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The Evermind's Unwitting Vassals - Civilisations Influenced and Forged by the Infinite (WIP)

As yet another buffer between itself and potential foes and detection by them, below its own Everfleet, the deity has influenced the thought patterns and history of multiple civilisations to craft them into instruments of its will in the mundande multiversal spaces. Not part of the entity, but inextricably tied to it through their own memetic makeup, these spacefaring races know nothing about it as to prevent information leakage, but carry out its will all the same, following subliminal directives perceived by them as divine will, personal desire or intrinsic purpose. It is they who inevitably partake in "first contact" scenarios with other civilisations and entities, for their secret master would never reveal itself or its name. When contact is made, it will know regardless, through the same subliminal channels or by observation from its watchful yet imperceptible Servitors, and bid its advanced yet insectile servants act in accordance with a larger design, be it forging of alliances or warfare. Should a vassal be seriously threatened, options will be weighed whether an intervention by the Everfleet is warranted - once again, stating no purpose and revealing no allegiance. If not, such civilisations are manifold and expendable.

Below follow brief descriptions of but a few of the thousands, perhaps millions of such unknowing vassal civilisations, their culture, technology and military capabilities.

Nihil Imperium of ViderianChar

One of the many interdenominational conflicts from the Imperium's past. Not that there is a lack of them now.

Civilisation class: 13-4 [Multiversal+]
Population: Undefinable vigintillions.
Territory: In control of hundreds of multiverse clusters, having completely emptied dozens more in a resource consolidation effort.

LinkThe Nihil Imperium's theme.

History and the present:
Known to a fair number of Omniversal players and reviled by all of them, this civilisation is the embodiment of fanaticism backed up by powerful technology and imperial ambitions, seemingly tailor-made to be a brute military instrument of universe-shattering force. That is, of course, precisely the truth. Stemming from a planet long-destroyed in the internecine fighting, it was originally founded by an avian species that called itself the Teng. Living in a harsh desert climate in tribal, shaman-led groups, the Teng fought among themselves incessantly, worshipping a pantheon of dark deities that expressed their will through the suffering and death of their followers. Eventually, after progressig through the ages and venturing out into the wider galaxy, they applied the very same code of conduct to their interaction with other civilisations. The difference was that at this point, having moved past their original belief in gods into a more secular mindset, they now revered the concept of destruction as such, seeing it as the purest expression of natural law, and oblivion as the original state of all things sullied by the noise and filth of existence.

Not desiring the extermination of other species as such, as chauvinism was not part of their mindset, but seeking ways to truly annihilate all that was, including themselves once the work was done, they sought instead to convert other races to their way of thinking and add their strength and technology to their own. This created the basis for an exponential expansion of the newly titled Imperium's power: the more they conquered, the more their numbers and advancement grew, and the more they could conquer. From time to time, in keeping with the old paradigm of internecine bloodshed, breakaway factions formed that disputed the mainline ideology, such as the racial supremacists of Jelkadan or the regressives or Babo'nay. Such conflicts served further to sharpen the nihilistic empire's military edge and weed out subversives that could have threatened its unity had they instead worked from within it.

Truly, there was little for the hidden influence to adjust once its gaze fell upon the rampaging civilisation and recognised its potential as a tool to execute its will. Sending agents to worlds they would soon strike and making sure they joined the crusading converters, it was ensured that these agents found their way into the civilisation's power structure, from where they directed the fleets to the most technology-rich worlds to expedite expansion. Furthermore, highly advanced artifacts were deliberately scattered across the galaxy to be found, with surprisingly well-explained databases detailing their inner workings and function. While the Imperium's supremacy over its home galaxy may have been up in the air in a natural course of history, with this deific intervention its rise was assured - and accelerated.

Its founder species long since a minority in the hordes of converts from across the domain, the Imperium was ready to launch crusades outside its core galaxy - once another civil war was finished, this one in actuality engineered by the Evermind's agents to test and perfect the Imperium's military prior to encountering other civilisations of potentially similar size, as well as to strengthen its unity once more. After such unofficial and official preparations, a fleet was amassed from all across the empire to invade a neighbouring galaxy, whose factions were overrun within three years, doubling the Imperium's size and resources. The growth was exponential from there, with whole galactic clusters added to the expanding dominion, even with several strong opponents and internal battles to test the war machine's oil levels. Eventually, the entire universe fell under the crusading fleets' power, and the adherents of the Imperium's destructive philosophy began to realise just how much work they faced if they intended to go through with their conviction. Not ones to be frightened by infinity, having been raised in the belief that empty, unending void was the purpose of their crusades, the multitudes of adherents, many of them highly augmented, twisted demigods by now, began synthesising ways to break their physical barriers and exit their home universe to extend their reach, and perhaps finally find a way to end it all.

Still they are searching and researching in between exponential conquests for a way to finally terminate all of existence, only to see the Omniverse's boundaries pushed further and further before them with no end in sight. For all that though, they have the will to continue indefinitely, much thanks to the Evermind's subtle memetic engineering to keep them on the intended track, even as dissenting factions are regularly used for target practice to keep the vast armadas occupied between wars of conversion.

The Evermind observes these insects as they blindly stumble in the dark cosmos following primitive convictions, and continues to utilise them as a blunt instrument to keep specific parts of its grand agenda on the intended track.

Culture and politics:

"Emptiness is Purity; Nonbeing is Perfection; Oblivion is Peace." -The Creed of Oblivion

"ViderianChar" means "eternal void" in the original Teng language. Currently consisting of millions of species, hybrids, as well as artificial and augmented beings, the Imperium does not concern itself with differences between various sentient forms of life, as long as they follow the Creed of Oblivion and contribute to the zealous effort to uncover a sure way to destroy not parts, but all that exists and ever existed. Many ascended demigods form the ruling elite of the crusading empire, with superior thought capabilities and overall greater power over reality than the rest of the masses.

