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Crossoverian Armed Forces

Republic of Crossoveria Armed Forces
Republic of Crossoveria Armed Forces

Emblem of the Military


18 August 1954


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Air Force
Coast Guard

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Secretary of Defense

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Total Personnel



9.26 Trillion Crossoverian Rials


Iran-Iraq War
Persian Gulf War
Iraq War
Syrian Civil War
Libyan Civil War
Yemeni Civil War

The Republic of Crossoveria Armed Forces are the combined military forces in Crossoveria, compromising of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

The Crossoverian Armed Forces are among the largest in the region in terms of active troops. Crossoveria's military forces are made up of 500,000 active duty personnel plus 300,000 reserve and trained personnel. These numbers include all branches.

Most of Crossoveria's weapons are manufactured at home in factories, and also manufacture tanks, drones, and armored vehicles, among naval assets and aerial defense systems. According to Crossoverian officials, the country's military hardware is manufactured domestically, but the nation does not exported any arms to anyone other than its allies.

All branches are under the control of the Crossoverian Department of Defense. The commander-in-chief is the Supreme Leader, while the President serves as second-in-command.










After the Crossoverian Revolution, Marie BonAztire founded this military corps. the Armed Forces immediately started conscripting and training men, as they were going to fight alongside Iran in the Iraq-Iran War.

After the war's end, and with the death of many Crossoverian soldiers, conscription became more aggressive, and BonAztire introduced laws that would crack down on draft dodgers.

In 1990, the Armed Forces engaged in the Persian Gulf War to drive Saddam Hussein and his troops out of Kuwait.

In 1997, the Armed Forces were started to get heavily funded by the Crossoverian government, and part of the economy would be based on the military.

In 2003, the Armed Forces helped overthrow Saddam Hussein, the only time they worked with the United States in military conflict.

Starting 2011, the Armed Forces started getting involved in Middle Eastern Civil Wars, including the Syrian, Libyan, and Yemeni Civil Wars. Crossoveria helped the Syrian and Yemeni governments, while they supported the rebels in Libya after the deposition of Muammar Gaddafi, who's government was a strategic alliance of Crossoveria's government.



The Crossoverian Armed Forces is divided into 5 branches: the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. The Army handles land-based operations, the Navy handles sea-based operations, the Marines travels to enemy nations, the Air Force handles air-based operations, and the Coast Guard protects Crossoveria's isle.

Each branch is handled by the Crossoverian Department of Defense, run by Jahseh Stronshard. Stronshard handles humanitarian aid, deals with war-like conflicts, and ensures the stability in Crossoveria and other nations.

There is 1 major general in each branch: Kaiketsu Zorori in the Army, Phillip Woofnbark in the Air Force, Hafez Rodeneck in the Navy, Bashar Loeschorn in the Coast Guard, and Abram Moctis Jr. for the Marines. There are also lieutenants, but they play a small role in the branches.


Crossoveria currently has 500,000 active personnel of Military Forces, and another 300,00 for reserve, so in total, there are 800,000 military personnel in Crossoveria.

Chain of Command
Each branch of the Crossoverian Armed Forces is led by a General. The general's duty is to prepare the military for combat. There will be smaller-ranking generals who lead the army into war, but in a major war, the official generals are the one leading.

The Secretary of Defense, and Crossoveria's Defense Department, manages the Military. They nominate generals to the Crossoverian Army, but the Supreme Leader has to approve the general. The Supreme Leader also serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and the President is Second-in-Command.

The Lieutenant often serves as an advisor or deputy general in the Armed Forces. There are five of them, one lieutenant per branch.

Finally, the soldiers, the army men who fight for Crossoveria, are at the bottom of the chain of command.

Previously, all members of the Armed Forces in Crossoveria were human due to laws that forbade the Anthropomorphic population from signing up for the military. In 2021, that law was abolished, and many Anthropomorphic animals have had high ranking positions in the Army. Kaiketsu Zorori, a fox, become the new Army General, and Filya Woofler, a dog, became the Deputy General of the Air Force.

Aside from Anthropomorphism, most of Crossoveria's Human Military personnel are of Persian, Arab, Turkmen, Turkish, or African descent for the most part. The other four military generals besides Zorori come from one of these ethnic groups.

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