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ATGH Air Corps (. . .Work in progress)


Much like their maritime brothers and sisters, the formations of the ATGH Air Corps are divided into "Air Commands", and much like the navy, there are six such commands, five "defensive", and one "offensive", the first of these is Air Command X-ray (26th Air Force) , the aircraft of X-ray command come from the fortified airbases constructed within each of the 100 continental provinces that make up the CRGH, afterwards come Air Command North, Air Command East, Air Command South, and Air Command West, much like the Navy, the aircraft from these commands are meant to engage threats, and patrol the skies above the coastlines and territorial waters of the CRGH, their respective airbases are along the coastlines, and the archipelagos surrounding the continent. The following command is Air Command Pulsar, this air command differs from the other commands in that it fills aggressive international roles, the aircraft in this command either share coastal, or island airbases along with other commands, or are stationed in similar installations of foreign or "allied" nation states. The largest organizational formation in the ATGH Air Corps is the Air Command, each air command is composed of five Numbered Air Forces (NAF's), each NAF is comprised of ten Wings, each wing is comprised of five Purpose Groups, and finally, each PG is comprised of five Squadrons, the squadron is composed of 25 fixed wing hypersonic aircraft of varying purpose. In total, the CRGH controls over 325,000 hypersonic aircraft of varying purposes, be it air superiority, intelligence and reconnaissance , rapid mobility, rapid strike, or command capabilities.