Every aspect of the dark Imperium is geared towards infinite war and creation of ever-greater engines of destruction and conversion. Every large-scale habitat and megastructure is in fact a mixture of a fortress, staging ground, dwelling space and R&D facilities rolled into a versatile militarised infrastructure. Every one of these structures is also a ship, and it has been said that even universes have been outfitted with highly advanced quantum drives for movement through the interuniversal void. This makes the ViderianChar Imperium a potentially nomadic military force, capable of committing one hundred percent of its population, resources and territory to its crusades, if need be.

Its ruling office is that of the Supreme Annihilator, which for the last 13,000 years has been held by a non-physical being of great power, supposedly one of the original Teng that ascended to his current state by means of an augmentation artifact found on one of his many pilgrimages. He has kept his hold on the volatile and fanatical civilisation through the use of memetic control devices secretly installed in every ship and structure, a smaller version of the Orbs of Conversion added to the crusading fleets since his ascension. The truth is that the Evermind had orchestrated both his ascension and rise to power, and carefully made sure advanced memetic conversion technology found its way into the Imperium's hands, in order to prepare them for some new, unknown task.

The three mainline ideological groupings within the Imperium are classified as the Altrusts, the Destructors and the Purifiers. Each group constitutes a loose faction within the crusaders' vast machinery, its ideals embodied by one of the ruling intellects, which are combined from ascended individuals and lesser minds joining the whole over millennia. There is both spread and overlap between the three interpretations of the Creed of Oblivion, yet the definitions are valuable for understanding the internal ViderianChar relations and foreign policy.

The Altruists hold that, due to suffering not only being inevitable among the cosmos' denizens but often implicit in the very nature of fundamental physical interactions, the only deontologically responsible means of eliminating all suffering is to eliminate the cosmos itself, in its full entirety. This denomination mainly originated from several converted species caught in the Imperium's first extrauniversal excursion, species with a strong sense of empathy and communality being most prevalent among the adherents. As the infinite crusade expands, civilisations with similar mindsets are the most likely to be recruited by the Altruist faction.

The Destructors hold the concept of destruction itself as the highest good there is, citing the natural tendency towards entropy and collapse. No matter how complex the structure, how earnest and dedicated the effort, all will dissolve into nothing, leaving no trace. Thus believing themselves aligned with the nature and mindless will of the cosmos, the Destructor faction attracts a great number of violent civilisations and mad deities hungry for endless destruction.

The Purifier faction is the oldest, arguably begun with the original Teng founders of the Imperium, and extolls nonexistence as the purest, default state of things, any deviation from which is an intolerable abomination to be removed. They differ from the Destructors through complete ambivalence on the act of destruction itself, or anything else for that matter, so long as purity on an Omniversal scale is achieved. The reigning Supreme Annihilator is ostensibly an embodiment of all these notions, yet much points to their preferences being closer to the Purifier ideology, being the sole remaining descendant of the Teng species and never having added other intellects to their own. This faction rarely finds entities with a sufficiently matching psychology to enable seamless assimilation, instead relying mainly on artificial beings and brutally rewritten intellects to bolster their ranks.

A multitude of less successful ideologies have risen among the ranks, only to be goaded into rebellion, declared heretics and facing the full retaliatory capacity of their erstwhile colleagues, or splintering from the main project and percolating among the verses. For some time, whispers have been building that a group within the ruling minds' collective, or even all of them, may have become too accustomed to mundane games and abandoned the purpose of ultimate extinction that binds the crusade together. The Supreme Annihilator has yet to comment on the matter or to take any visible action, yet it may be that another internecine conflict is brewing among the bellicose ViderianChar.

An avatar of the unnamed entity currently holding the title of Supreme Annihilator.

Military forces:

The Nihil Armada consists of enormous quantities of military hardware ranging from ships dozens of kilometers in length to fortresses nearing the size of universes, backed up by uncountable clouds of smallcraft quick to swarm any weakness opened by heavier ships' fire. A common tactic employed by the ViderianChar fleet is for large ships to emerge in realspace within range of the enemy, eject their complements into the fray, fire, then jump again only to reemerge in the enemy's rear and flanks once the released hordes and initial volley had diverted their attention. In order to make onboard transportation and complement release at all possible at such scales, 4-dimensional phasing technology is present on all ships, mirroring the fleet's means of travel and enabling near-instant displacement of assets both within and outside a vessel. Each complement unit possesses hardwired homing beacons which a larger ship's phasing system may lock onto in order to retrieve it, essentially teleporting the unit back into a hangar space. There, swarms of networked nanobots may service and repair the vessel for the new missions which lie ahead. During an engagement, the same technology is utilised to phase the smaller craft from one area of the battle to another, manipulating the flow of combat as long as a minimum necessary number of capital ships remains in the vicinity. The weapons employed by these fanatics reflect their obsession, the effects revolving around entropy increase, weaponisation of gravity, disruption of computation and localised nullification of spacetime.

The classification of standard, scalable weapon types is as follows:
Void beam emitters -
Gravity slicers -
Quantum dissolution projectile launchers -
Gravity implosion projectile launchers -
Gravity explosion projectile launchers -
Entropic ammunition launchers -

*Batteries denote groupings of launchers into a coherently firing unit, deployed on larger craft for more concentrated fire.

    Slayer-class Fighter

    Length: 12 meters
    Width: 9 meters
    Height: 2 meters
    Armaments: 4 Char void beam emitters, 3 Reaper gravity slicers.
    Description: The standard fighter of the crusading fleets, this design is produced in myriads to complement any ship deployment. It is controlled by a simple yet practical artificial brain, allowing almost instantaneous deployment upon production due to lack of additional factors such as a pilot and their corresponding needs. Rather weak by itself, it makes up for this fact with speed and unending numbers.

    Mauler-class Strike Gunship

    Length: 46 meters
    Width: 17 meters
    Height: 9 meters
    Armaments: 16 Nihil rapid-fire void beam emitters, 3 Char void beam emitters, 7 Reaper gravity slicers, 2 Cinder gravity implosion projectile launchers.
    Description: Slower than their smaller and lighter fighter counterparts, the gunships nonetheless boast heavier armour and shielding, as well as heavier arsenals. This allows them to be used as bombers and to disperse clouds of enemy fighters alike. Due to their larger size and slower speed, they are always escorted by greater numbers of fighters. Deployed in great numbers, their torpedoes can devastate even larger vessels.

