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ATGH Space Corps (. . .Work in progress)


The ATGH Space Corps is the newest branch of the ATGH-Defense Forces, it numbers 328,130 carefully selected personnel, or 25 divisions, including officers and administrative staff.
This branch of the defense forces does much for it's relatively small personnel count. in the first decades of it's existence it was constantly underfunded due to continuous "terrestrial" conflicts, and had to rely on the existing tools, talent, and technology of the other services, primarily the Air Corps, in the last couple of decades however, the Armed Technocracy of the Gelseen Hegemony has seen an unprecedented lull in terrestrial and maritime conflicts, this peace and stability has caused branches like the Army, Navy, and Air Corps to shrink drastically, leaving only the Cyber Corps mostly intact, and it was this "freeing up" of national capital and resources that finally allowed the Space Corps to become a self reliant, fully fledged Corps, that no longer has to beg borrow and steal for what it needs to complete it's mission, that is, to expand the reach of the ATGH to The Final Frontier . . . space.

While the other Corps of the ATGH are aptly funded and equipped, Space Corps has been enjoying the lion's share of defense forces spending for the past two decades, just like all of the branches of the defense forces, Space Corps an entirely "volunteer only" force, it is a task unto itself qualifying to be a member of any branch of the defense forces, but the most difficult branch to become a part of is hands down the Space Corps, but while standards are stringent on all levels, the Space Corps is one of two branches of the defense forces that will be expected to flourish in funding, personnel numbers, and strategic importance in orbital weapons/warfare development, as well as inter-planetary exploration and colonization, the second most important branch to these purposes will of course be Cyber Corps.

Current Assets

1X Space Elevator (recently completed)

1X Omnicron Station (the first of five stations planned to be built by the end of the decade)

5X Orbital Weapons Platforms OWP's (a total of 25 are planned to be completed)

5X Inter-Planetary Reconnaissance Space Craft (meant for long voyages through space for colonization and reconnaissance efforts, a total of 25 are to be built)

25X Trans-Facility transport space craft (meant for the purpose of transporting Gelseen Military Cosmonauts to and from orbital military installations, and to the space elevator, a total of 125 are planned to be constructed)

500X Satellites for varying purposes, intelligence gathering, communications, cyber, electronic warfare, ect ect, (a total of 2000 are planned to be constructed)

125X Orbital Refuel/Resupply depots, for usage by satellites, space craft, ect etc, (a total of 500 are planned to be constructed)