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Versilian Military (WIP)

The Versilian Royal Armed Forces


Motto: -
(Serve, protect, our nation, Versilia)

Personnel: 1,000,000
-Active: 400,000
-reserve/in cryo: 600,000

HQ Location: Sōtuta

Royal Versilian Army
Royal Versilian Navy
Royal Guard
The Institute of War Animals and Hollowing
Numerous Paramilitary groups

Military Commanders:
- Commander In Chief: Queen Akeldama Rothsgori Lucifer I
- Minister of Defence: Rohann Senemon Goebbels
- Flagship AI: Athelard
- Generalissimo: re Savonmon Mareka
- Admiral of the Fleet: Retasa Mimimon Katao
- Marshall of the Guard: Teri Kurumon omi
- Sadarede-Temma: LinkTen Katewa

Establishment: 19th April, 1457

The Versilian Royal Armed Forces is the sword and shield of Versilia, protecting the nation, its interests and the people whom call Versilia home.

The Versilian Royal Armed Forces was formally established in the year 1457, over two centuries since the nation's founding. Ever since it was founded, it has been a well-respected and fierce piece of Versilian society. The military is known to be supported by almost everyone. This support is noticeable, but not as noticeable like in the United States of America.

The military is fairly advanced, very skilled and specialized. The modern standard uniform of the Army is quite standard, but practical. Different camouflages for different environments. Urban and black (Tactical) are the most common. Every soldier is issued grenades, with sidearms optional.
The weapons of the armed forces are made with modern materials and are commonly enchanted with an enchantment of the user's choice. Armour-piecing, incendiary (which is rare, as this causes unnecessary pain), explosive and better accuracy are but a few examples of the possibilities.

The uniforms of the military are all made of special alloys, plastics and nanofibers to protect them from small-arms and shrapnel.

The main demographic of the armed forces is that of male clones. These clones are genetically modified to be stronger, faster and essentially better in all ways to their bred counterparts.
Clones are tried and tested in live-combat areas called crucibles. Here, they put their learnt skills to the test.
Cloned soldiers have the knowledge of warfare, tactics, weapon maintenance and everything they need to know implanted into their minds during their development in vats.
Clones are given genes and abilities that would improve their combat ability. Kagune are standard, with specialized soldiers having a type best suited to them.
The Ministry of Defence likes to maintain a strong reserve force, but only keeps 400,000 of the enlisted troops active at any time unless a large scale war is imminent.


A Versilian soldier

The Royal Versilian Army is the main fighting force in Versilia. It has the second largest amount of combat troops, as well as non-combat.
They're very well trained, as is natural for Versilian clones, which the vast majority of soldiers are.

The Army is made up of the mechanised divisions, artillery, ground troops, medics, engineers and everything else you'd see in a modern military.

Along with the basic infantry, there are a large number of marines and special forces. Though infantry are the majority, there's not that much of a gap between the numbers of marine-trained troops and infantry. The Versilian Kyoshīnse, the Versilian equivalent to the USA's Navy SEALs, are very skilled and employ the best genetic and neuromods available to the military programmes. 'Kyoshīnse' is a portmanteau of Kyoshītere - the Versilian word for 'exalted' - and Sengrui (the plural of 'warrior').

The Army was formed at the same time as the whole military, about 600 years ago. It had been quite the influential force in Isolationist Versilian politics, with generals and other high ranking officials very wary of the Imperialistic European powers that took holdings all over the world.

The military is focused upon defence and resilience. Artillery and fortification are the military's strongpoints, and it definitely shows this in its intense fortification of its territories.

If one were to want to join the Army, they must go through a series of standardised testing. Orphans and the homeless can find easy work or a job in the Army, and orphans are very commonly recruited at an early or very early age into Military Academies located around the country. In many cases, those who pledge their eternal service to the nation and Kremvh are genetically changed so they're on par with their cloned cousins, at least on the physical level.

The schooling system is pretty connected to the cadet and scout programmes in Versilia, and we have a pseudo-national service in place to train our citizens to survive in a warring environment and to act as partisans should Versilia ever fall or be invaded. This has been opposed by many people, but the government is optimistic this will engineer a new generation of skilled and loyal people.
People are encouraged to keep their training weapon once they have finished their service, much like in Switzerland. This has led to a booming gun culture.

The metal parts in the Army's weapons are made of a special alloy that was created by the greatest Royal Magi-smiths. The rest is either a type of plastic or some other synthetic material that Versilia utterly refuses to tell what's in it and how it's made. This gives Versilia a monopoly on the special material, and earns a lot of money from the sale of it due to high demand.

Every soldier is issued grenades and occasionally a sidearm. Daggers/knives are issued to every recognized soldier.

The Army is led by Generalissimo Mareka.

Air Force

The Air Force isn't a separate branch of the military, but rather is an extension of the Navy, the largest branch.

The aerial forces is made majorly of drones and other remote-controlled vehicles. Helicopters and interceptors, the most common aerial vehicles are almost always remote-controlled or run on an advanced AI system.
The aerial forces have six strategic bombers, though they're rarely brought out to fight, well, ever. They're simply sitting in their hangers, being kept up to date until they're needed.

