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Countess Stella Bathory

Countess Stella Bathory


Stella Bathory is the leader of The Frenzied Bats.
She was revived and turned into a revenant following the Great Collapse and played a critical role in Operation Queenslayer, making her a second generation revenant.
She is now a freelance revenant who created the private military corporation and arms dealer group, The Frenzied Bats.

Stella is a unique type of revenant. Her blood code was broken during Operation Queenslayer, essentially making her a Void-type revenant.
Void-types are able to take on the blood code of other revenants without succumbing to bloodthirst and joining the ranks of the Lost.

Stella's weapons of choice are bayonets and one-handed swords.
She uses two different blood veils, ivy and stinger, though she prefers the former more.

Stella despises pacifists and people advocating for world peace. She views the world as a never-ending war and, thus, sees peace as a pointless and incorrect solution. She personally thinks peace can never be achieved, so there's no point in trying to stop this war without end. Instead, she revels in the world state, enjoying the war economy. It's not just about money though, it's also about making a name for herself. In this world of destruction, she wants her legacy carved into the earth, never to be forgotten. She finds enjoyment in doing the dirty work of the world. In this hell, she gets to be her own person, with the only limit being to get the job done. Other than that, she is free to do as she sees fit.

Despite being an individual who loves to fight, Stella attempts to be approachable whenever she can. After all, business with a smile is always a good way to gain some level of trust in those who you interact with. Combine that with an excellent track record and it's easy to see why and how The Frenzied Bats is so famous. Meetings with Stella are usually pleasant and elegant. Some of it is genuine, and some of it is deceptive, a way to sweeten the pot.

The Frenzied Bats

Stella Bathory was an excellent soldier during Operation Queenslayer. Loving that life, she wanted to continue to fight, but not just for survival. She wanted to use what she learned and show off the experience she had. She started out as a scavenger, finding old revenant weapons and repairing them. From there she started to sell the weapons, making quick money. Slowly, she cultivated a group of friends, some of which were old friends back from Operation Queenslayer. This led to larger ventures, such as procuring an old military Crawler and forming a mobile fighting force after finding more like-minded individuals. Slowly, but steadily, her dream was becoming a reality. Her reputation grew as she wanted. A bonus was the money that steadily built up.

Stella operates her PMC from the old military Crawler called Fenrir HQ, though she affectionately calls it "The Gaol of Stagnant Blood"
The particular reason is unknown and Stella just giggles whenever someone asks her about it.


Stella has pale skin, long silver hair, and red eyes. She's pretty tall, standing at around 6'
She has scars all over her skin. Strangely enough, they seem like fresh wounds even though they aren't.