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Thaecian People’s Party

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

The manifesto and the member list of the party are given below:

Ministry of Home Affairs
-Creation of a Security Intelligence headed by the President to discover any threats to our region. This will be headed by the President and we would like to assure the Security Intelligence will not be used for vengeance on any citizen of Thaecia! Its rule will be purely limited to collecting information about the risks and threats posed to our region. Moreover, the information found will be shared with the Congress and the Courts!

-Creation of a well-informed and well-maintained army which will defend our region in case of any attack and if needed, will help out an ally! The Commander-in-Chief of the Army will be a new post and he/she will be an experienced NationStates player. The army will receive full support from the government in case of logistics gathering and other informations. The Army would also remain free of the Government and the Government will not interfere in any of the affairs of the army

-Creation of a new inter-regional Defence Group with Thaecia as its Head! This will ensure our influence only increases and this Group will have all like-minded regions in it! Being the head of a regional group, we will gain more and more respect and this will be a better investment than trying to reform the Regions Assembly.

-Appointment of an able and well-versed MHA to lead the Ministry! This will ensure the Ministry runs smoothly! A person who has better understanding of the issues concerning the Minister of Home Affairs will be preferred.

-Proper enforcement of the law and will ensure no one gets away if they commit a crime! For this, we will be opening a Complaint Cell which will be dealing any allegations of the breaking of laws and this Cell will ultimately transfer the serious cases to the High Court.

-Will ensure transparency in every action of the government! This will be done by ensuring that any of the people’s request to get access to any of the party information is not rejected.

-Will ensure impartial and just behaviour while taking decisions.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

-Require the Ambassador to one of our allied regions to send a monthly report in which the progress of our relations and their latest happenings should be stated. By this the Government will get updates about the relations with other regions and if deteriorating, the Government will ensure quick actions to repair the relations.

-Require Embassies to be cut with inactive regions unless we have a significant historical moment with them. We should not forget the regions who have helped us in times of trouble.

-A monthly evaluation of all embassies to see if any of our embassy regions have gone inactive! If any region is found inactive, relations must be cut with it! The demolition of an embassy can be vetoed by the President if he thinks we should keep embassies with the region.

-Encouraging inter-regional cultural events or games to take place which will help in strengthening Relationship. This will increase the regional activity and make sure the citizens of the region are entertained.

-Appointment of an able and intelligent citizen to head the ministry, irrespective of their political associations. In order to be elected a MOFA, he/she has to serve in the Diplomat for at least a month! This will ensure credible people are selected to handle this critical post.

-Will save regions targeted by raiders! This will increase our reputation in the global stage and will then talk to those thankful nations to move into this region! This will increase our regional population! Adopting this policy and the open-door policy for refugees will help us overcome the Summer Slump

Thaecian Educational Institute of NationStates

-Creation of a new Educational Institute which will aim to educate the new players of NationStates. This will ensure the citizens of Thaecia are the best learned.

-Successful implementation of it will make many people join our region for learning purposes and will thus result in the increased regional population. New people will be more interested in coming to our region than others as we offer to educate them unlike the other regions.

-The Institute will teach mainly three things: Coding, Recruitment and Administration! More departments will be added as the program progresses. If anyone thinks they have an important knowledge to impart to the citizens, they can tell the Institute to add a class for that.

-The Program will be known as the "Learning Centre of Thaecia"

-Will make us more influential in the NS world

-Will have experienced NS players as its teacher! This will ensure quality education and this quality education will in turn make our members the best learned people in NationStates, God willing!

-The Educational Institute Board will be elected by the people through a NationStates Poll and the Educational Institute will remain free from the Executive Branch.

Parliamentary Affairs:

-Will introduce a reformed Legislature! Under this system, the House of Commons will consist of 15 members who will be elected by the parties and the seats the party will get will be based on the vote-share! For example: a party which gets 25% vote will get 25% of the seats! The Senate will contain of 9 members and the Senate Elections will not be a partisan one! The candidate’s name will be displayed on the ballot and the people will vote directly for the candidate through STV(Single Transferable Vote). This will ensure non-partisan people would also get a chance to serve in the Legislature!

-Will support further reforms to the Bureaucracy if it helps in making it simpler and easier for people to understand.

Role-Playing Affairs:

-Will try to keep the Role-Playing affairs as distinct as possible from the politcs of the region. The RP Board will be free of the Executive Branch.

-The Prime Minister and President together will nominate a person to be the Minister of Role-Playing Affairs! The Minister of Role-Playing Affairs will then be confirmed by the Senate and the House after scrutiny.

- Creation of a RP Council which will take care of the RP affairs! The RP Council will be completely free of the Government and will be able to chart its own course of action.

-Creation of a RP Selection Board which will scrutinise all RP applications which in turn will make sure our RP quality remains intact

Further Pledges:
-Creation of an Awards Scheme to reward the people who have worked hard in ensuring the prosperity of Thaecia

-Will unconditionally support the Government in times of trouble. We feel supporting the Government during the time of trouble is a sensible thing to do instead of criticising the government and initiating an unrest in the region during that time. That will also help in solving problems as soon as possible.

-Will appoint experienced and suitable Ministers, even if that person is a member of the Opposition and a staunch critic of the Government. This will ensure quality bureaucracy and the beneficiary of this will be the citizens of Thaecia.

Rights of Citizens:

-Will support Citizens' rights to Freedom of Speech by enacting laws which will make sure the right remains intact and cannot be tempered with! Statements hurting someone’s religious beliefs, breaking NS laws or statements hurting one’s race, sexuality and gender identity will be discouraged and condemned.

-Will Support Citizens' rights to Freedom of Choice! The Government will not enact any laws which will threaten this right!

-Will ensure law is equal for all.

-Will ensure the citizens’ Right to Information! This will be done by passing a Right to Information Act which ensures that the Government cannot reject a citizen’s request to get information about a certain regional affairs. If the Government lies, the President would be required to fire the Prime Minister and his cabinet and call for new elections!


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