs, conscription

Neutral: Environmentalism, torture, isolationism, war profiteering, Use of mercenaries

Dislikes: Communism, religion, socialism, nepotism, despots, pacifism, foreign intervention, monarchy, demilitarization, anarchy, legalization of drugs, Geneva conventions, freedom of press/speech/assembly, Affirmative action, recognition of more than two genders, concept of "Honorable Warfare"

The Bastard Usurper
Place of Birth: Isle of Katris (Now part of the Trinity of Dalmasca)
Date of birth: March 1st, 1999
Distinguishing characteristics: Fiery red hair, athletic build, always seen wearing her custom hi-tech armor.

Shae is the illegitimate child of Darius Aurelian's father and an Arashi refugee named Kareema Marek. When Litan forces were leaving the island of Katris, Kareema confronted Brian Aurelian about their daughter and he simply walked away and left without acknowledging her. Kareema soon gave birth to Kareema a year before Brian Aurelian and Anh Nguyen had their second son Darius. Brian had not completely forgot about them and decided to discreetly send the money and give them a home in the imperium.

She would raise her daughter to be greater than her two half brothers. Making her believe that she would be better than them and that the Imperium owed her. But when Darius assumed the position of Imperator at the age of 27, Shae had a new goal in mind. That being to become the Imperator that Darius could never be. Knowing that Darius would never back down from his position willingly, murdering him would not work to her favor, and that he was a superior warrior to her in her current state. She had decided to train her body and mind everyday in order invoke a trial by arms and duel Darius to the death for the position of Imperator. She has attempted four times in the past, each time failing, each time being spared by Darius, and each time getting faster and stronger.

While nearly all of Darius' cabinet recommends that he "remove" her as a threat permanently, Darius has decided to allow her to continue her actions. Hoping to convince her that while what his father did was wrong, her mother poisoned her mind and that killing him and becoming Imperator wouldn't solve anything. However, she refuses to negotiate with him and has killed all those he has sent to negotiate with her. She has now managed to convince herself that she isnt trying to claim the title of Imperator for herself but to free the Litan people from "Aurelian's oppressive regime". She States that she states that she will begin a new era in the Litan Imperium. "An era of peace, justice, and above all else freedom, which is something that the Litan people haven't seen in an eternity." As a result of this, she has begun associating herself with colonel Zeller's insurgency. When she isnt training or challenging Aurelian, she is helping the insurgency in fighting the Litans on the battlefield.

Shae has been training her body and mind everyday for almost 30 years. This vigorous training has left her in peak physical condition, extremely intelligent, and a deadly combatant in both close quarters and ranged combat. Her preferred weapons being stark contrast to that of the Imperator. Using a powerful blaster sniper rifle and a small one handed sabre as opposed to the Imperator's automatic rifle and greatsword. She wears full body blood sap steel armor but unlike Darius' armor, hers is customized with multiple gadgets and devices to help her in combat. She also wears a jetpack like he does, but hers has been illegally modified to be faster, more maneuverable, and deadlier with it's built in missile launch system.

Likes: Equality, Democracy, freedom of speech and press, Colonel Zeller, big stick style diplomacy, foreign interventionism, peace, religious freedom, helping nation's in need, justice

Dislikes: Darius Aurelian, Facism, authoritarianism, current Litan administration, militarism, communism, censorship, propaganda, state sanctioned atheism, corruption, torture, ultranationalism, jingoism


The Orca

Age: 29
Place of Birth: City #9, Trinity of Dalmasca
Date of Birth: January 3rd, 2010
Distinguishing characteristics: African features, muscular and toned body with a military style shaved head, wears a custom black armored dive suit with plasma emitters built into the helmet.

"The Imperator paid me a hefty sum just to kill you Marek, guess he's finally lost his patience with you." -Hakeem during his first meeting with Shae Marek after she attempted to assassinate the Imperator.

Aside from him originating from City #9, serving with the Mako Unit, and becoming a mercenary, very little is known about Hakeem. He has been extremely secretive with his personal information and very about those he does reveal information to, these people mostly being those within his mercenary squad. Records of him are heavily classified and top level clearance is needed to view even the most basic information about him.

Imperator Aurelian hired his services as a mercenary after a recent assassination attempt by his half sister, Shae Marek. He was given one mission by Aurelian, Kill Marek. After there initial meeting, only luck has saved Marek from being killed by Hakeem in their several encounters. Hakeem has said that he has no personal stake in this mission and views it as only another job, as opposed to doing his duty as a Litan.

Hakeem is usually a cold and calculated individual. Holding next to no sympathy towards those not part of his squad, who even treats with a degree of harshness not unlike that of an NCO. To him there are three people in the world. Clients, those with the money and reason to hire him. Quarries, those whom his clients send him to kill or capture. And Rivals, those who he considers legitimate threats to his life and profits. He is alsp a very arrogant and haughty individual, seeing himself as superior to many other freelancers and having high confidence in his abilities.Those who have spoken to him often consider him intimidating and generally very aloof and apathetic. Despite this, Hakeem is a very loyal individual. He will never stab his clients in back and he always a man of his word. He also always recognizes the effort of others and is more than willing to give a larger cut of the reward to squad members who contributed more to the mission. He also never takes credit for the work and effort of others, giving entire rewards to people who kill or capture those he is sent after. He does however have a vindictive side, clients who refuse to pay will find themselves as the new target in his weapon sights.

Hakeem is said to have been one of, if not the best, of the Dalmasca Mako Unit. He is a master frogman, being able to swim stealthier and faster than any of his peers. He is highly profficient in both land and underwater marksmanship with the Mako Unit's pneumatic weapons. His primary ranged weapon is a custom made harpoon combined with a PDW, at the switch of a button it can switch from a deadly harpoon to a fully automatic and armor piercing PDW. The harpoon mode uses the actual barrel itself as the body of the harpoon and the PDW mode uses the harpoon tip as a bayonet.

In hand to hand combat, Hakeem is only really challenged by the Imperator and his eldest son. He is a master of judo and jujitsu, making him a master of grappling and ground fighting. He makes sure to maintain his physical fitness through sparring, swimming, weights training, and military style PT.
He is also highly trained in martial arts with bladed weapons. Specifically his wrist blades and sword, made from blood sap reinforced spring steel, that can easily cut through flesh and soft body armor that gets in their path. He skilled enough with both of their usages to use them on land and underwater.

His advanced suit uses technology that even the Litan military is baffeled by. No other suits, at least to the Military's knowledge, exist that possess similar capabilities. The helmet has artificial "gills" that all him to stay underwater indefinitely. The armor itself is made from a composite material that has protective qualities on par with the best Litan body armor at half of the weight. The armor also possess jet thrusters that can function underwater and allow him to move at speeds of 65 knots underwater and 75 mph in the air. It also possesses many Integrated weapons and tools on its guantlets, such taser wires, poison dart launchers, grappling hooks, and retractable claws on the gloves.

The most notable feature are the two red "eyes" on the helmet that serve as the plasma beam emitters. The beam uses an advanced target lock-on system to ensure accuracy but can also be switched to manual aim. The beam is controlled with a wristpad and takes around 4 seconds to fully charge before firing. The beam is powerful enough to melt through up to 3 feet of steel and burns up to 2,000 degrees Celsius. Specialized heat sinks, heat resistant coatings, and cooling systems keep the helmet from melting or the user from dying.

His fifteen man group of combat divers serves as his personal squad during contracts. All of them fulfill roles typical in an army squad and are all experienced soldiers from the Mako unit, Snakeheads, and USDT. All of them are highly trained and equipped with high quality trident arms weaponry.

Likes: Money, challenging missions, new equipment, working for his reward, Clients that pay up, rewards worth the risk, his squad

Dislikes: Sub par rewards, easy missions, politics, clients that don't pay, dishonest people

- Hakeem has stated that he has no objections to romance. To him, he only has four expectations:

  • Be somewhat pleasant to look at

  • Have no issues with his occupation

  • Not be a gold digger that leeches off his money from contracts

  • And always be honest with him

- Among Hakeem's squad is a man named walker, nicknamed Barracuda, who acts as Hakeem's second-in-command

Walker wears a very distinctive blue uniform and is much more arrogant and hot-headed than his black armor clad superior. Walker has a armor suit with similar capabilities as Hakeem's save for the plasma emitters on the helmet, instead opting for two wrist mounted plasma blasters. Walker also has a singular jetpack on his armor as opposed to having four thrusters on the boots and shoulders. Hakeem tends to hold Walker in a protege like position, as well as being both his second in command and top squad member.

Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Distinguishing characteristics: Vaguely female form, completely covered by full body battle suit with a face mask, armor has three pairs of arms that can control with her telekinesis, has two puppets that she uses to control others, folding arm blades attached to her actual arms.

"I don't understand why you seek to get hostile with me. The Imperator clearly felt that that just you wasn't enough to deal with Marek. It's nothing personal or anything to doubt your abilities, personally I believe that you were more than enough but the Imperator felt otherwise.
- Marion after Hakeem threatened her during their first meeting.

Like, Hakeem, very little information can be found about Marion. Unlike Hakeem though, no official records of her exist anywhere within the Imperium military or government. Her true identity, or even her face is completely unknown. Despite this lack of information, she gained a reputation among the free marcher and freelancer community as one of the most effective and expensive freelancers.

Marion was hired after Shae Marek began uniting rebel groups in the Imperium, namely the reapers and Zeller's Army. Imperator Aurelian felt that Hakeem wasn't enough to handle the situation, and he hired a second freelancer. Marion being one of the most powerful lyriite users in the Imperium, Aurelian felt that she and Hakeem were more than enough to deal with Marek. Marek has only encountered Marion once and she was almost killed, only being saved when Zeller himself distracted Marion. Thanks to this though, Zeller has been captured and is being questioned to find out about both her wearabouts and the activities of his rebel group.

Unlike Hakeem, who is cold and outright rude and somewhat hostile to others. Marion is much friendlier towards others, even being willing to cooperate and work with Hakeem in order to accomplish their mission. She does have a terrible tendency to read the minds of others she meets, probing their minds to find their likes and dislikes as well as seeing what they think of anything she says. This friendliness is merely a facade, hiding a sadistic and borderline evil individual. When she catches her quarry, she takes great pleasure in reaching deep into their minds and trapping them in a mental prison of their own fears. Often times she will keep them in this state for hours, sometimes days before bringing them back to her client. Other times she may capture them, only to mentally torture them with her telepathy. Forcing them to experience extremely painful sensations, visions, and memories.

When she is using her powers for combat purposes, she displays that she is just as capable of using her abilities as a weapon as she is using them as torture tools. Her telekinesis is far more powerful than any known lyriite based user. Being able to lift massive objects (i.e. a MAWLR walker, a small mountain, and massive chunks of earth) and hurl them far distances. She can also use her telepathy to control the body and minds of organic organisms. She uses both of her puppets in order to accomplish this, her masked doll enables her to control living beings while the hooded doll enables her to control and manipulate inanimate objects. Her telekinesis is also fast enough to allow her to catch objects faster than supersonic (such as Bullets) and fire them back at the same velocity. She can also use her abilities for many other purposes:

  • she can create a telekinetic shield for her and others that can shrug off anti-tank rockets and missiles.

  • Levitate and to a degree fly, being able to fly at around 75mph.

  • Teleport short distances, she often uses this in conjunction with her folding wrist blades.

  • she is also able to throw knives and control their flight paths in the air.

Her telepathic abilities are also extremely powerful, being able to manipulate the minds of hundreds at once. She can very easily induce vivid and lifelike hallucinations in their minds as well as manipulate their bodies in a manner similar to puppets. Her ability to control bodies becomes less fine with the more people she controls. She can manipulate one person as though they were naturally moving, more than 20 and the bodies begin moving in a manner similar to puppets attached to strings. She can also "sense" the minds of those around her as well as her surroundings.

Likes: Money, exercising her psychic power over others, seeing others in fear of her, strong willed and minded individuals, asking questions, being asked questions about her abilities.

Dislikes: Aillari Mind Tearers, People who resist her power, People dying before she is done torturing them, Being asked personnel questions.