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"In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move."

Salutations and good day, I am the user behind the nations of The Islands of Versilia, Kyria, Iransahr, Mashreq and many, many more. I see you’ve decided to take the time out of your (possibly) miserable existence to inspect this half-arsed OOC factbook. Said factbook is here to (hopefully) shed some light on my personal social, political and economic views, ideological standing, preferences and how much I hate coffee. You’ll also find some likes and dislikes here and there. I know it is not much but it should hopefully suffice, at least for the time being. If you have any questions or concerns, do feel free to ask. I am open to all most inquiries. However, I must warn you beforehand that I am on the spectrum and there’s a possibility I might misunderstand something or fail to have a proper argument. I’m horrible at those anyway, so I usually try to avoid them.

Anyway, I hope you have a great day (or night, if it’s night for you...)

Personal Policies

  • Nationalisation of key British infrastructure (rail, energy, etc) + recreation of British Steel, British Telecoms and other victims of Thatcher’s pro-crony divvying up of British industry; related, the retention of strong worker's rights and encouragement of local cooperatives

  • Ban on foreign purchases of British companies and industry

  • Discontinuation of international contracts that would result in prominent U.K. buildings becoming foreign property (e.g. the Shard)

  • Creation of a state automobile company to produce cheap, efficient and economical personal vehicles for the British citizenry and the global market

  • Encouragement of credit union usage by the citizenry over big banking

  • Localisation of unions into independent guild-like associations that can employ the aid of a national organisation when greater financial resources and aid is required against corporate giants like Amazon, McDonald’s and so on; local unions would be free from national bureaucracy and more focused on workers in their local areas; this would compliment the breaking up of monopolies, oligopolies and general trust-busting nationwide

  • Abolition of the Scottish parliament, Senedd and Northern Ireland Assembly in favour of more power to local authorities on the county to borough level; empowerment of hereditary peers, dis-empowerment of life peers and the removal of partisanship from the House of Lords (elevation to the House of Lords removes party membership and ties)

  • Inclusion of volunteer work, community togetherness and projects into the education system, compulsory horticultural lessons for the benefit of youths and future generations, and an emphasis on Christian heritage within schools and other educational institutes

  • Inclusion of further physical education and mandatory exercise sessions in all British educational institutes and incentives for good physical health and levels of fitness for all citizens of the United Kingdom

  • Incentives (most likely financial) for British couples to adopt orphans and other youths in the care system, a reform to the welfare system that better helps one find employment and to serve as a trampoline to get people back on their feet while modifying other aspects to better support the elderly, full-time carers and those incapable of active employment

  • Reforms to the NHS and de-privatisation, better funds for mental health services and the NHS as a whole, discouragement of bad lifestyles (obesity, smoking, and other issues) in education and daily life

  • Offering county contracts first to local, British-owned businesses and syndicates before national or multinational entities

  • Strong environmental protections, the reforestation of the UK, mandating recycling practices, giving financial incentives and tax-breaks to businesses that go full green, encouraging people to buy and/or grow local produce, nuclearisation of the power grid, putting further research into thorium and fusion power, also research into technology that would allow society to actively de-pollute the atmosphere and the planet (e.g. pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and harvesting it or turning it into O2)

  • Harsher foreign policy founded upon gunboat diplomacy, revamping the Trident nuclear programme and ending any remaining threats to British sovereign territory and waters; Russian, Chinese containment would be a strong foreign policy and there will be no velvet gloves when dealing with said tyrannies; Argentina would be forced to retract any and all claims to the Falklands with a gun to its head, indefinitely, as would Spain with Gibraltar

  • Otherwise a greater emphasis on exploiting and enhancing regional power for the mutual benefit of the U.K. and NATO

  • Upgrade the Royal Navy to better tackle modern threats and naval issues

  • Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and the relocation of the British embassy to the city

  • Compulsory permanent settling of the Gypsy populations (Irish and otherwise) alongside criminalisation of nomadism; all Gypsy children would be required to enter public schooling, all eligible persons to enter legitimate employment, and incentivised to assimilate; migrant and self-segregated, unassimilated communities would be similarly broken up as to ensure their swift assimilation

  • Delegitimisation and banishment of Prince Andrew and other national embarrassments from the United Kingdom and seizure of their property & wealth

  • Recognition of organisations and groups aligned with or tied to the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Republic of China as subversive foreign agents inherently incompatible with British society; and the expulsion thereof from all territories under British sovereignty

Feel free to telegram me ideas for more policies!

I support: Khalistani independence, Armenian sovereignty over Artsakh, Scandinavian unification, Baltic unification, Pan-Iranianism, Benelux unification, Central American unification.

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