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Answers to dumb things said about Northern Ireland on a regular basis.

No, the IRA should not come back, we don't want them now stop asking, that's stupid.

No, Northern Ireland should not be partitioned again, that's stupid.

No, Ireland will not re-join the United Kingdom, that's stupid.

No, Unionists should not leave Northern Ireland for England or Scotland, that's stupid.

No, Nationalists should not leave Northern Ireland for the Republic, that's stupid.

No, Northern Ireland should not have a hard border with the Republic of Ireland for Brexit, that's stupid.

No, Ulster is not British as 1/3 of it is in the Republic of Ireland, look at a damn map.

No, the people of Northern Ireland are not being held under British control against their will, most people here identify as British at the current time and want to stay in the UK.

The People of Northern Ireland and the Republic will decide which nation Northern Ireland belongs to, as we are allowed to do so via a border poll in the Good Friday Agreement which can be held at minimum every 7 years after the first referendum if it does not result in a vote for unification.