Versilian aircraft is largely focused on efficiency, stealth, and precision. Bombers are silent and small (for a modern bomber anyway), and although this makes them unable to carry much load, they're faster and more precise than what their larger predecessors could ever be. This is what all of Versilia's aircraft is like. Small, fast, and deadly...

The S-89, Versilia's main interceptor, follows the 'small, fast, deadly' way of innovation to a T


The Royal Versilian Navy is Versilia's largest branch, as Versilia is an island nation.

Versilia's navy wasn't very large, and even barely existed prior to the 1800s. This is because Versilia very much kept to itself and rarely went out into the world.
By the time the First Global Conflict came around, the Navy still wasn't large and was hit hard by the Republican invasions. Though they were later repelled, it wasn't until the 1960s when Versilia's navy was at a good amount of power. Since then, the navy has constantly built up its numbers, following a superior firepower and ship-disabling ability over that of large ships save for aircraft carriers.

Known to crowd around the home islands, the navy doesn't interfere much in world affairs.

The navy has a large supply of helicopter-carrying ships, along with destroyers and cruisers. Amphibious-landing craft is common to see in naval harbours, awaiting use in war.

The larger ships, such as the Okāsera-Nue, are Versilia's pride and joy. They're normally equipped with artificial intelligence systems, to help the crews and captain in various matters.

Royal Guard

(LinkThe tune which the Royal Guard uses)

The Royal Guard are the elites of the elites. They're the grandest protectors of royalty and highly ranked individuals. And they show it, too.
The RG has the best resources, the best training, and the best looking ladies and men in uniform.

They're everywhere even remotely close to a noble or highly ranked officer's residence, and their troop count is the third highest numbering branch in the military.

Another cultural thing tied to the Royal Guard, is the formation of harakiēyu (combination of the Russian word for urban and the Versilian word for town, or village). Harakiēyu are sectors within cities governed almost exclusively by the Royal Guard. Some are official, others, not so.

There are two classes of Royal Guards. There are the: Yūgureōwosa and the Unbound.

The Yūgareōwosa is what the bulk of Guards are part of (including the Marshall of the Guard).

The Unbound are the guys who stealthily track you almost everywhere you go, note down your habits and favourite places to go, and then kill you suddenly when you're alone...
Oh, and Unbound agents could be anywhere, at any time. They're believed to have day jobs, where they act out identities so they will not be identified as agents from the start. They could be the local priest, butcher, an international businessman, or even a Red Maiden. Unbound also have no standard uniform, only a seal they hide and protect with their lives.

The Guardsmen and Guardswomen of the Royal Guard wear highly protective armoured suits, made by Versilian military companies. They mainly use guns, but swords and shields are used. Their guns are normally made with the best materials and the Techno-, and Magi-Smiths make these weapons and armour able to last extremely long. The armour does not rust, and is fairly light for something of its size. Their armour is able to shrug off bullets fired from most low-calibre rifles, although armour penetrating is still a major problem that the government is trying to fix.
Guns are the same used by the Army.

The Royal Guard has a majority of female troops and officers, as has been tradition ever since the Royal Guard was founded.

The current Marshall of the Guard is Teri Kurumon omi, a descendent of many Royal Guards. Her Linkarmour and weapon is unique, and much more well-made and powerful than her subordinates'.

Teri Kurumon omi was born in Sōtuta, the military centre of Versilia. She and her family have been in the Guard ever since its inception. Her older sister, Hari Kurumon omi, is a veteran sailor of the 20th and 19th centuries.

The 16th century Matriarch of House omi, LinkVeru Garudemon omi, is possibly one of the most glorious of the omi in history. She led the Royal Guard into the future, putting it on its path to become one of the greatest personal Guards in history...

Institute of War Animals and Hollowing

The Institute of War Animals and Hollowing, commonly abbreviated to IWAH or simply referred to as the 'Institute', is the government-sanctioned organization responsible of the breeding, taming and usage of dangerous and genetically engineered creatures as weapons of war.

They deploy certain methods known only to those in or close to the Institute in taming and directing of creatures and monsters to attack specific targets and ignore friendlies as prey.
The usage of the controversial ritual known as 'Hollowing' is one of the reasons for the animals' obedience.

Creatures that are used by the military and supplied by the Institute are always genetically enhanced versions of their kin or beasts created by the scientists in the labs of the Institute. These include but are not limited to:

Among the Institute's arsenal that are mostly for research or other purposes are bears, large cats, giant birds and Neolithic beasts.
There's also killer dodos.

The creatures of Hel are submitting to the glory of Versilia, this would've been impossible were it not for those brave men and women in this organization.

The members of the Institute of War Animals and Hollowing wear bodysuits similar to space suits, although they're much slimmer. The ranking system of RIWAH follows a sort of hierarchy. From lowest to highest it goes: Epsilons, Deltas, Gammas, Betas and then Alphas. All members are given scarves designating their rank. Greens are Epsilons, blues are Deltas, reds for Gammas, purples for Betas and gold for Alphas. The Sadarede-Temma, meaning 'Great Tamer', the leader of IWAH, is always an Alpha. The current Sadarede-Temma is Ten Katewa (side image).

Other Organisations of the United Blood Courts

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