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The Democratic Commonwealth of
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About the CIS (Archived)

Government: Parliamentary Commonwealth Republic
Prime Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Internal Affairs
Minister of Military Affairs
Minister of Justice
Minister of Human Rights
Supreme Court Justice
Director of the Commonwealth Intelligence Agency (CIA)

The Supreme Commonwealth Court
Supreme Court Justice
Minister of Justice(De-facto leader no real power within the court)
Junior Supreme Court Justice
Sophomore Supreme Court Justice
Freshmen Supreme Court Justice
Deputy Supreme Court Justice (has the same power as the other justices but is a beginner justice)

Legislature: Municipal
President of the Senate: Prime Minister
House of Representatives: Proposes bills that will eventual be passed to the Senate to be voted on, can declare war, and approves of the appointment of Ministers, Prime Minister, and Generals and Supreme Commanders.

Commonwealth Senate: Votes on laws, can impeach Senators and cannot impeach ministers and the Prime Minister who that power relies with the President. Can Declare War.

Director of Commonwealth Intelligence Agency
Minister of Military Affairs
Supreme Commander of Commonwealth Forces
Commander of the Commonwealth Troops, marines, and any land unit.
General of the Army

Political Parties are allowed and will be set up like real world political parties. The First Party that will be formed will be the "United Peoples Party"