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The Queendom of
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List of Canon NS Policies and an Explaination on How Said Policies Function Here

  • Monarchy
    Hell is ruled by seven elected monarchs and the parliament. These monarchs each oversee a different aspect of Hell's development and growth, to ensure that everything is taken care of. In practice, this is effectively similar to electing not only a leader, but also all of the members of the cabinet, and said members of cabinet being far more in the public eye.

  • Proportional Representation
    The members of parliament are elected according to proportional representation. E.g. if 40% of the people voted for X party, 40% of the parliament should be from X party.

  • Public Protest
    The right to peaceful protest is recognized and enforced.

  • Term Limits
    Each term for an elected position only lasts so long, and there is a limit to how many consecutive terms an individual person can be elected to a specific office for. However, it is possible for that individual to then serve terms in a different office, and another office after that, before running for the first office again. This does require a lot of public support for that individual person, however; should they lose public favor, a different person will win the office instead.


  • AI Personhood
    Artificial Intelligences are recognized as people, have all the same rights as people, and can apply for citizenship, in which they will be granted all the same rights as any other citizen.

  • Compulsory Organ Harvesting
    In order to ensure there are enough donors, organs which are difficult to recreate artificially are harvested from the dead shortly after death, to use for organ donations. There is no opting out of this. After this is done, the body is dealt with as per the recipient's wishes. Yes, people can die even in the afterlife.

  • Marriage Equality
    Marriage is recognized regardless of gender, sexuality, race, species, or any similar factors, as long as it is between consenting individuals.

Law & Order

  • Capital Punishment
    Used only to deal with individuals beyond the scope of reform. There are enough such persons that this is used to power Hell, and we have a rather long waiting list still.

  • Corporal Punishment
    Extremely rarely used, and only for the most extreme cases. The only people it is ever done to are people who are going to receive capital punishment regardless, and is largely restricted to violent dictators, mass murderers, serial rapists, and the like, who are extremely beyond the scope of reform. Said punishment tends to be brief, usually consisting of being submerged in the LinkPhlegathon, though other punishments have been used in the past.


  • AI Planning
    Our economy functions because everything is automated and run by AI.

  • Cannabis
    Cannabis, and many other drugs, are legal, but regulated for safety.

  • Maternity Leave
    Though childbirth doesn't quite work the same as it would in nature, we do still provide maternity leave.

  • Metricism
    The metric system is used.

  • Nuclear Power
    Hell is powered by nuclear fusion, using the souls of the wicked as a fuel source.

  • Socialism
    Hell uses a form of socialism Linkvery close to what Marx described as fully developed communism, where nobody really needs to work because everything is made by machines, and conventional forms of wealth no longer exist. (People can still work if they want to.) There is still currency and trade, but with electrical power rather than paper or gold, and everyone being given a basic minimum wage of electrical power which is more than enough to live comfortably off of.

  • Universal Health Care
    There is free health care for everyone. This is done by volunteer doctors, many of which are AI.


  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Hell holds the right to produce, stockpile, and use nuclear weapons. We favor hydrogen bombs.