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The Unites States of
Right-wing Utopia

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Roleplay Profile for Grande Germania RP Region

After years of gridlock within the Senate and Congress between Left Wing and Right Wing parties, one man rises to power, to hold the most coveted and highest Office in the Homeland, the Presidency of the American Federation. A former successful Corporate Boss, the man Himself is President Ronald D. Rump. After the last election to be ever held in the land, He promptly abolished the useless Congress, rebuilt/stripped away most authority from the Senate, abolished all other parties, and Declared Himself President for the rest of his life, in order to firmly repair the damage to the nation that has been harmed by corrupted politicians.

Now a New Dawn rises over the American Federation. Will our new President survive? Will he quell any and all rebellions within the nation? Can he hold his country together and repel foreign threats? Lets find out.

Loyalty to our President, Long Live the Federation!!!