    Incineration-class Corvette

    Length: 16 kilometers
    Width: 1.9 kilometers
    Height: 1.7 kilometers
    Armaments: 15,000 Ward anti-fighter void beams, 10,000 Guard anti-fighter gravity explosion projectile launchers, 190,000 Shield point-defense void beams, guidance scrambler arrays.
    Complement: 100 Slayer-class fighters, 4 Mauler-class gunships.
    Description: The smallest battleship employed by the Imperium's crusaders, this corvette is just that - a ship dedicated exclusively to anti-smallcraft duties. Rather small next to other ships of the line, these corvettes are usually deployed in irregular battle lines around larger craft. Being many times larger than fighters and bombers and carrying great arrays of weaponry designed to destroy them, these vessels can vaporise clouds of incoming smallcraft swarm. Given their lack of heavy weaponry, however, they cannot go toe-to-toe even with similar-sized ships of the line.

    Harvest-class Logistics Vessel

    Length: 45 kilometers
    Width: 25 kilometers
    Height: 20 kilometers
    Armaments: 300 tractor beams, 200 spacetime funnelers.
    Complement: 400 externally mounted fighters, 18 externally mounted gunships.
    Description: This ship specialises in resource procurement for the constantly moving armadas. Billions of them descend on concentrations of usable material and utilise tractors beams to pull it closer and break it apart, and spacetime funnelers to stretch it into pliable beams that can be absorbed into storage spaces inside the ship. Large numbers of these vessels can strip stellar clusters bare within days, adding to the Imperium's capacity for endless war. The ship is able to use its industrial spacetime manipulation tools for defence and attack, should the need arise.

    Eradication-class Artillery Ship

    Length: 80 kilometers
    Width: 10 kilometers
    Height: 17 kilometers
    Armaments: 1 5D Disintegrator quantum nullification cannon, 40,000 Blast long-range gravity explosion projectile launchers, 40,000 Ravage long-range gravity implosion projectile launchers.
    Complement: None.
    Description: Exclusively used for long-range bombardment of enemy forces and locations, this artillery ship is not fit for close-quarters combat due to lack of relevant weapons. It does, however, fulfill its purpose of devastation from far away with aplomb, and is also capable of absorbing a surprising amount of damage unless hit directly onto the main beam emission array during firing sequence. Deployed in sufficient quantities, these ships can pose a threat to vessels thousands of times their size or be used to snipe lesser ships from afar and clear a way for swarms of smallcraft that otherwise could have been stopped by corvette-type ships. They are the first unit to be equipped with experimental temporal breach technology, allowing them to fire up to three seconds forward or backward in time.

    Revelation-class Matter Conversion Ship

    Length: 120 kilometers
    Width: 6.6 kilometers
    Height: 20 kilometers
    Armaments: 1 5-dimensional antimatter beam cannon.
    Complement: None.
    Description: This ship is not technically a vessel of battle, but of logistical support. Channeling dark matter and dark energy directly from its surroundings, it converts these volatile elements into material for construction and repair, as well as antimatter for ammunition and energy, that it beams into other ships' receptor nodes to be used for anything from temporarily overcharging weapons to hull repair and fighter complement replacement. If finding itself in a tight spot, this feisty ship can release the collected energy in a 4-dimensional beam to destroy its attackers, provided its weak shields and nonexistent armour allow such an action to be performed.

    Eternal Hammer-class Battle Cruiser

    Length: 10,090 kilometers
    Width: 1,975 kilometers
    Height: 1,880 kilometers
    Armaments: 16 Spacetime Rupture entropic ammunition launchers, 900,000 Disintegration quantum dissolution projectile batteries, 500,000 Singe void beam, -illions of Blackbeam point-defence void beams.
    Complement: 75 billion fighters, 3.8 billion gunships.
    Description: The first dedicated frontline battlecruiser in the Imperium fleets, these ships are the anchors around which corvettes and artillery ships are arrayed for support. These ships are usually the first thing sent in after scout probes detect an enemy. No smaller frontline cruisers exist between these giants and the corvette type aside from specialised artillery ships, as the Imperium believes in sending in big guns from the start, using hordes of smaller ships as support.

    Orb of Conversion

    Diameter:0.5 AUs to 3.8 light years, depending on unit. Few Orbs may be up to 60 light years in diameter.
    Armaments: None.
    Complement: None.
    Description: Mysteriously entering service in Imperium fleets upon the ascension of the current Supreme Annihilator, the implications of having such devices near friendly fleets as well as hostile ones is something no one seems to think or ask about. And that is precisely the benefit of the Orbs. Lacking in conventional weaponry, these insidious things emit very specific quantum waves that precisely affect and influence the thought patterns of sapients - a perfect tool of unwitting yet unwilling conversion. Used on lower settings to keep the ruler's followers loyal, on stronger settings they temporarily paralyse brain activity in newly discovered races while their neural pathways are rewired for loyalty to the Imperium. Their effect can be targeted and the number of minds influenced at once is only limited by the scope of a sphere, with the largest able to operate across a universe.

    Void Spear-class War Cruiser

    Length: 60,000 AU
    Width: 18,000 AU
    Height: 21,000 AU
    Armaments: 1 [/I]Starbeam[/i] quantum incineration weapon, 70,000 Implosion missile batteries, 70 Darkfire laser batteries, -illions of Blackbeam point-defence lasers.
    54 septillion Slayer-class fighters
    2.7 septillion Mauler-class gunships
    36 quintillion Incineration-class corvettes
    15 quintillion Eradication-class artillery ships
    10 quintillion Harvest-class logistics vessels
    4 quadrillion Eternal Hammer-class battle cruisers
    Description: A larger version of the Eternal Hammer's role in many ways, these vessels are deployed against proportionately larger resistance that the former cannot handle. Its first prototype was deployed at the battle of Sarkek, where it managed to destroy 13,000 hostile vessels before shutting down due to reactor core failure, in one piece despite having been all but gutted on the inside by enemy fire. It has become a mainstay of crusading fleets since that mighty display.

