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Thaecian Mergers Act


In order to ensure Thaecia's interests are protected while merging with or acquiring other regions

Congress hereby agrees,

Section-A: For a merger to be considered, a vote must be held between the cabinet members of the Government. A majority of votes results in the merger to be considered. However, the Prime Minister holds the power to veto the Cabinet's decision to consider the merger.

Section-B: Once the merger is considered, a vote shall be held in both Thaecia and the merging party. A two-thirds vote in the region will be required to ensure this merger.

Section-C: Any deal of merger must include the following provisions:

i) Thaecia shall retain its name
ii) Thaecia's discord server will serve as the main server
iii)Its constitution and laws will be retained
iv)The RP will remain as it is

Section-D: The Government shall not be allowed to dole out special favours to the merging party. ôSpecial favours" shall be defined as offering any government position that is usually elected by the public, or offering them a promise of leniency for a certain period of time, or offering them any right which is not enjoyed by the Thaecian citizens.Once the merging pary moves into the region, they shall assume the role of a common citizen of Thaecia and shall enjoy all the rights citizens are entitled to.