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ACE (military group)

Anti Child Exposure Inc


Motto: For the Glory of Hefflism

Founder:Magnus Reykjavik

Former Leader:Zeeter Saldivar

Date of Operation: 1985 - 2021

Headquarters: Crossoveriapolis, Crossoveria (former)

Ideology: Animal Transformation
Anti-LGBT sentiment
Religious fundamentalism

Size: 350,000 combatants
16M victims

Allied: Crossoveria

Opponents: Cartoonia

Battles and Wars: Crossoveria-Cartoonia Cold War

The Anti Child Exposure Inc (ACE), known to Crossoveria as the National Organization Brought by God, is a former Police Force of Crossoveria. Founded in 1985 by Magnus Reykjavik, it gained prominence in 2020, after Zeeter Saldivar became the Supreme Leader, leading to a "war" with Cartoonia. The ACE is designated as a terrorist organization by Cartoonian officials. The ACE is known for its history of animal transformation almost always conducted on children, its heavy beliefs on modesty, and for its zero tolerance on dissent.

The organization originated in 1985, under the financial support of then supreme leader Marie BonAztire. 34-year old Magnus Reykjavik pledged to make the streets of Crossoveria under the guidance and approval of BonAztire. However, as time went by, the ACE developed into an ideology they believed was under the guidance of Hefflist Gods. This included animal transformation, enforced modesty, and zero tolerance on people who spoke out against them.

In 1996, BonAztire and Reykjavik sent 500 militia to the shores of Acme Falls, Cartoonia. The militia wouldn't be discovered until 24 years later, by military personnel. After the ACE took control over the government of Crossoveria, a cold war between them and Cartoonia started. The cold war, along with the ACE, ended with a coup that deposed and executed Saldivar in early 2021.

Thorough its 35 year reign, 72,000 children were turned into animals, 640,000 anthropomorphics were targeted, and 2.4 million people were killed by the ACE, as this organization was previously managed by the Crossoverian government. The organization oversaw two managers/leaders: Magnus Reykjavik and Zeeter Saldivar. Though Reykjavik has changed his point of views after his resignation in September 2001, Saldivar stuck to her ideals and disrupted normal life for the average Crossoverian.


When the ACE first formed in 1985, it's main goal was to kill as many human rights activists and opponents of BonAztire's regime as possible. After 2001, however, there were more goals for the ACE, and the regime began turning people, mostly children, into animals. On August 12, 1985, Reykjavik called his one month old project an "Anti Child Exposure", which would later become "Anti Child Exposure Inc." "Children" were what the ACE called detractors when Reykjavik was leading the ACE.

Purpose and Ideology

Throughout it's 35-year long activity, the ACE has remained a very Hefflist organization, building on the ideology of Hefflism that humans are the cause of Earth's suffering. The ACE has minted these words into believing that destroying the human race would mean peace among the animals. This was not the original intention, however. Magnus Reykjavik created the ACE as a secret police force, but when Zeeter Saldivar became the leader, she gave new meaning to the ACE, which was to turn as many children as they can into animals and to oppress the anthro.

In 2001, Zeeter Saldivar, the new ACE leader/manager, brought up two more ideologies for the ACE: anti-anthropomorphism and anti-LGBT sentiment. She enforced sentiment on groups of opposes and people who commit blasphemy. Basically, the ACE believed their intentions was for the ideology of Hefflism. Their goal was to have at least 99% of the world's population gone, and when the ACE are left standing, they would end it all for themselves, hoping to have a smile on Ahr Authori's face.


Portraits of the two leaders/managers of the ACE
Magnus Reykjavik
1985 - 2001
Zeeter Saldivar

At the time of its end, the ACE had an estimated 500,000 active members, many of which were thrown in jail. When it first ended, the ACE had 350,000 active personnel. In 2020, the Crossoverian Supreme Leader Marie BonAztire lent some responsibilities to Saldivar.

For the first 16 years of activity, the ACE was led by Magnus Reykjavik, whom, as previously mentioned, was financially supported by foremr Supreme Leader of Crossoveria Marie BonAztire. Reykjavik would build a hierarchy: himself as the leader on top, the commanders on second, the personnel on third, and their victims on the bottom. The commanders are the people who would lead certain areas of Crossoveria and other countries. In 2020, the commanders were Aslan Robjanne Brittany-Anais Hashemi, Moby Alexander Hamilton, and Sandro Vallance.

