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LinkBritain's Greatest Tragedy isn't Brexit, but Tossing Her Children to Wolves

"While credited with reviving Britain's economy, Thatcher also was blamed for spurring a doubling in the relative poverty rate. Britain's childhood-poverty rate in 1997 was the highest in Europe.[61] When she resigned in 1990, 28% of the children in Great Britain were considered to be below the poverty line, a number that kept rising to reach a peak of nearly 30% during the government of Thatcher's successor, John Major.[61] During her government, Britain's Gini coefficient reflected this growing difference, going from 0.25 in 1979 to 0.34 in 1990, at about which value it remained for the next 20 years, under both Conservative and Labour governments.[62]"

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Alternate news report: Link

The Sin That Will End The World (link)

LinkAnswer: Veritatis Splendor found in Pope Emer. Benedict XVI 's letter (link)

NEW-MEXICO + AREA 51==> LinkIEREMA C.51 N.W.O. AXE (13 letters - 13 colonies)

CONSPIRACY about 5G, Induced Coma, and the Weaponization of Dreams

CONSPIRACY to clone Jesus Christ and other major religious figures: a sequential deduction

BREAKING NEWS 14/3/19: Return of Gangsterism in Mobile Games and the Normalisation of Criminal Activities

Hi everyone, I have more shocking news to share. After thoroughly reviewing the business models of mobile games (on iStore, Google Play) with, eh, comprehensive hands-on experience, today I have arrived at the irrefutable conclusion that most - 99% or so - of these games involving micro-transactions are in fact evil, and notably, the phenomena known among gamers as the "Paywall" being equivalent to criminal activity.


THE "PAYWALL" describes an observable phenomena where the player is suddenly confronted with a steep spike in game difficulty, which usually causes considerable frustration but can be 'relieved' through the purchase of "power-ups" (boosters), better gears (loot boxes), or hirelings (AI companions).
This is the virtual equivalent of extortion/racketeering where a victim pays gangsters off so they would stop making his life miserable.

LONG WAIT-TIMES for skill training, base construction, exploring for treasure, equipment repairs, etc which can be sped up for a tidy sum of real money.
This is the virtual equivalent of unlawful detention where a victim is confined and loses his freedom to act until he pays a ransom to his kidnappers.

ENERGY/STAMINA SYSTEMS which limit a player's available playtime unless he pays money to extend his allotted time in-game.
This is the virtual equivalent of paying a ransom for stolen property to be returned to the victim, the virtual property being access to the game account and/or the associated game assets therein.


Minimise kids' exposure to these colourful fronts for cheating money lest they grow up thinking these criminal behaviours are normal, even acceptable!

Reference to my previous post on this topic. (RMB p.298)

BREAKING NEWS 25/9/18: LinkThe Vatican and the Men of Lawlessness

LinkAge of the Antichrist is upon us: how banks work to undermine the US Constitution (2nd Amendment right to bear arms)

LinkAge of the Antichrist is upon us: how the bastion of "free internet", Google, undermined freedom of speech and thought

LinkEngland has fallen: CofE Advises Clergy to Use Baptism Rite to Celebrate Gender Transition
LinkEngland has fallen: British PM openly urges former colonies to legalize gay "marriage"
LinkThe churches in U.S. (Epi), Scotland (Epi), and New Zealand (Ang) have fallen
LinkThe Jesuit order has fallen: relativizing the words of Jesus
LinkThe Jesuit order has fallen: 15-minute video exposing the Jesuits' plot to take over the Roman Catholic Church
LinkIn Their Own Words: Homosexuality, the Catholic Church, and the Society of Jesus

LinkThe barn is filling: Why Don't We Care About the Slaughter of Nigerian Christians?
LinkThe barn is filling: The Martyrs of Christianity's Birthplace Have Gone to The Lord

LinkThe Lakes Are Gone: Sea of Galilee/Lake Kinneret will signal the end (REV 21:1)

LinkFor the time will come when they... shall be turned unto fables Link(2 Ti 4:3-4, KJV)
LinkThe Great Apostasy: A statement on the prosperity gospel
LinkThe Great Apostasy: Post-Christian Europe
The Great Apostasy: Extreme Individualism (Forum topic / Locked)

LinkSins from the Past: Sodom, Gomorrah, SWITZERLAND! (Dec 2015)

Reemergence of ancient heresies: cannibalism ■ pelagianism and gnosticism.

LinkLetter Placuit Deo to the Bishops of the Catholic Church, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
( Translation: "God Deems" / "It Pleases God" )

LinkAnd they shall make merchandise of you: The Money Behind Transgenderism

About: Miracle of the Sun and a 10-Second PROOF of Chemtrails Conspiracy

LinkSCRIPTURAM IN PROPIA HABEANT LINGUA ( Translation: "[Let] the Scriptures be owned [in the] language we have" ) | LinkVisitation hypothesis

LinkSigns in the Sun, Moon & Stars

LinkEarthquakes: Understanding The Signs
LinkEarthquakes: Giant crack measuring more than 400 meters appears in Mexico

LinkMYSTERY of Inquity EXPOSED: (Rev 2:20) How the spirit of Jezebel desperately tries to prop-up her failing, idolatrous religions through trickery: the STOMP

applicable to: the hindu 'elephant-god' ganesh, 'buddha's footprint' in sichuan, china; buddhist, sikh, ba'hai & other vegetarian practices (1 Ti 4:3)

LinkRespect for the departed is respect for life

"The decision of the three-judge panel sets dangerous precedent for veterans memorials and cemeteries across America, and we cannot allow it to be the final word," [spokesperson] "If this decision stands, other memorials including those in nearby Arlington Cemetery will be targeted for destruction as well. The American Legion will appeal this case to the U.S. Supreme Court." March 2018, Bladensburg, MD.

Link"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." (Matthew 24:14, KJV)

A preacher who spoke before an estimated 215 million people in more than 180 nations, famed evangelist Billy Graham passed away at age 99, having been in the public light for over 70 years.

Link"And the sea gave up the dead which were in it;" (REV 20:13a): Saturday 3 March 2018, UK
LinkAnd the sea gave up some more dead: Jellyfish Swarm, Saturday 13 May 2018, UK
LinkThousands of dead fish without eyes found washed up on a beach in Pinetamare Italy

LinkGod shall send them strong delusion: When The Holy Spirit 'Elects' A Herectical Pope?

Link"Russia remained a nuclear power, but no one wanted to listen to us. Listen to us now."

The President of the Russian Federation in his state of the nation address: "In the end, if we did nothing, this would render the Russian nuclear potential worthless. They could simply intercept all of it.