by Max Barry

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The Rise of an Empire.

"It has been found throughout the years of our research that democracy can only lead to one of two things: stagnation and obsession over the unnecessary"
Introductory paragraph of 'The Blessed Lessons',
written by Arch Bishop Rugnale Vrakala. published March 2nd 1931

On the 22 of June 1341 Emporer Vultanix IV was declared deceased, ending not only his reign but also his bloodline. Due to the his justified distrust of peers and the 'Great Purge of 1339'. No body was fit to inherit the claim the Imperial throne of Kertha.
The years to follow were filled with more bloodshed and turmoil this nation has ever known following the complete destruction of his empire.
Who would destroy such a great man's legacy? One may ask. It is not a who, but the very concept of democracy that ripped his lands to shreds even before his bones could set.

Alas, such troubled would be the kindling need to help forge the first Overseer to ever bless our dark lands.The Defender, The Mad, The Tenacious or which ever of the hundreds of title our founder Alke'trias has received over the many decades since her rule.

She brought order to the vile chaos that had infected our lands.!
She brought strength to crush the weakness within our people.!
She brought the very Whispering God to counter their blasphemous democracy!

Upon her inevitable victory she appointed her greatest warriors and most noble of commanders to rule as her choosen Highlords of their lesser empires which were united under her The Overseer of The Grand Empire.
To all those who hold such a title they carry both her will and that of our God and as such they carry absolute and unconditional power to guide all of us to glory, and after centuries we have followed their guidance which has lead to the point where we must throw down our shackles of isolationism and claim the world as rightfully ours.