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Akeldama Rothsgor, Personification and Monarch of Versilia

Akeldama Rothsgor - Goleyiik Geimu (National Personification) and Queen of Versilia

True Name: Versilia/Vershey
Spouse/Significant Other: None
Children: Kyuinhagga and Maricosa
Age: 21 (Physical Age); 2400+ (Actual/Nation Age)
Birthday: 5 October
Place of Birth: Seyvot Prefecture
Race: Personification, Homo nosferatensis noctivagus

Current Position:

  • National Personification of Versilia

  • Monarch of the Versilians

  • Commander-In-Chief of the Royal Versilian Military


  • Needless to say, Akeldama has been to many, many educational centres.

Past Positions:

  • Orphan (600BCE - 291CE)

  • Pindarrtaffirsk Concubine (296 - 628)

  • Pindarrtaffirsk Warlord (631 - 859CE)

  • Tirraki Maid (863 - 991)

  • Red Maiden (994 - 1175)

  • Priestess (1176 - 1347)

  • Red Maiden (1350 - 1673)

  • Fisherwoman and fishmonger (1673 - 1731)

  • Foreign-Travelling Red Maiden (1731 - 1918)

  • Spy (1918 - 1936)

  • Baker (1936 - 1940)

  • Journalist (1940 - 1943)

  • Coast Guard (1943 - 1948)

  • International Relations (1948 - Current)

Allegiance: Versilia, friends
Political Party: None
Religion: Versheyetseyvot

Background & Description(s)

The National Personification and Monarch of Versilia is Akeldama Rothsgor. She has been the National Personification of the Islands ever since the first settlers came to them, which was about 2400 years ago, in 600 BCE. She first came into being after hearing the voice of Kremvh, the patron god of Versilia. Akeldama awoke under a tree in what would later become Seyvot Prefecture, near where the Ioharkur (great flying beasts that led the earliest Versilians to their new home in Versilia) had brought the early Versilians to the shores of their new land.

As time went on, the Versilian peoples spread throughout the islands, founding cities, fortresses, ports, mines and much more. They all kept connected with their faith and through the Ioharkur, who were considered divine beings sent by Kremvh to guide the Versilians. Akeldama herself journeyed a lot, keeping tabs on the city states and newly born queendoms and kingdoms of Versilia. She kept on with this for millennia, until the Ioharkur disappeared in the early 200s of CE/AD. Akeldama thus had a greater challenge keeping the people united, and much of it was in vain, for wars and rebellions soon became commonplace all across the islands.

Later on, near the end of the 3rd Century, Akeldama became a concubine to a Pindarrtaffirsk Chieftain. The Pindarrtaffirsk were horse-riding, nomadic bandits and fragile collection of tribal families, similar to the Mongols of the Eurasian Steppes and the very early Hungarians. She remained a concubine until around the year 628, where she finally became free once more and was a simple metalsmith. She rose to become a Warlord in 631, staying as one until the 800s.

(- History: To be continued -)

Nowadays, Versilia is a very casual and fun person. She enjoys many things and loves trade deals, along with gathering resources and practically hoarding them. Although, she can be formal and polite when she needs to.
She has a great many friends, most of whom aren't even nations. She is friends with Cameron Avery (VP of The Slightly Socializt Community of The Holy Empire of the Spaghetti Monster), Satan Satano (Leader of The Benevolent Dictatorship of UIJ), S-039 (Leader of The Paramilitary Republic of Wobbegong), and many more. Her 'favourite' people out of the personifications she knows are: Italy, Germany, Canada, Russia, the Nordics, Hungary, Lichtenstein, China, Japan, Romania and England.

Since 2nd of August, Kremvh has revised much of Versilia through his divine power. These changes included making Akeldama the leader.

Akeldama's mansion is large and grandiose, with her home also being surrounded by a thick forest and even stretching into a mountain pass. Her home has everything she needs: storage, guest rooms, library, office, magic rooms, laboratories, armoury, smithery, alchemical room, etc. She also has an underground garage, pool, enchanting room, hot spring and even her own tiny bund (temple). Akeldama has a throne in her mansion, which she sits on when she's bored.
A large cave system exists underneath her estate. Many bats live down there.
Her home is always scented with the smell of herbs, plants, dew or anything of her desire.

Also living on the estate, is her pet deathclaw, Mal. Mal has reddish-grey skin, with orange eyes. He stands 7 to 8ft tall.

LinkMontague, Akeldama's personal caretaker and butler, lives in the Rothsgor Estate, catering to her every need or desire.

Akeldama has a sister of sorts, named LinkAmadleka. She was created in an experiment to see if a personification could be cloned, about 500 years ago. She's been in hibernation for the last 200 years, and a little while ago, she was connected to computers to educate her and update her on the world's status.
She's recently awoken, and lives with her sister at their estate.
Amadleka is 132cm/4'4" and 33kg/73lbs, with a three sizes of B63/W48/H61.

Political Views

Akeldama tries to not affiliate with global ideological organisations, as she believes in some parts from completely opposing ideologies. She believes in a benevolent state, but also a small-ish one and supports cultural modification programmes to remove prejudices and unneeded stigma for things she considers personal, such as sexual orientation, gender, racial and cultural affiliation, and religion.
Akel supports forms of eugenics, socialist welfare, libertarian independence, venture capitalism and starting one's own business, technocratic rule and democracy, and others.

When it comes to religion, Akeldama is strongly Kremvhist and is firm in her faith. She loathes the destruction of pagan and native faiths. She supports the revival of Native American, Celtic, Baltic/Finno-Ugric/Nordic Pagan and other faiths.

Economically, Akeldama is a Social capitalist. She believes in trade and business, but also strongly believes in a welfare system and dislikes laissez-faire economics. She believes in Germany's mittelstand, where small and medium enterprises are the large norm. Corporatism is something Akeldama despises.

In the area of civil rights, Akeldama is quite liberal. She believes one is free to do as they wish, provided they do not harm another (mentally or physically), or commit dangerous acts against the common people. Pro-choice, LGBT+ rights and capital punishment are supported by Akel. She also supports feminism, but denounces the feminism of today's time, stating they're 'being intentionally blind to the mistreatment of women in other parts of the world, ignoring the backwards countries' enslavement of women'. She's against what feminism is doing in Europe and North America, but openly supports it in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Russia. She's especially against the Political Correctness of today's society, believing it having gone too far to protect the feelings of those who need to be criticised.

Free speech is something Akel believes in, but she believes communal harmony must be maintained over the individual's right to speech. This includes discouraging 'hateful' groups from rallying.
Akeldama believes in victimless crimes. This means she believes you're free to use drugs, drink and smoke: in your own home. Outside, it is illegal to smoke tobacco except in designated areas. Alcohol is allowed in public and on the streets but it is socially frowned upon in her desired world. Same goes for soft drugs.
Akel believes in one's right to own guns, but only for sport and defence of the nation. Other than that, she disapproves of it.

Militarily, Akel is non-interventionist. She prefers to keep to herself and the country she both leads and personified neutral in war and only really helps when the mutual enemy is weak.

Above all else, Akeldama values education and science. Everything else comes after.


  • Frequently drinks tea, sometimes audibly.

  • Very much enjoys head scratches/head pats.

  • Teases/tempts, intentionally or not.

  • Hoards various objects.

  • Gives nicknames to friends, whether they like them or not.

  • Will lapse into Versilian language on occasion.

  • Sleeps in the nude when at home.

  • Her favourite blood types are AB and O.

  • Versilia's eyes change randomly between blue and red. It's unknown how this happens, but is believed to be due to her genetic modifications of both herself and her people. It's also possibly related to her mood, with her cold and silent side having blue eyes and the rest being red.

Other Information

  • Nationality: Versilian

  • Ethnicity: Versilian

  • Blood type: AB+

  • Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Gender: Female

  • Bust-Waist-Hips: 79-45-80cm/32-18-32in

  • Weight: 37kg/82lbs

  • Height: 4' 10"/148cm

  • Vehicles: LinkAthelard, LinkLucy

  • Residence: Versilia lives in a mansion located on the outskirts of Seyvot Prefecture. When on state business, she temporarily resides at Junahrol Palace.

  • Likes: Most types of music, humour, tea, trade deals, dank memes, video games, Montague, time with Mal, gentlemen, anime/manga, recycling, science, occult rituals, knowledge, big (f****ng) weapons, hats, saunas, snazzy uniforms, cats, tentacles, British music from the '80s, baking, gaining more resources, taking nightly walks, Red Vs. Blue (web series), RWBY (web series), Roosterteeth (YouTube channel), walking in forests, playfully insulting fellow nations, replacing America's burgers with vegetarian burgers, putting salt in the sugar container in England's house, saying 'Istanbul is Constantinople' to Turkey while he sleeps, and strangling Denmark.

  • Dislikes: Knobheads, beer and other alcohol (minus wine and vodka), Alt-Right, Corporatism, the failure of the Boxer Rebellion, Neo-Liberalism, misogynists, 'morality police', Saudi Arabia, Conservative Islam/Christianity/Judaism, Stalinism, Concentration camps, Chechnya, Supreme Authority, The Imperial Regions of Commerce, Wealthatonia, The kreucian empire, edgy wackos, honour killings, persecution of LGBT+ persons, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence, Abrahamic theocrats, blasphemy laws, Imperialism, rats and rodents, waste, dirty streets, slums, other stuff.

  • Hobbies: Weaving rope, sewing, listening to music, playing music, science, time with Mal, hunting, shooting large guns, going for night walks, Certain other 'things'.

  • Versilia has two weapons: Mr. Shovel, and an LinkM-11 Royal, given to her by Satan for her birthday!

  • Themes: LinkTheme, LinkCombat Theme

  • Abilities: Versilia has quite a few abilities. Notable ones include: her kagune (bikaku and rinkaku), Psyker and Typhon abilities (telepathy, Linksuperthermal, LinkMindjack, LinkPsychoshick, telekinesis, Linkmimic matter, LinkKinetic blast), magic, Linkclaw retraction (she is able to retract and extend her finger and toe nails into sharp claws, which have served her well as surprise weapons) and Vampiric abilities (manifesting wings, hanging upside down, blood-drinking, etc.)

  • Perks: LinkMoonlit Waters, Dominate, Wassail, Blood Knight, Eyes of the Moon, Tooth and Claw, Night of the Wolf, Vicissitude, Daywalker, Tainted Bloodline, Dragon at Midnight, Night Cloak, Wings of the Strix, Echolocation, Mist Form, Court's Chef, White Wolf, Psychic Vampire, Amaranth, Fountain of Youth, Celerity, Unearthly Will, Exsanguinate, Starving Artist, Make Them Beautiful, Auspex, LinkSeeker Of Shadows, LinkScholar's Insight, LinkMora's Boon, LinkBlack market, LinkSecret of Arcana, LinkDragonborn Force.

  • LinkTropes: Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire, Hemo Erotic, Our Vampires Are Different, Stronger With Age, Vampires Are Sex Gods, Daywalking Vampire, Combat Pragmatist, Little Miss Badass, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Waif-fu, Really Seven Hundred Years Old, Immortality Bisexuality, Healing Factor, Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke, Bio-Augmentation, Immortal Immaturity, Living Forever Is Awesome, Petite Pride, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Magic Eater, Best Known for the Fanservice, Lesbian Vampire, Bi the Way, Kiss of the Vampire, Horror Hunger, Luminescent Blush, Dark Magical Girl, Tsundere, A-Cup Angst, I Didn't Mean To Turn You On, Moe, Cosplay Otaku Girl, Zettai Ryouiki, Who Wears Short Shorts, She's Got Legs, Workout Fanservice.

Personal Relations

  • The Benevolent Dictatorship of UIJ - Satan: "Satan is a thoughtful, wise and funny man, if a bit cynical and rude at times. He's shown care for me quite a lot, particularly enjoying my catlike nature and responses to headpats, my greatest weakness. Satan and I regularly conduct business together. Satan and I are in a relationship and so far I'm loving it. He's such a big softy and utterly adorable at times!

    Satan had helped me many times in the time I have spent at the Hangout, and is a good source of entertainment, and the occasional words of wisdom. Satan gave me his old M-11 Royal rifle as an early birthday gift. It makes me feel good that he trusts me enough to have it."

  • The Paramilitary Republic of Wobbegong - S-039: "Spartan is a kind, generous, charming, gentlemanly and thoughtful man. He's always trying to be there when I need someone, for whatever reason, and tries his best to be both a good host and guest whenever we meet. He's charitable, sending foreign aid to those in need when it's clear there will be no nearby benefits or things in exchange for this. Spartan is amongst my favourite people.

    Spartan is, unfortunately, not looked upon fondly by others at the Hangout. They constantly belittle him and talk behind his back, going so far as to actually make attempts on his life. It's sickening, honestly, and I wish it were different. If only for Spartan's sake."

  • The Slightly Socializt Community of The Holy Empire of the Spaghetti Monster - Pres. Will Cannon/Vice Pres. Cameron Avery: "Will and Cameron are real good friends in my opinion. They're amusing, Will is polite, Cameron is daring and quite... hmmm... let's say, fanatic in his Liberal views. Will is nearly the same. They both have their flaws, but they're good intentioned people I think. They could use some improvements, though, mainly in acquiring a stiff upper lip and reserving themselves."

  • The Union of Lazurania - Lazurania: "Lazi is a good friend. He gave us our first colony, and an entire planet. We assisted him during his war against the Helghast Union. We've also enjoyed many times together in the past."

  • The United Empire of Carmonia - Empress Luna XII: "I don't really know anything about her, so my opinion is reserved."

  • The Free Land of Arctica-Aleutia - Wyatt Wizzard II: "Wyatt is a good and kind man. A bit nave and idealistic, but he's someone you can rely on."

Bonus Images:

  • +OP War stats
    +OP Health
    +OP other stats
    OP pls nerf bungie

  • A Bit Of Backstory
    Akeldama got her collection of nun outfits from Italy, back in the early days of the 1900s. Italy has always been kind to Versilia, with Italian sailors being the best treated in Versilia except from East and SE Asians, who got special treatment.
    Italy gave the outfits to her when he spotted her reading a book on European manners and etiquette. The childish Italy handmade the outfits and presented them to Akel as a gift of friendship. Akel was surprised, to say the least, but didn't have the heart to reject the gift.
    Since then, Akel had been known to occasionally pray to Kremvh wearing these garments, which she has personally kept together and tirelessly repaired over the last century.
    Romano, Italy's southern brother, made her a cross and rosary beads. She's also kept this item dear to her heart, though she isn't Christian.

    Here and then, Akel wears the outfit just for old time's sake and likes to jumpscare Protestant country personifications wearing it.