    Immutable Principle-class Grand Cruiser

    Length: 11 light years
    Width: 2 light years
    Height: 3.7 light years
    Armaments: 1.73 sextillion Spacetime Rupture torpedo launchers, 10 million Implosion missile batteries, 10,000 Darkfire laser batteries, -illions of Blackbeam point-defence lasers.
    83 octillion Slayer-class fighters
    4.16 octillion Mauler-class gunships
    55 sextillion Incineration-class corvettes
    25 sextillion Eradication-class artillery ships
    15.4 sextillion Harvest-class logistics vessels
    6.2 quintillion Eternal Hammer-class battle cruisers
    Description: This is an intermediate ship between the Obliterator and the next level of escalation exemplified by Swarm Ships and War Dreadnoughts, and uses a mixture of weapons from both tiers, though not nearly as many as higher ship classes. It has been a terrifying sight among galactic empires for centuries, casting shadow over star systems and making war fleets seem mere harmless insect swarms.

    Darkening-class Swarm Hypercarrier

    The vessel is to scale with the nearby stars and nebulae.

    Length: 80 light years
    Width: 500 light years
    Height: 70 light years
    Armaments: -illions of point-defence tractor beam generators, -illions of Blackbeam point-defence lasers.
    Complement: 2.8 duodecillion Slayer-class fighters, 140 undecillion Mauler-class gunships.
    Description: This ship acts exclusicely as a carrier, launching waves of smallcraft from its millions of hangars into the void using gravity catapults for rapid deployment. Usually staying behind the main lines and providing fighter screening support, these hive-like vessels must be protected by dedicated ships of the line.

    Warsickle-class Battle Dreadnought

    Length: 230 light years
    Width: 45 light years
    Height: 56 light years
    Armaments: 48 Oblivion spacetime torpedoes, 3.6 billion Implosion missile launchers, 3,670,000 Darkfire lasers, -illions of Blackbeam point-defence lasers.
    590 nonillion Slayer-class fighters
    30 nonillion Mauler-class gunships
    390 septillion Incineration-class corvettes
    180 quintillion Eradication-class artillery ships
    110 septillion Harvest-class logistics vessels
    33 sextillion Eternal Hammer-class battle cruisers
    Description: The next step above the Eternal Hammer-class, the deployment of this war vessel signifies another level of escalation in crusader hostilities, something that is all too easily provoked given their prevailing mindset. First seeing action during the Horus-Eye Denominational Rebellion, these vessels proved themselves to be mighty assets in war, specialising in brute firepower and powerful defence above versatility, relying on support from more specialised ships to accomplish more refined tasks.

    Mobile Fortress Habitat

    Radius: From 1.2 light years to 1,730,000 light years
    Height: From 1.1 light years to 1,460,000 light years
    Armaments: Varies from unit to unit, but same weapons as conventional battleships possess, and heavier defenses.
    Complement: The greatest hold millions of all imaginable conventional military craft but the largest, along with myriads of utility vessels.
    Description: The fanatical civilisation's entire existence is essentially one vast pilgrimage to discover a sure method of ending existence in all its forms, and as such all aspects of it are made for complete mobility and nomadic travel, with no static habitats or structures existing at all. These floating fortress cities are population centers, infrastructure, industry and more all rolled into one. Existing by the uncountable trillions in every occupied universe, all of them are ready to leave for new territory at a moment's notice should the crusading fleets embark on a particularly long and far-off campaign.

    Annihilation-class Superdreadnought

    Length: 3,700 light years
    Width: 200 light years
    Height: 600 light years
    Armaments: 1 "Galaxy Render" exponential decay creator, 64 Entropic torpedo launchers, 200 million Nova warhead launchers, 180 million Burning Crusade laser batteries, 440 billion Implosion missile batteries, -illions of Blackbeam point-defence lasers.
    450 decillion Slayer-class fighters
    23 decillion Mauler-class gunships
    295 octillion Incineration-class corvettes
    140 octillion Eradication-class artillery ships
    84 octillion Harvest-class logistics vessels
    25 septillion Eternal Hammer-class battle cruisers
    Description: The main frontline warship of the crusading empire, this vessel type is deployed en masse to break and overwhelm resistance quickly and efficiently, overrunning galactic resistance with their presence alone and the compliment of smaller craft it has onboard. These ships are capable of releasing a galaxy-rending blast, either at galaxies far away or into the one they are currently located in. In the latter case, they will attempt to make an escape if the strategic objective calls for it; conversely, the fleets will redouble their efforts at attacking to prevent an enemy from retreating instead, should that be seen as the optimal choice.

    Galactic Pacification Station

    Top radius: 1,000 light years
    Bottom radius: 3,400 light years
    Height: 8,000 light years
    Armaments: 18 Galaxy Rippers, quantum weapons with a destructive diameter of 22,000 light years, 840 million FTL "Star Wiper" missile batteries.
    108 undecillion Slayer-class fighters
    5.6 undecillion Mauler-class gunships
    72 nonillion Incineration-class corvettes
    30 nonillion Eradication-class artillery ships
    20 nonillion Harvest-class logistics vessels
    6 octillion Eternal Hammer-class battle cruisers
    40,000 Void Spear-class war cruisers
    88 Immutable Principle-class grand cruisers
    Description: These mobile, deployable platforms act as insurance against uprisings in newly conquered galaxies by acting as swords of Damocles, hanging above the galactic plane ready to target any part of the galaxy with powerful FTL weapons. They likewise hold garrisons sufficient to repel small-scale attacks, and are usually protected by fleets of ships, as the destruction of such a weapon of terror could inspire hope in cowed populations. The use of these things had become largely redundant since the introduction of rapid-effect memetic conversion tools, but the delicious feeling of dominance such tactics give many high-ranking commanders is enough for the tradition to continue.

    Optimal State-class Galaxy Vessel

    The picture is to scale with the galaxy and the star-like dots of Annihilation-class Superdreadnoughts in the background.