In 2001, Reykjavik, 50 years old, resigned his position and handed it to 22-year old Zeeter Saldivar, who soon found herself at the top of an organization hierarchy. She would run the ACE for the next 20 years, which would become the scariest period of time for Crossoverian people.


The group originated in 1985, under the leadership of Magnus Reykjavik. On July 14, 1985, Reykjavik, swearing to satisfy BonAztire, created an organization that would take out any detractors. Reykjavik's original intention was to ensure that BonAztire would receive much needed satisfaction.

During the next few years, the Crossoverian military wanted to assist Iran during the Iran-Iraq War. However, the ACE believed that the Supreme Leader of Iran had it all handled. After he died and was replaced, the ACE would continue to assist Iran and its allies in the future.

In 1991, BonAztire passed a law meant to silence any voices of political dissent. By the end of 1994, the numbers of casualties for political opponents went from 500 in its first year to approximately 5000 in the country alone. These numbers would skyrocket to 10,000 under the new wedded husband of the Supreme Leader Waldemar Rochester.

The following year, 500 military personnel were sent to Acme Falls, Cartoonia to experiement on a new technique of animal transformation. BonAztire chose Cartoonia to be the spot of ACE experiement after she discovered that animal transformation would do better if done on cartoons. Reykjavik, believed that children should be the targets, and she agreed, saying "animal transformation on cartoon children would be a blessing to society and Hefflism in general".

When Reykjavik retired in September 2001, more than 15,500 people who disrespected BonAztire were killed, and 50 children were turned into animals. Zeeter Saldivar replaced him and would later bring up new ideologies for the ACE, including appropriate anthropomorphism and encouraged targeting.

The ACE wouldn't start targeting anthropomorphic animals until 2004, when they began purges as ordered by BonAztire against anthros. 6 years later, the Appropriate Animal Attire Act of 2010 came into effect. This new policy not only made it illegal for anthropomorphics to wear human clothing, but it also managed their behavior, activity, and entire lives. The government of Crossoveria sent the ACE to enforce this new policy.

During the Ramadan season in 2013, there were mass protests against the government, and all the protesters were anthropomorphic animals. This led to a meeting where the ACE confronted BonAztire on the issue. After the meeting, and by the end of Ramadan that year, 34 anthropomorphic animals were executed by hanging.

In an interview on November 2016, the ACE's leader Zeeter Saldivar stated that everything the ACE does is in God's will, even if it involved the deaths of several people. The ACE was responsible for the deaths of 250 LGBT members, 75 children, and 1500 anthropomorphics in the Attack on Aumsterdem in August 16, 2018. This was the first attack the ACE conducted that was not planned by the Crossoverian government.

In 2019, Buster Moon, the operator of the infamous Moon Theatre, was arrested for violating the Anthropomorphic Animal Policy and sent to exile. This would prompt the Crossoverian government to ban all koalas and a handful of other anthropomorphic species from wearing human clothing.

2020 became the most infamous year for the ACE. In February 2020, the 500 ACE members that were sent to Acme Falls 24 years before were found by Cartoonian authorities. This prompted Jimmy Kudo, the Supreme Leader of Cartoonia, to send numerous angry telegrams to Supreme Leader Marie BonAztire. After brief threats of war, BonAztire and Kudo agreed to terms. This was not to last, as the ACE, angry that BonAztire would return all members abroad, staged a coup, deposing BonAztire and bringing Zeeter Saldivar into power.

As a result of this, Cartoonia declared war on Crossoveria. The battle took place on the shores of Cartoonia. Though Cartoonia successfully killed several ACE members and won the war, the ACE was able to turn then Chancellor-Elect Nigel Uno into a seal, though this new form was not able to last. The war ended in a temperary stalemate in the summer, but continued in September. At home, Anthropomorphic rights were still severely violated, several children were turned into animals, and political prisoners were eliminated.

The ACE regime came to a very quick end in early 2021 with the 2021 Crossoverian Coup, when BonAztire's husband and military commander Waldemar Rochester successfully dissolved and deposed the ACE from power. Zeeter Saldivar was sent to a max security prison in Jiviny, where she was executed 6 days after her 42nd birthday, and the ACE is no longer active as of March 29, 2021.