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Akeldama Rothsgori Lucifer, Personification and Monarch of Versilia

Queen of Vampires
Karajō Do Seguya
Akeldama Rothsgori Lucifer I
Ákeldama Rotugori Rushive 1

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Personal Info


5 October, 457 BCE






Kremvh, God and Creator





Sexual Orientation:


Spouse/Significant Other:

Satan D. Lucifer


Kyūnhāga, Marikosa

Ideology Info

Political Ideology:

Syncretic Monarchism

Economic Ideology:

Keynesian Social Capitalism

"Sol is but an irritant, Mr. Winlock. Unfortunately, you're beginning to outpace it in that area." - Akeldama Rothsgori Lucifer
More quotes may be found here.

Akeldama Kremvhsmon Zbyhneka Satpreet Ataninnuaq Hajnalka Rivkah Hanne Rachelle Mei Wajdiyya Lucy Rothsgori Lucifer is the current Queen of Versilia and Her Territories, Personification of Versilia and Queen of Vampires. Akeldama rose to power following a power struggle in the aftermath of the abdication of Deshipoina L’aderei and her dynasty's expulsion from royalty, overseen by the noble houses of both Versilia and foreign Vampire noble houses voting them out. The cause of the expulsion is the crimes committed by the L’aderei dynasty. Akeldama's rule has since been benevolent and focused on the people of Versilia and her Vampiric subjects in foreign lands. Her economic policies have been described as Socialist, of which she had confirmed that she holds Socialist sympathies.
Akeldama has a long list of names, of which she is referred to in the names' lands of origin. In Arabia and the surrounding lands, she is known as Wajdiyya. In the Levant, she is Rivkah. In Qing, she is Mei. This is the same for all her names.

Akeldama has lived most of her life solely as the nation's personification, taking on various professions over her expansive lifetime. In the early 600s BCE to the late 200s CE, she had been an orphan, living with adopted parents until she outlived them. By 296 CE, she had become a concubine to a K’vuse warlord, serving under him and his sons as a slave and 'companion' until 628 CE, where she won her freedom and became a metalsmith, later taking on the title of Warlord in the same tribe she was a concubine in. Akeldama's history continues on and on, eventually arriving at the present day, where she is Queen and the most powerful individual in the known world.

Akeldama is supported by the vast majority of Versilians, directly commanding and influencing the noble families that make up Vampiric society.

Early Life
Akeldama was not born or created like normal persons. Akeldama Rothsgor was directly created, in an unknown dimension, by Kremvh, the Eldritch god and creator of the universe-cluster that make up Versilia and their parallel worlds. Akeldama first awoke on the archipelago of Versilia, under a tree with silver bark and bright red leaves. She awoke to a new moon in the nighttime sky, the sounds of bats in the sky and wolves skulking the woodlands. Akeldama wandered aimlessly throughout her early life, living off the land and sleeping in natural groves and dark areas when she was tired. After a couple hundred years on her own, she was discovered by a roaming band of nomads. They took her in and cared for her, the elderly shaman of the tribe taking Akeldama as her adopted daughter. Some time later, the tribe had all perished from a variety of natural causes, some animal attacks and other disease. Akeldama was left alone once more.

The young Rothsgor wandered more and more, staying in villages and taking on odd jobs until she had to move onwards. Sometime in the early 200s CE, she had matured enough to take on a spouse. She was still childlike at the time, despite being around 800 years old. She and a young townguard had met and felt like they were a match. He even proposed marriage after 2 years into their relationship, which she accepted. The town guard had died of a bear attack 2 weeks after his proposal.

Skip forwards to the late 200s, she had become a concubine to a warlord of the K’vuse, a band of bandits and nomadic warriors. Akeldama stayed as a concubine for up to 400 years, only becoming free in 628 CE. Akeldama became a metalsmith, later on becoming a warlord in 631 CE until 859 CE, where she finally left the K’vuse at the age of roughly 1,400.

In 863, Akeldama became a maid to the Chīra, an aristocratic family of landowners and traders. Akeldama was treated well as a maid, becoming one of the most trusted members of the household she lived and worked in. She stayed as a maid until 991 CE. She became a Red Maiden after this, a sort of religious prostitute. In 1176 she became a priestess, returning to the profession of Red Maidens in 1350, continuing until 1462.
Akeldama roamed and settled herself in a fishing town the same year she ended her Red Maiden profession. She took up fishmongering and fishing, earning a good wage on the docks and boats of Versilia's coastlines.

In 1611, Akeldama set sail to Kamchatka, becoming a foreign-traveling Red Maiden, exploring the Eurasian mainland as she earnt a fortune to her name. She also travelled to Korea, China, Mongolia, Russia, the Middle East and further. She finally stopped being a Red Maiden for good in 1657, returning to Versilia and living lavishly in her estate until modernity and her ascension to the throne.

Akeldama’s life prior to power was fairly mundane. She wasn’t exceptionally famous, and though she did live lavishly on her estate, she kept to herself and gave her free time into researching technologies and the arcane.

She’s had numerous butlers and servants over the centuries, leading up to her current manservant, Montague, a Meuse-Versilian man whom Akeldama has a very close friendship with.

Akeldama was closely tied to the royal L’aderei dynasty, being the country’s personification and a loved figure in the region she lived in. The region later became Sēyuvo (“Faith; religion”) Prefecture, its capital of Yahanam serving as a place of healing and enlightenment. She held the prefecture in a firm, yet gentle grasp, commanding the loyalty of the Yahanamites so greatly one could very well argue they were more loyal to the Rothsgor name than that of L’aderei.

Reign and Ideology
Since taking power Akeldama I has enacted a series of policies, they have resulted in:

  • Increased funding for scientific centres and areas of education.

  • Improvement of the national healthcare system.

  • Better representation for those in Versilian colonies.

  • Forbidden annexation of lands already inhabited by sentient peoples.

  • Opened the political sphere to fringe groups and foreign religions.

Political Opinions
Akeldama is, most of the time, considered a social democratic monarchist. She believes in a strong monarch, with an intellectual and expert upper legislature and representative lower legislature.

Economically, Akeldama is a social capitalist and is an advocate for Mittelstand, a German concept of small and medium sized businesses being the norm.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Mixed Economy, an armed populace, paramilitary education, mandatory exercise in schools, eugenics, directed evolution, few scientific regulations, use of clones in warfare, environmental protections, death penalty for confirmed serial rapists/serial killers/foreign terrorists/traitors, Race and gender equality/egalitarianism, LGBT+ rights, Social democracy, intellectualism, monarchism, semi-pacifism, assisting unstable countries, education in general.

  • Neutral: Working Communism, Benevolent Facism, absolute monarchy, nuclear fission.

  • Anti: Use of nuclear weapons, intentionally dumb people, sham democracy/One-Party States/Two-Party States, sexism, religious extremism/fundamentalism, religious police, war crimes, laissez-faire capitalism, right-wing libertarianism, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, ‘Kekistan’, imperialism, colonialism, genocide.

Five Dimensional Political Compass

You are a: Socialist Pro-Government Humanist Progressive

Collectivism score: 67%
Authoritarianism score: 17%
Internationalism score: 0%
Tribalism score: -50%
Liberalism score: 67%

Explanation Key:
Collectivism refers economic intervention, whether the society or state should intervene in the economy to redistribute wealth from the more to the less successful. The negative percentages indicate opposition to such intervention.

Authoritarianism refers to state power to control the actions of individuals to prevent them from harming others or themselves, and also to establish the will of the majority over society. Negative percentages indicate opposition to state power.

Internationalism refers to political involvement in other nations or global affairs, either via war, treaty or international organizations. Negative percentages indicate isolationist beliefs, and the belief in national sovereignty.

Tribalism refers to identity or nationalism, favoring your own nation over foreigners. Negative percentages indicate opposition to national or ethnic identity and oriented towards pan-humanism.

Liberalism refers to acceptance of historically illegal or immoral social practices or customs. Negative percentages indicate opposition to such acceptance.

8values Test

Economic Axis: Social
Equality 64.0% - 36.0% Markets
Diplomatic Axis: Balanced
Nation 42.6% - 57.4% World
Civil Axis: Liberal
Liberty 64.2% - 35.8% Authority
Societal Axis: Very Progressive
Tradition 23.2% - 76.8% Progress
Closest Match: Social Liberalism

Personal Life
As Monarch, Her Majesty lives a very luxurious life. She enjoys the best blood, cakes, silks and everything due to her status and position.

She resides jointly in the Rothsgori-Lucifer Estate and the home of her husband in UIJ.