    Length: 360,000 light years
    Width: 250,000 light years
    Height: 30,000 light years
    Armaments: 120,000 Galaxy entropic torpedo launchers, 7.03 trillion Nova warhead launchers, 6.3 trillion Burning Crusade laser batteries, 15.5 quadrillion Implosion missile batteries, -illions of Blackbeam point-defence lasers.
    2.6 tredecillion Slayer-class fighters
    138 duodecillion Mauler-class gunships
    1.78 undecillion Incineration-class corvettes
    1.02 undecillion Eradication-class artillery ships
    115 undecillion Harvest-class logistics vessels
    149 octillion Eternal Hammer-class battle cruisers
    992 million Void Spear-class war cruisers
    2,182,400 Immutable Principle-class grand cruisers
    60 Darkening-class swarm hypercarrier
    300 Warsickle-class battle dreadnought
    Description: This is the absolute larget conventional "battleship" used by the Imperium, dwarfing even the vast Superdreadnoughts and spearing through intergalactic space like a mighty predator surrounded by arrayed flights of lesser vessels and bombarding targets with FTL weapons from another end of the universe if need be.

    Purity-class Sterilisation Platform

    Radius: 98 million light years
    Height: 30 million light years
    Armaments: 1 Dessication-Wave Emitter, -illions of Blackbeam point-defence installations.
    Complement: -illions of defense drones, -illions of nanobots to weave a gravity shield around the device and repel fire.
    Description: This is a deployable weapons platform rather than a war vessel, and is only "armed" with admittedly huge numbers of defensive measures. But what it is designed to do, it does very well indeed. When deployed and charged, it emits a continuous, conic ripple across billions of light years that kills any being with any sort of mind by scrambling and disabling their brain impulses, as well as shuts down any electric machinery and computers for the same reason. The width of the disturbance can be adjusted and redirected, albeit rather slowly. If employed successfuly, these weapons may paralyse fleets millions strong by eradicating their crew and disabling their internal systems, and destroy galactic superclusters' worth of life below the 5th dimension.

    Yawning Horizon-class War Fortress

    Radius: 1,6 million light years
    Height: 250,000 light years
    Armaments: 330 trillion Nova warhead launchers, 720 trillion Darkfire laser batteries, 720 quadrillion Implosion missile batteries, -illions of Blackbeam point-defence lasers.
    605 tredecillion Slayer-class fighters
    32 tredecillion Mauler-class gunships
    410 undecillion Incineration-class corvettes
    190 undecillion Eradication-class artillery ships
    115 undecillion Harvest-class logistics vessels
    34 nonillion Eternal Hammer-class battle cruisers
    230 billion Void Spear-class war cruisers
    507 million Immutable Principle-class grand cruisers
    14,000 Darkening-class swarm hypercarrier
    70,000 Warsickle-class battle dreadnought
    Description: Designed specifically for local war theatre coordination, this large fortress is used as a position anchor and coordination centre for galactic cluster scale operations. The appearance of such a vessel is often sufficient to claim dozens of galaxies for the Imperium, even before its vast complement is deployed or the multitude of weapons begin to rain FTL fire. Also functions as a mobile factory for further production and repairs. Always accompanied by an escort of Annihilation-class vessels for further support.

    Infinite Crusade-class Command Fortress

    Diameter: 5.2 billion light years
    Armaments: Quadrillions of Armageddon Missile Launchers, trillions of Rend Atomic Erasure Weapons, quintillions of Eternal Void heavy lasers, unknown number of Blackbeam point-defence lasers.
    71 septendecillion Slayer-class fighters
    3.7 septendecillion Mauler-class gunships
    48 quindecillion Incineration-class corvettes
    20 quindecillion Eradication-class artillery ships
    13 quindecillion Harvest-class logistics vessels
    3.9 quindecillion Eternal Hammer-class battle cruisers
    27 sextillion Void Spear-class war cruisers
    59 quintillion Immutable Principle-class grand cruisers
    1.6 quadrillion Darkening-class swarm hypercarrier
    8 quadrillion Warsickle-class battle dreadnought
    10 trillion Annihilation-class superdreadnoughts
    41 billion Galactic Pacification Stations
    1,650,000 Obliteration-class galaxy vessels
    1,740 Yawning Horizon-class war fortresses
    Description: With its entire surface covered with multiple layers of various shield and armour types, as well as overwhelming amounts of "conventional" weaponry, this enormous sphere functions as a command fortress that coordinates crusading forces across up to 15 universes at a time through quantum relay communication. It possesses 1700 layers of membranal shielding filled with the matter equivalent of ten thousand galaxies frozen in a state of near-total decay, and its armor is woven together at subatomic levels into materials nigh-impervious to conventional fire and able to shift their compostion to deflect specific kinds of attack. Thus heavily defended, the insides of the vast vessel also carry enough forces to overwhelm many interuniversal civilisations. Ships spill out through open panels by the millions and are catapulted by quantum phasing drives into their designated position when battle is expected. The great beast of war also houses innumerable factories that produce yet more machines of war as they process matter from previous conquests.

    Certain undisclosed units also contain avatars of the Imperium's reigning artificial and augmented entities for higher command efficiency, running on vast computer cores millions of light years in diameter.

    Eternal Night-class Universe Siege Platform

    Radius: 43 billion light years
    Height: 30 billion light years
    Armaments: 4 Universe Rupturers, 160 Supercluster Cannons, trillions of Armageddon Missile Launchers, quadrillions of Rend Atomic Erasure Projectiles, quadrillions of Eternal Void heavy lasers, unknown number of Blackbeam point-defence lasers.
    43 octodecillion Slayer-class fighters
    2.2 octodecillion Mauler-class gunships
    29 sexdecillion Incineration-class corvettes
    13 sexdecillion Eradication-class artillery ships
    7.8 sexdecillion Harvest-class logistics vessels
    2.3 quattuordecillion Eternal Hammer-class battle cruisers
    16 septillion Void Spear-class war cruisers
    35 sextillion Immutable Principle-class grand cruisers
    960 quadrillion Darkening-class swarm hypercarrier
    4.8 quintillion Warsickle-class battle dreadnought
    6 quadrillion Annihilation-class superdreadnoughts
    25 trillion Galactic Pacification Stations
    995 million Obliteration-class galaxy vessels
    1,050,000 Yawning Horizon-class war fortresses
    Description: This universe-sized siege platform is utilised when resistance is too heavy for mere fleets to handle. Sporting four devices from which to launch Universe Pacifiers, this platform is a universe-destroying piece of equipment that also functions as a floating dockyard to flood a membrane with myriads of warships and weapons of all sizes. It is capable of opening remote dimensional gates to universes in order to insert a Universe Pacifier weapon and annihilate them entirely, or use other weapons to wipe out galactic superclusters within a universe.

