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Overview - The Frenzied Bats and the World of Vein


A post-apocalyptic world torn apart by monsters called Horrors. The existence of the Horrors led to the Great Collapse. Many world governments fell while new ones rose up. Various areas of the world were quarantined as attempts to halt the Horrors' destruction. It is within these quarantined areas that provisional governments were created. Humanity turned to the BOR Parasites to create soldiers. One particular BOR Parasite project lead to the birth of the Queen, a new threat to humanity. Operation Queenslayer was carried out quickly in order to return back to fighting off the remaining Horrors and the Lost.
Despite all of what happened, humanity continued to fight itself as well...

Vampiric Private Military Corporation

In the years after Operation Queenslayer, Stella Bathory found herself wanting to fight for more than just survival. In fact, she wanted to command her own private military. She wanted fame and renown, money and power. So, she gathered a group of friends and began to take advantage of the sorry state of the world.
The Frenzied Bats don't have ties to any specific government or group. They simply vibe and thrive under the never ending wars that span the torn apart world. Selling weapons by day, starting fights by night. With leadership comprised of surviving second generation revenants, this PMC is ruthless, brutal, and efficient.
The Frenzied Bats operates from a mobile fortress-like base called a Crawler, which has the formal name, Fenrir HQ. Fenrir HQ was given a unique nickname by Stella, "The Gaol of Stagnant Blood"

Yes, this 'nation' is heavily influenced by Code Vein. Also has some inspiration from God Eater.
Also inspired by the anime Jormungand.