Akeldama’s life is filled with love and intimacy with her husband. She regularly enjoys time with him, even if it’s just a small date.
Her Majesty plays games, reads and oversees genetic experiments when she’s not doing her work.

Residence: Rothsgori-Lucifer Estate

LinkFront Room
LinkThrone Room

Akeldama's mansion is located a few kilometres from Yahanam, and is large and grandiose, with her home also being surrounded by a thick forest and even stretching into a mountain pass. Her home has everything she needs: storage, guest rooms, library, office, magic rooms, laboratories, armoury, smithery, alchemical room, etc. She also has an underground garage, pool, enchanting room, hot spring and even her own tiny bund (temple). Akeldama has a throne in her mansion, which she sits on when she's bored.
A large cave system exists underneath her estate. Many bats live down there.
Her home is always scented with the smell of herbs, plants, dew or anything of her desire.

Also living on the estate, is her pet deathclaw, Mal. Mal has reddish-grey skin, with orange eyes. He stands 7 to 8ft tall.

LinkMontague, Akeldama's personal caretaker and butler, lives in the Rothsgor Estate, catering to her every need or desire.

Akeldama drives an Anglish car, gifted to her by a rather dapper gentleman. This gentleman is who you ask? Why, only Sir Lowell Horne, one of Angland’s most esteemed Lords and Knight of the Garter.

LinkFashion Model

Bedroom Tour


Invitation to Dine



More Quotes
”Why does a loved monarch have to create large fortresses in remote places? So they can hide and let their subjects die for them in an invasion, or to hide from vengeful rebels? That isn’t my way. I create fortresses for my subjects to man and protect their family and friends in, so they may fight all the better in invasion. I have no need for my own fortresses. Versilia is my fortress, and my subjects its guards.”

Opinions on Other Leaders

  • The Benevolent Dictatorship of UIJ - Satan: "Satan is a thoughtful, wise and funny man, if a bit cynical and rude at times. He's shown care for me quite a lot, particularly enjoying my catlike nature and responses to headpats, my greatest weakness. Satan and I regularly conduct business together. Satan and I are married. He's such a big softy and utterly adorable at times!

    Satan had helped me many times in the time I have spent at the Hangout, and is a good source of entertainment, and the occasional words of wisdom. Satan gave me his old M-11 Royal rifle as an early birthday gift. It makes me feel good that he trusts and loves me enough to have it."

  • The Parliamentary Republic of Wobbegong - Spartan-039: "Spartan is a kind, generous, charming, gentlemanly and thoughtful man. He's always trying to be there when I need someone, for whatever reason, and tries his best to be both a good host and guest whenever we meet. He's charitable, sending foreign aid to those in need when it's clear there will be no nearby benefits or things in exchange for this. Spartan is amongst my favourite people.

    Spartan is, unfortunately, not looked upon fondly by others at the Hangout. They constantly belittle him and talk behind his back, going so far as to actually make attempts on his life. It's sickening, honestly, and I wish it were different. If only for Spartan's sake."

  • The Slightly Socializt Community of The Holy Empire of the Spaghetti Monster - Pres. Will Cannon/Vice Pres. Cameron Avery: "Will and Cameron are real good friends in my opinion. They're amusing, Will is polite, Cameron is daring and quite... hmmm... let's say, fanatic in his Liberal views. Will is nearly the same. They both have their flaws, but they're good intentioned people I think. They could use some improvements, though, mainly in acquiring a stiff upper lip and reserving themselves."

  • The Actual Federation of Lazurania - Lazurania:

  • The Empire of Carmonia - Empress Katariah II and I:

  • The Free Land of Arctica-Aleutia - Pres. Larisa Karolev:

Other Information


  • Nationality: Versilian

  • Ethnicity: Versilian

  • Race: Homo nosferatensis noctivagus

  • Blood type: AB+

  • Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Gender: Female

  • Bust-Waist-Hips: 88-63-96cm/35-25-38in

  • Weight: 49.4 kg | 109 lbs

  • Height: 148 cm | 4’ 10”

  • Abilities: As Akeldama is a Vampire, she has access to many abilities. Her main abilities are Vampiric and include wing manifestation (and in extension, flight), claw retraction, hanging upside down, blood-drinking, Linksupernatural condition, Linkblood flow vision and enhanced night vision. Akeldama also is partially Typhon and ghoul, and thus has access to their respective abilities. She has bikaku and rinkaku kagune.
    Akeldama is an adept Mage and magic user, and can use spells on the fly.

  • Akeldama goes through heats on a monthly basis, like a menstruation cycle. Heats last anywhere from 2 days to a week. Heats are exactly what you think they are.

Personal Information

  • Likes: Most types of music, humour, tea, trade deals, dank memes, video games, Montague, time with Mal, gentlemen, anime/manga, recycling, science, occult rituals, knowledge, big (f****ng) weapons, hats, saunas, snazzy uniforms, cats, tentacles, Brytish (British) music from the '80s, baking, gaining more resources, taking nightly walks, sexytimes.

  • Dislikes: Knobheads, beer and other alcohol (minus wine and vodka), Corporatism, Neo-Liberalism, misogynists, 'morality police', Conservative Islam/Christianity/Judaism, Concentration camps, edgy wackos, honour killings, persecution of LGBT+ persons, blasphemy laws, Imperialism, rats and rodents, waste, dirty streets, slums, other stuff.

  • Hobbies: Taking walks in the woods at night, having breakfast in cafés, weaving, baking cakes, travelling, relaxing in saunas or hot springs, reading, hoarding books, gems, unique items, weapons, armour, basically anything; sleeping.

  • Weapon(s): Mr. Shovel, LinkM-11 Royal

Applicable Tropes
Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire, Hemo Erotic, Our Vampires Are Different, Stronger With Age, Vampires Are Sex Gods, Daywalking Vampire, Combat Pragmatist, Little Miss Badass, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Waif-fu, Really Seven Hundred Years Old, Immortality Bisexuality, Healing Factor, Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke, Bio-Augmentation, Immortal Immaturity, Living Forever Is Awesome, Petite Pride, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Magic Eater, Best Known for the Fanservice, Lesbian Vampire, Bi the Way, Kiss of the Vampire, Horror Hunger, Luminescent Blush, Dark Magical Girl, Tsundere, A-Cup Angst, I Didn't Mean To Turn You On, Moe, Cosplay Otaku Girl, Zettai Ryouiki, Who Wears Short Shorts, She's Got Legs, Workout Fanservice, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Blue Blood, Authority Equals Asskicking, Action Politician, All Nation’s Are Super Powers.

Did You Know...?

  • Akeldama's immortality rubs off on animals and non-human beings. Humans and other vampires do not get to enjoy her immortality themselves.

  • Other Vampires and Akel's friends have given Akel some nicknames over the years. Akelly, Little Bathory, Loli Dracul, Vampy and Little Fangs are the most used ones.

  • As Vampires are simply an offshoot from Homo sapiens, Vampires can enjoy normal food perfectly well. Akeldama loves blood-flavoured ice cream, sponge cake, muffins, hot chocolate and Galaxy chocolate cake. Aside from desserts, Akeldama particularly enjoys horsemeat, elephant meat, ramen, rhinoceros steak and smoked fish. Her favourite fruit are apples and grapes.

  • Akeldama commonly sleeps, swims and prays au naturel.

  • Akeldama's greatest weakness is headpats and scratches. She reacts like a cat in response to them.

  • Akeldama's names all have meanings. Her first name Akeldama means Fields of Blood, and refer to Akeldama in the Levant. Kremvhsmon means Kremvh's Daughter. Zbyhneka is Czech and means to dispel anger, and fits her as she is described as a very calm person. Satpreet is Sikh and means The lover of the truth. Ataninnuaq is Inuit and means One Who Counsels.
    Hajnalka is Magyar (Hungarian), and means morning glory. Rivkah is Hebrew and means to bind, referring to her enclosing influence surrounding her enemies, binding their power. Hanne is Hebrew-German, and is grace. Rochelle is Meusean (French) and Hebrew, meaning lamb. Mei is Chinese and means beautiful, or plum, depending on the character. Wajdiyya is Arabic and means passion. Lucy is Anglish (English), meaning light.
    The meaning of Rothsgori, Akeldama's surname, is known only to a few people. The reason why this is the case is unknown, but it's a guarded secret. The meaning of the name is Scarlet/Crimson Devil, in Old Versilian. The i at the end is a sign she's married, as is are normally added to unique surnames such as hers. She also carries her husband's surname, Lucifer.

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