    Universe Pacifier (Weapon of Mass Destruction)

    Should a crusade encounter resistance too stubborn to convert and too strong to destroy by conventional means, the Imperium enacts its service to the concept of oblivion by using this weapon to utterly annihilate a universe from within. This weapon has never seen deployment in combat - only for testing purposes on universes that had been emptied of useful matter. During those tests, it erased the universes from reality, even puncturing and dissipating their outer membranes. As it neared its critical point, the weapon also began to unravel and warp reality itself, disabling any observation equipment present even before its detonation, making it a short-term EMP weapon as well. All these tests were performed in empty universes - there is no telling what it could do if detonated in a universe full of dark energy, dark matter and ordinary matter.

    The device itself is a spherical object approximately one kilometer in diameter, though wrapped in spatial folds making it infinitely small on the outside. It is fired from an Eternal Night Siege Platform's main guns, aligning for detonation after the ejection to prevent collateral damage in case of malfunction or sabotage. It then traverses the universe in randomly calculated jumps at FTL speeds to minimise the risk of deactivation while a countdown commences until detonation. That is, if the crusaders think it possible to escape the universe in question. Otherwise, the weapon may be detonated from within the platform to eradicate the enemy and them in one grand entropic explosion. Another way to use this weapon is to insert one of the platform's main guns into the universe from another location, without risking the platform, or at least the majority of it.

    This weapon is still rather poorly understoon by its wielders, as its effect is a diminutive, primitive version of an Ascendant Annihilator's reality-rending abilities, filtered into their technology experts' minds by their secret master. Though extremely simplified to be unrecognisable as to what it is derived from, this weapon remains a potent destructive application in the hands of the Imperium. It is rumoured to possess millions of such devices, and should the crusading empire face final defeat, they will most likely detonate their entire arsenal to purge as much of creation as possible, achieving their stated purpose at least in part.

    Noose-category Mobile Battle Universe

    Diameter: Depends on the size of the original universe, from several dozen billion light years to several hundred.
    Armaments: The surface of a battle universe is inconstant and can form new weapons as needed. Among them are string disentangelement devices, mass shadow projectors, multi-yottaton laser emitters and other weaponised surface features.
    Complement: Varies from myriads of fortresses and fleets to universes full of stabilised antimatter and other weaponised mass, depending on each MBU's purpose at a given time.
    Description: Battle universes are a top-secret project hitherto unknown to any but the Imperium's ruling entities. They are constructed from natural-born universes by, among other methods, altering their internal laws as well as their external composition. Outer layers are constructed from multiple branes between which physical properties are designed to provide formidable protection. Matter in the outer layers is suspended in a state of near-total entropic decay. Moving inward, one encounters impossible gravity stopping the flow of time almost completely, making any yield lucky enough to penetrate the outer layers useless for relative aeons until it can be removed or contained. The inner layer of brane armour features vast quantities of mass-energy kept in a state reminiscent of a frozen Big Bang, diluting or canceling out most conceivable firepower that managed to get through the outer and middle layers.

    Carrier universes likely make up the entirety of the Imperium's domain, bearing the ViderianChar civilisation within their confines, from population and industrial centers to uncountable armadas. Dedicated battle units are instead filled to the brim with entropic mass-energy used to power beams of universe-shattering power, generation of massive quantum sinkholes and other weapons of multiversal combat. Regardless of purpose, all MBUs create immense dimensional distortion for billions of light years around their edges making attack or even approach an even more uncertain proposition.

    Reality Killer-category Long-Range Strike Brane

    Not all weapons need to exist long enough to be used multiple times; sometimes, one strike fulfills most conditions for getting a conflict off on the right foot. Whereas the Nihil Imperium engineers most of the universe branes it controls into carriers of mobile crusade or dedicated combat units to terrorise the void, a small number of branes with very specific laws of physics are selected for building self-consuming cosmic artillery of enormous power and configurable applications. Universes which combine extraordinarily high energy levels and densely packed, abundant matter make the ideal and most economical candidates for conversion. Once selected, scores of reality-shaping devices are deployed to rework its external and internal structure into a weaponised mechanism coupled to a supply of volatile matter suspended at the height of its energy potential, a process made easier if the universe is already filled with matter in such state. Said mechanism utilises nothing recognisable as crude technology, but rather is the brane itself altered in ways difficult for all but the Imperium's ruling minds to define - a universe fully turned into a weapon awaiting activation.

    Though there are several configurations, they all utilise a similar principle: by harnessing the enormous energy contained within a brane, sufficient power is provided to form a tunnel through four-dimensional space equal in diameter to the universe itself by locking onto another universe located potentially enormous distances away, connecting the two points in space. From there, the weapon can either begin a time channel attack on the connected brane and its surroundings by overloading its processing capacity with its own overwhelming signals or fire its entire mass-energy contents through the wormhole to completely devastate it and surrounding spheres, creating an unstable tear in space which is then shaped into a stable hypergate. The latter assault is often used as the literal opening salvo of major campaigns and simultaneosly serves to deliver a powerful first strike and establish a gateway for numerous crusading fleets, and bigger things, to spill through.

The Surreal and Endless HyperCorrupted Expanse of Infinite Coscotlan

Civilisation class: 13-5 [Multiversal+]
Population: Untold and unmourned octovigintillions of unfortunate bastards.
Territory: Uncertain, rumoured to control up to a billion of multiverse clusters. The quarantine zone's borders are sketchy at best.
Government: Deranged aicracy forged by (126)MyMany^NQuetzalcoatl9theX9Numerous.-all*^9', a strange and undefinable artificial god.

