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As I’m sure you can now know, The Islands of Versilia will be/is undergoing a significant retcon and rework of its canon. As of the 2nd August 2019, I will be redoing the canon and “cleaning house” so to speak. I will be accepting canon suggestions from the community, and would be pleased to receive complements and/or critiques of my new work.

The current basic idea my new canon will follow is thus:

During the early medieval period, a collection of European vampiric houses and mage covens met in secret in the Carpathian Mountains to discuss the future of their peoples, in the hopes of preventing the extinction or death of both vampires and mages in the face of Church-led extermination campaigns across Europe. In these meetings, the mages announced the discovery of an unclaimed series of islands in the far west, beyond the shores of Western Europe. After days of debate, the mages managed to convince the vampire houses to combine their resources with that of the mages’ in an effort to escape Christianity entirely, at least for the near future.

Two years following these meetings, the mage covens and vampire houses (along with their thralls) mounted an exodus, sailing into the Atlantic in search of these islands. After months at sea, the mage-vampire fleet arrived on the shores of an unknown land, establishing the first colonies and gradually colonising the rest of the archipelago over the course of a century. Now safe from Christendom, the mages and vampires thrived, no longer needing to hide and able to live freely. Over the centuries, the mages spies on Europe via magic, learning technologies they otherwise wouldn’t know of, and advancing in technology, the arts and culture along with Europe. By the time of the 1600s, the vampires and mages had formed a single identity, a new nation, known as Versilia, and were more than prepared to fend off European aggression...

So that’s that. If you have any questions or ideas, do telegram me either here or at The Brytish Isles.