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The Viceroy of the Imperium: Helen Odeleus

Helen Camilla Odeleus

The Tigeress of the imperium


In office:
March 6th 2028-present

Preceded by: Owyn Solas


In office:
April 9th 2019- March 4th 2028


Personal Details


August 4th, 1985 (52 years old)
City #2, Isle of Landt



Political Party:

Litan Nationalist Party


Darius Tibera Aurelian 2031-2036


Damien Aurelian (Godmother)

Military Service:


  • 5 crimson feathers

  • Hero of the Imperium

  • Medal of Termination

  • Star of Valor

  • Arashi war medal


Austark University
PhD in Political Science
PhD in Business
PhD in Economics





"Ambassador, I could care less if you like me or my policies. I don't give a damn if you hate my nation with a passion and call my people brainwashed, which isn't true at all. But if you ever threaten my people with military action to "liberate" them, I will not hesitate to push the red button and poison your nation and leave more of an insufferable wasteland than it already is... Now were there other matters you wish to discuss today?"
- Helen Odeleus, during a meeting with the ambassador of a foreign nation.


Helen grew up on the nobility based Isle of Landt and was a daughter of the Odeleus Noble family. She had no desire to be a dress up doll and went off to the Army and later became an Imperial Commando. After her service, she began to study politics, business, and economics at university as she also wished to help lead her people. She later became Chancellor and later viceroy. As Viceroy, her duties include Foreign affairs as well as civil legislation.

Early Life

Helen grew up on the nobility based Isle of Landt and was a daughter of the Odeleus Noble family. Her family wished to groom her into a fine specimen of the family and intended her to spend her days addressing suitors and overall being a dress up doll. She didn't want this life and instead wanting to be a great soldier like colonel Aveline, the most decorated female Litan soldier. She prepared for this by honing both her body and mind to peak condition. Her family did not approve of this, claiming that grunts do not make very pretty noble children and ordered her to stop. She then ran away from home at the age of 18 and enlisted, where she was put into the 5th air assault division.

She wanted to go bigger however and strove to be one of the few women to join the ranks of the Imperial Commandos. Her time in Air assault only further honed her body and mind, which lead to her passing commando selection and training. Much of her time as a commando is largely classified but it is confirmed that that she has over 200 operations under her belt.

A more accurate image of the Viceroy as a commando

After her service, she then went to begin her studies at university in order to gain a position within the government. Helen is an extremely intelligent woman and managed to get all three of her degrees in just barely 7 years.

Rise in Politics



If Darius is considered the aggressive sentinel of the imperium, harsh but willing to do anything to protect his charge. Then Helen could be looked at as the motherly protector, much gentler in her approach to things but is still willing to help and protect her people.

She is very different from Darius in that she is much more polite in her dealings with foreign heads of of State, likely stems from her time as the Secretary of State. She never aggressively lashes out at those who insult her, the imperium, or it's citizen's. However that quickly changes when anyone threatens the people of the Imperium, she will be the first to threaten to declare war and has more than once threatened to use chemical weapons.

She is also the one that actually keeps Darius in check. She ensures that he doesn't do anything drastic that could have very harsh repercussions on the people. Darius' himself sees her both in a motherly role and that of a mentor, which is one of the main reasons why he was reluctant to propose to her.


  • Synthetic People's rights policy
    with the creation of scions, Sentient synthetic android soldiers, many wondered if they would be given rights as citizens due to the fact that they were sentient and serving the Imperium. Viceroy Helen told Aurelian that since they were by all means sentient people serving in the military, they deserve citizenship. The Imperator agreed and the Viceroy signed the bill into action.

  • The Religious Zero Tolerance Policy
    With the numerous attacks, uprisings, and aggressive actions by various religious groups within the Imperium. For example the multiple heretic cleanses of the cult of Violet, multiple bombings from radical Islamic terrorists, and the Church of Drakes hostage crisis, among many others. Viceroy Helen's policy authorized a brutal crackdown religious gatherings, practice, and worship. Effectively leading to it no longer existing.

  • Activation of the Litan Inquisition
    After several terrorist attacks on multiple cities if the Imperium, Helen made an organization for the purpose of rooting out traitors of the Imperium. These traitors include domestic anti government terrorists, religious fanatics, insurrectionists, foreign spies/agents, whistleblowers, and traitors giving information to enemies of the imperium. The inquisition was formed and does many things from phone tapping, kidnapping, torture, raids on homes, assassination, and occasional black ops missions. While many say that this goes against her desire to protect her people, she retorts by saying "Ensuring that terroristic and traitorous elements within the imperium are dealt with is well in line with my wish to protect the people."

  • Mandatory Vaccination Policy
    After numerous outbreaks in countries of diseases of which have vaccines caused by parents not vaccinating children. Viceroy Helen mandated that all Litan Citizens be vaccinated for disease that vaccines exist for. Adults refusing to vaccinate themselves will be detained and forcibly vaccinated. Parents refusing to vaccinate children are stripped of their parental license and their children seized by the government. Should a child die due the parents not vaccinating, the parents are fined 10,000 raches and are required to preform civil service for a minimum of 5 years.

For & Against

  • For: Benevolent authoritarianism, Social welfare policies, capitalism, nationalism, environmentalism, surveillance of citizens, atheism, Due process, helping nations in need, equal rights

  • Neutral: Militarism, torture, imperialism, penal legions, war profiteering

  • Against: Communism, religion, direct democracy, socialism, nepotism, despots, monarchy, Tyranny, demilitarization, anarchy, legalization of drugs, religion, Discrimmination, oppressive regimes, Recognition of more than two genders

Personal Information

Helen Is a much more outgoing person than the Imperator in terms of her private life. She enjoys going to gatherings with friends and socializing with others. Helen has an almost "motherly" approach to people, as she is always willing to listen to others problems, consoling those that are is in pain, and being a shoulder to cry on.

She is also more willing to be friendly to foreign heads of state during the first meeting than Darius is.

Personal Trivia

  • Helen was gifted her suit of commando armor due to her exemplary service and attaining a high position in the government after he service. It was given to her by her commanding officer and the Commandant of the Commandos. She still proudly wears her armor even in public.

  • Helen Odeleus is an albino and is rarely seen outside without her armor and a hooded veil eye protection.

  • Despite what some rumors may say, Imperator Darius and Viceroy Helen did not develop a love on the battlefield relationship while they were in the military. They did however serve with and fight beside each other during the Arashi war.

  • She is 6'1 and weighs 160 pounds

  • Like the Imperator she too carries weapons while in public. She wears her commando sword on her hip along with two ornately decorated plasma pistols. On her back she carries her issued plasma sniper rifle.

  • Unlike the Imperator, Viceroy is not a military rank and is not expected to go into combat. This has lead to her combat skills deteriorating, but she is still capable of defending herself rather well.

  • It is a common known fact that Helen receives plastic surgery to look like her thirty year old self during her commando years.

  • She has an IQ of 190

  • She had received multiple marriage proposals, all of which she politely declined. She also finds these requests strange due to how old she is and often how young her suitors are. These obviously stopped after she and the Imperator became married. But have resumed after their divorce.


“Some call me benevolent, others call me overbearing, and some call me Tyrannical. It's your choice as to what you want to call me as all three he some degree of truth. But one thing the cannot be said to be untrue is that I love my nation and people. ” - The Viceroy when asked about her opinion on those who oppose her.

“Do not let my appearance fool you ambassador, I spent a decade as an Imperial Commando and I can kill you 30 different ways with just my bare hands. I have many jobs to do, and getting in bed with foreign officials isn't one of them” - The Viceroy during a meeting with the ambassador of a foreign nation who was flirting with her.

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