LinkHyperCorrupted Expanse theme.

There are many strange places in the omniverse, and this territory is certainly in the top list among them. It is a vast expanse of uncountable -illions of universes overtaken by a godlike, and seemingly incurably mad, artificial intelligence. Quaranteened by all who know of the menace, it nonetheless expands in steady bursts of activity wherever it finds weak spots in the perimeter or simply encounters a universe lacking in advanced civilisations. The containment line had been set up by a multitude of powerful civilisations in the vicinity, but it is far from perfect or all-encompassing. The Expanse not quite being a civilisation in the conventional sense, the artificial entity itself is the true power in the region, being an unseen presence in practically every corner of the vast domain, presumably using subatomic drone swarms capable of interdimensional phasing to effect its twisted will upon reality. The population, if it can be called such, consists of beings whose minds had been altered into a blissful and indolent state by the invisible technology that suffuses the entire domain, and are little more than mindless pets wandering about aimlessly in the surreal and pointless landscapes.

Another example of the HyperCorruption's eccentricity sweeping the contaminated zone.

The entity is a virtuoso of microdimensional mastery down to the Planck scale, its vast networked being and all its components ranging only up to nanoscale where necessary. Most computation is performed at the smallest of scales with great energy efficiency, great number of submicroscopic nodes networked into mind clusters across great distances through the fourth dimension, enabling instant signal transmission even between distant nodes. This amalgamated mind is far from perfect, with a single overarching personality seemingly existing but hardly exercising any more control than manifold other self-aware systems. Despite this, it shows a surprising unity of purspose when it does take action, perhaps due to the inherent similarity between the parts, even if agreement as such remains forever out of reach. The distributed mind is something of a cosmic artist, forever altering its domain into bizarre shapes and seeking to intermittently expand its canvas for even more creative space, with little regard for anything else.

Submicroscopic bots employed by the Quetzalcoatl HyperCorruption as its "fleet". Note: dots representing smaller bots not to scale.

These bots are specialised for interaction with reality on their respective scales as well as cross-scale interaction, which includes but is not limited to matter transfusion, submicroscopic viral combat via infosignals, combat via string manipulation, neutrino beams and quark detonation, physical attachment to and infiltration of beings and technology from other bots to largest structures and computational substrates, creation of gravity bubbles and local temporal dilation. Bots can protect themselvea against similar or smaller units with spatial manipulation which creates area denial bubbles, electromagnetic shields used to repel and/or disable approaching foes and microbeams powered by excess energy. Locomotion is performed through higher-dimensional phasing where longer-distance travel is required, minute manipulation of electromagnetic forces and gravity where short distances need be covered. Their spatial disturbance signatures and energy output is so minimal it is very difficult to distinguish from common background noise.

Ves'la-Yhem Universal Domain

A typical member of the race in its current augmented state.

Civilisation class: 11-4 [Universal]
Population: Approximately 1600,000,000,000,000,000 Ves'la-Yhem, a hundred times that in servitor races.
Territory: This faction fully controls its home universe, and has received subtle hints regarding the existence of others. Following those, expedition fleets have been dispatched.

History and the present:
The Ves'la-Yhem originate on the misty world of Orel'yhem, orbiting a Class A light-blue star. Approximately 4.7 metres in height on average, the primitive ancestors of this species lived in grazer-gatherer packs of 3-8 individuals each, traversing the mists of their world in search for moss and the odd luminescent crustacean to feed upon. They might have remained an ordinary tribal species for a long time, eventually developing a modest spacefaring culture.

Yet a Void Stalker had once upon a nanosecond passed its all-seeing eye over their world, and perceived a potential for plausibly natural rapid elevation, if only a small nudge was made to the species' psychology. To make the nudge realistic for any who might also be watching, an Infinity's Hand minutely exerted its might upon the planet, increasing volcanic activity and producing earthquakes that carved deep rends in the crust, blocking off traditional migration routes and destroying much of the food source - moss - through atmospheric alteration by volcanic gases. Forced together into larger groups by the event and bereft of ample wild food supply, the Ves'la-Yhem would have to cooperate and find new ways to survive, such as developing agriculture and more advanced social organisation. Their neural pathways subtly realigned to facilitate such a shift in behaviour, the species was forged in hardship and united on a path to slow but inevitable technological progress, as farms were set up, animals domesticated and more advanced communication developed.

From there on, subtle hints were filtered through the species' thoughts to escalate its technological progress ahead of the rest of their universe, effectively placing them in a dominant position once they ventured out among the stars. And venture out they did. Upon encountering other, less advanced species, the Ves'la-Yhem travelers were seen as demigods, and had no difficulty uniting their galaxy under their banner, both through obvious superiority and subtle memetic engineering of their subjects-to-be.

Their homeworld has now been completely reingeneered as a planet-sized luxurious habitat complex, temple and fortress, as have many other planets, fed by the energy of their stars. Beyond the need for a planetary capital, it is now but a node in a vast galaxywide network of habitats, each connected by quantum metatunnels for instantaneous teleportation between them. It is instead their home galaxy that serves as the focal point of their great universal empire, reingeneered as it had been into an artificial, fortfified center of power and wealth.

Having unified their universe under one name, they looked for ways to move beyond their current reality and explore others. With subtle hints from their secret uplifter, they find new ways of understanding physics, and build vessels to pierce the veil of dimensions. Their progress accelerated even here, the great race is now in the process of establishing outposts in neighbouring universes and scouring them with their new interdimensional fleets - seemingly with their own purpose, but in fact the Evermind's.

This civilisation is considered by its secret forger to be in its infancy, and only a suitable tool at or below its class and it will be some time before they reach the status of a true multiversal power. The Infinite One... can wait.

Orel'yhem in its current highly advanced state.

Culture and politics:
This civilisation's philosophy is based around technological progressivism and hegemonic imperialism. This means they value developments in technology highly and prioritise the research into any cutting-edge development that will improve their quality of life and already considerable technological level. Furthermore, they adopt the method of hegemony in their acquisition of new territories, meaning other civilisations are made into vassals and subservient allies first and foremost, outright conquest being a last resort (technically the last resort would be total destruction, but they prefer not to mention that part). Such allies are slowly integrated into the Domain's overall power structure, becoming part of a hierarchical multi-race empire.

