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Akeldama Rothsgori-Lucifer, Personification and Monarch of Versilia

Queen of Vampires


Akeldama Rothsgori-Lucifer

Akeldama Rothsgori-Lusifer

Portrait of Akeldama,
by Polish painter Dobrosław Dziak

9th Queen of Versilia

Style – Her Majesty

Reign – 2017 CE - Present

Heir – Crown Princess Lebera

DoB – 5 October, 457 BCE

Physical Age – 21

Chronological Age - 2,474

SpouseSatan D. Lucifer

Full Name——

Dynasty – Rothsgor

FatherLinkKremvh, God and Creator

Mother – N/A

Son – Gei Rothsgor, Sāodari

DaughtersLinkLebera Rothsgor, Kyūnkaga
LinkAlīsema Rothsgor, Marikosa




University of Deutschebildung, Academy of European Arts, Royal Campus of Medical Learning
- Degrees in German language, Biology, Medicine, Art and Classical Music

”A sword is only as deadly as it is sharp. Of course, you could always use the blunt end to bludgeon them.“
- Queen Akeldama Rothsgori-Lucifer, c. 2018

Akeldama Kremvhhupadgh Zbyhneka Satpreet Ataninnuaq Hajnalka Rivkah Hanne Rachelle Mei Wajdiyya Lucy Rothsgori Lucifer (born 5 October, 457 BCE) is the Queen of Versilia and Her Territories, Personification of Versilia and Queen of Vampires. Akeldama rose to power following a power struggle in the aftermath of the abdication of Despoina Lawdrey and the Lawdrey dynasty's expulsion from royalty, overseen by the noble houses of both Versilia and foreign Vampire noble houses.

Akeldama has lived most of her life solely as the nation's personification, taking on various professions over her expansive lifetime. In her earliest memories, she recalls being a hunter gatherer, staying with nomads until she moved into a town, becoming a merchant and a metalsmith. She continued to work in and around the town, moving to become a Red Maiden in the 800s CE and remaining one until the 1000s CE. She became a stateswoman, an aristocrat and a landowner. She treated those under her well, giving them high living standards for the time. She retained her wealth when she became a foreign travelling Red Maiden, mercenary and explorer in the 1200s to the 1500s, returning to Versilia after three centuries of exploration. Her arrival home was silent and unannounced, but she was granted an estate by the royal family. She lived in this estate for the ensuing centuries, living off the payoff of investments, loans, successful exploration missions and technological advancements. She filled her estate with artefacts, from Saigon to London to St. Augustine.

Akeldama has been a highly supported monarch since her coronation, maintaining the loyalty of her foreign subjects.

Early Life

    Akeldama was not born or created like normal persons. Akeldama Rothsgor was directly created, in an unknown dimension, by Kremvh, the Eldritch god and creator of the universe-cluster that make up Versilia and their parallel worlds. Akeldama first awoke on the archipelago of Versilia, under a tree with silver bark and bright red leaves. She awoke to a new moon in the nighttime sky, the sounds of bats in the sky and wolves skulking the woodlands. Akeldama wandered aimlessly throughout her early life, living off the land and sleeping in natural groves and dark areas when she was tired. After a couple hundred years on her own, she was discovered by a roaming band of nomads. They took her in and cared for her, the elderly shaman of the tribe taking Akeldama as her adopted daughter. Some time later, the tribe had all perished from a variety of natural causes, some animal attacks and other disease. Akeldama was left alone once more.

    The young Rothsgor wandered more and more, staying in villages and taking on odd jobs until she had to move onwards. Sometime in the early 200s CE, she had matured enough to take on a spouse. She was still childlike at the time, despite being around 800 years old. She and a young townguard had met and felt like they were a match. He even proposed marriage after 2 years into their relationship, which she accepted. The town guard had died of a bear attack 2 weeks after his proposal.

    Akeldama moved on, finding a town she liked and settled there. She spent her time her as a metalsmith and merchant, staying there for about 600 years, watching the city grow and mature.

    In the 800s, Akeldama became a Red Maiden, a sort of religious prostitute. She sold her body for treasure and money, gradually making a name for herself and making more and more money, her prices rising. She gave most of her money to charity and the poor, as ordained by the Red Maidens.

    Once the millennium rolled around, Akeldama became a stateswoman and a landowner, making sure to treat her subjects and those who lived on her lands well. She had a high amount of approval as a stateswoman, some even left everything they had to move into her domain.

    In the 1200s to the 1500s, Akeldama was an explorer. She gained her own ship in the 1400s. She sailed to Kamchatka, Nippon, China, Korea, SE. Asia and even up to N. America. She met and traded with locals, using her services as a former Red Maiden to earn more money and information from people. She brought back knowledge, mythology and all sorts of nifty little treasures, much of which she still keeps in her estate to this day.
    Akeldama’s travels took her to mainland Eurasia as well, where she again traded and earnt jewels and valuables.

    Akeldama sailed home one last time, selling off her ship and living in her new estate granted to her by the royal family. She spent the rest of her years in her estate and surrounding areas, happily enjoying the pleasures brought by her high amounts of wealth and treasures. She researched technology and learnt other skills at her leisure, thriving on the income of paid back loans, investments and more. As the Personification, she didn’t have to pay any taxation.

Life Before Leadership and Rise to Power


Personal Information

    Rothsgori-Lucifer Manor entrance

    As Monarch, Her Majesty lives a very luxurious life. She enjoys the best blood, cakes, silks and everything due to her status and position.

    She resides jointly in the Rothsgori-Lucifer Estate and the home of her husband in UIJ.

    Front Room

    Akeldama’s life is filled with love and intimacy with her husband. She regularly enjoys time with him, even if it’s just a small date.
    Her Majesty plays games, reads and oversees genetic experiments when she’s not doing her work.


    Akeldama's mansion, officially named the Rothsgori-Lucifer Estate, is located a few kilometres from Yahanam. It is large and grandiose, with her home also being surrounded by a thick forest and even stretching into a mountain pass. Her home has everything she needs: storage, guest rooms, library, office, magic rooms, laboratories, armoury, smithery, alchemical room, etc. She also has an underground garage, pool, enchanting room, hot spring and even her own tiny bund (temple). Akeldama has a throne in her mansion, which she sits on when she's bored.


    A large cave system exists underneath her estate. Many bats live down there.
    Her home is always scented with the smell of herbs, plants, dew or anything of her desire.

    Main Bathroom

    Living on the estate is her pet deathclaw, Mal. Mal has grey skin, with orange eyes. He stands 7 to 8ft tall.

    Dining Room

    LinkMontague, Akeldama's personal caretaker and butler, lives in the Rothsgori-Lucifer Estate, catering to her every need or desire.

    Akeldama’s Personal Car

    Akeldama drives an Anglish car, gifted to her by a rather dapper gentleman. This gentleman is who you ask? Why, only Sir Lowell Horne, one of Angland’s most esteemed Lords and Knight of the Garter. Unfortunately, due to her short stature she has to adjust the seat every time she drives so she can even see above the wheel.

    Throne Room

  • Likes: Most types of music, humour, tea, trade deals, dank memes, video games, Montague, time with Mal, gentlemen, anime/manga, recycling, science, occult rituals, knowledge, big (f****ng) weapons, hats, saunas, snazzy uniforms, cats, tentacles, Brytish (British) music from the '80s, baking, gaining more resources, taking nightly walks, sexytimes.

  • Dislikes: Knobheads, beer and other alcohol (minus wine and vodka), Corporatism, Neo-Liberalism, misogynists, 'morality police', Conservative Islam/Christianity/Judaism, Concentration camps, edgy wackos, honour killings, persecution of LGBT+ persons, blasphemy laws, Imperialism, rats and rodents, waste, dirty streets, slums, other stuff.

  • Hobbies: Taking walks in the woods at night, having breakfast in cafés, weaving, baking cakes, travelling, relaxing in saunas or hot springs, reading, hoarding books, gems, unique items, weapons, armour, basically anything; sleeping.

  • Weapons: Mr. Shovel, LinkM-11 Royal.

Other Information

  • Nationality: Versilian

  • Ethnicity: Versilian

  • Race: Homo nosferatensis noctivagus

  • Blood type: AB+

  • Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Gender: Female

  • Bust-Waist-Hips: 88-63-96cm/35-25-38in

  • Weight: 49.4 kg | 109 lbs

  • Height: 148 cm | 4’ 10”

  • Abilities: As Akeldama is a Vampire, she has access to many abilities. Her main abilities are Vampiric and include wing manifestation (and in extension, flight), claw retraction, hanging upside down, blood-drinking, supernatural condition, blood flow vision and enhanced night vision. Akeldama also is partially Typhon and ghoul, and thus has access to their respective abilities. She has bikaku and rinkaku kagune.
    Akeldama is an adept Mage and magic user, and can use spells on the fly.

    Applicable Tropes
    Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire, Hemo Erotic, Our Vampires Are Different, Stronger With Age, Vampires Are Sex Gods, Daywalking Vampire, Combat Pragmatist, Little Miss Badass, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Waif-fu, Really Seven Hundred Years Old, Immortality Bisexuality, Healing Factor, Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke, Bio-Augmentation, Immortal Immaturity, Living Forever Is Awesome, Petite Pride, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Magic Eater, Best Known for the Fanservice, Lesbian Vampire, Bi the Way, Kiss of the Vampire, Horror Hunger, Luminescent Blush, Dark Magical Girl, Tsundere, A-Cup Angst, I Didn't Mean To Turn You On, Moe, Cosplay Otaku Girl, Zettai Ryouiki, Who Wears Short Shorts, She's Got Legs, Workout Fanservice, Royals Who Actually Do Something, Blue Blood, Authority Equals Asskicking, Action Politician, All Nation’s Are Super Powers.

    Did You Know...?

  • Akeldama's immortality rubs off on animals and non-human beings. Humans and other vampires do not get to enjoy her immortality themselves.

  • Other Vampires and Akel's friends have given Akel some nicknames over the years. Akelly, Little Bathory, Draculoli, Vampy and Little Fangs are the most used ones.

  • As Vampires are simply an offshoot from Homo sapiens, Vampires can enjoy normal food perfectly well. Akeldama loves blood-flavoured ice cream, sponge cake, muffins, hot chocolate and Galaxy chocolate cake. Aside from desserts, Akeldama particularly enjoys horsemeat, elephant meat, ramen, rhinoceros steak and smoked fish. Her favourite fruit are apples and grapes.

  • Akeldama commonly sleeps, swims and prays au naturel.

  • Akeldama goes through heats on a monthly basis, like a menstruation cycle. Heats last anywhere from 2 days to a week. Heats are exactly what you think they are.

  • The meaning of Rothsgori, Akeldama's surname, is known only to a few people. The reason why this is the case is unknown, but it's a guarded secret. The meaning of the name is Scarlet/Crimson Devil, in Old Versilian. The i at the end is a sign she's married, as is are normally added to unique surnames such as hers.


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Big thanks to Kirislavia and Escocaria for giving me the means to form this format. You two are awesome!