This empire places a heavy emphasis on megastructures, from galactic fortresses to dwellings of system-scale and above, combined with efficient, fast communications and transport. As a result of this focus, this faction's infrastructure and economy are very efficient in relation to their occupied territory, and their rule over the manifold subservient races is well-coordinated and stable as a result.

Military forces:

The first expeditionary fleet outfitted to explore, and perhaps conquer, other universes.


Chytrel Ascendancy

The symbology commonly used to depict the Ascendancy's culture and memeplexes; requires close knowledge of the civilisation's idiosyncracies to be deciphered. The original species had long since transformed themselves into superior inorganic entities and guard their history fiercely.

Civilisation class:

LinkA representative theme

History and the present:


(some early history)
Civilisations frequently spring to life where resources are plentiful and certain conditions are met. First agricultural societies grow around rivers, where the soil is fertile and the water itself provides a means of swift transport. To simply reach this stage, however, the area must have plants suitable for cultivation, and creatures which can increase the output are commonly known to be a prerequisite for civilisation, save perhaps for species which naturally possess great physical strength along with sapience. Striding further through time, one encounters other roadblocks. Absent combustible fuels and workable metals, even a species lucky enough to have drawn a positive agricultural lot will never progress beyond that stage. A planet without certain types of resources is a planet which will never give rise to an advanced society, the beings themselves of course never able to know of what chance had cheated them. Of course, even those who, against odds, possess all that is necessary for unlimited advancement and are able to reach out into untrodden realms of space and science, find themselves faced with a continuation of the same accursed game of chance. A stray asteroid may yet annihilate their millennia of history, a technological catastrophe may turn progress into nightmare. And so it is across the breadth of probability and through the length of time, from lowest primordial soups to the ascendant realms of utmost infinity which none but the outer ones themselves can perceive. As below, so above, so everywhere. Such is the unequal, mindless lottery of existence. Such is the fragility of life. Such is the desperate improbability of greatness.

The Chytrel Ascendancy knows this, has always known this. Its culture and society has lived and breathed this truth, each second suffused with the awareness of reality's deadly indifference unmoderated by any benelovent deity. Since mature enough to throw off archaic religion, or perhaps even earlier, this civilisation has known that their fortuitous ascendance was as unlikely to have occured as it was unlikely to persist into the unforeseeable murkiness of the future. There is no protection in existence save your own power. If the chaotic flow of events spews forth something horrendously undesirable your way, and you cannot shield yourself from it, then something horrendously undesirable is going to happen to you. It is that simple. It is that merciless. It is the state of reality in which all creatures live. The Chytrel Ascendancy has always known this.

Yet they could not deny that, in this game of many victims and few victors, they had so far drawn quite a passable lot, for barely a hundred years since the first launching of a spacecraft, and on the cusp of their own technological Singularity, an expeditionary vessel had uncovered something which would sear the Ascendancy's mark onto the inhospitable cosmos for millennia to come. [WIP]

A mere two decades after the monolith's discovery, Chytrel fleets emerged from the dark at their first targets of conquest and initiated lightning strikes designed to ruin morale by shattering the defensive capacity of their foes. Fifteen polities were attacked in the span of the first year, the more advanced among them wiping the automated craft out first by the thousands, then hundreds of thousands, then by the millions. But no amount of extermination could outpace the Cosmic Engine's ramping production capabilities. And Chytrel science did not stand still: each month, each day brought increased understanding of the Engine's workings, its immense sophistication, and ever-more advanced craft designs. After peaking at 14,670,093 warships lost in 24 Lentarn hours, the rate began to drop first to lesser millions, then hundreds of thousands, then mere hundreds... then none at all. Ascendancy's progress, abetted by the device, had outpaced their stellar neighbourhoods' initial rivals' while the infinite numbers flashprinted by it had drowned the opposition's bewildered response. When the dust settled, fifteen new civilisations were annexed into the triumphant conquerors' sphere, extensive memetic engineering ensuring rapid assimilation.

And so it continued. Using the sheer scale of the cosmos to their advantage, the militarised Ascendancy could wage asymmetrical, guerrilla-inspired warfare with the entirety of its military. Sweeping the stars with long-range scanners and travelling only through empty interstellar space, their early war fleets could strike from anywhere, appearing from the void as stealthy banshees, before fading away into the dark. In the enormous expanse of space, the attacker has the advantage - the Chytrel struck with impunity, the origin of their attacks unknown as they chipped away even at forces much greater and more advanced than their own. If caught by a hostile fleet with no way of escaping, the automated ships would simply resort to suicide attacks, the attackers' homefront remaining undiscovered and continuing to print out drone fleets. To polities sufficiently impressed and pressured the fleet AI's diplomatic protocols would extend offers of peace in exchange for total allegiance. Tribute was eschewed as it would open a way for resentful foes to infiltrate untoward surprises into the conquerors' hands. Besides, resource scarcity and technological limitations were being solved at an increasingly rapid rate through study and ever-more effective use of the Engine's power.

An example of Chytrel military craft of the first century after the Cosmic Engine's discovery.

An expeditionary fleet had once batted aside a VC expansion attempt at the three-month battle of Cluster New_9.

As of now, the full dimensional extent of the Cosmic Engine remains unknown. The heights of power the Chytrel are destined to reach cannot yet be fathomed.

Culture and politics:

Military forces:

Kearan Technocratic Commonwealth


Civilisation class:

History and the present:
A diverse and far-flung civilisation, Kearan Commonwealth is a conglomeration of tens of thousands cosmic metapolities joined together through signing of the Commonwealth Accords on grounds of economic ties, memetic congruity and shared empowerment.

The Commonwealth has become a prolific exporter of habitat blueprints, materials and construction services, followed by trading algorithms, high-toposophic hardware and software, Tipler Oracle devices and even luxurious baroquification strategies, for those willing to combine inscrutability with style.

Culture and politics:

Military forces: