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Tsar Casimir II Jagiellon of Slavonia

Tsar Casimir II Jagiellon of Slavonia

Casimir on his throne

Tsar of the Slavonian Empire


<Birth date> (age 112)
New Warsaw, Nova Polonia



Political Party:

Christian Coalition


Tsarina Mikalina (Divorced)




Nova Polonia Institution




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"There have been rumors that I have attempted to change the motto of the Empire to the word 'kurwa'. I swear, this is a falsehood."
- Tsar Casimir on being accused of changing the motto to a profane word during the April Incident

Casimir II is the current reigning monarch of the Empire of Slavonia. He is to marry Nunnally of Britannian south america soon.

Early Life

During his time as a Prince, Casimir spent 30 solar years serving in the fleet. He is a quality tactician and admiral. The story of how he got his eyepatch is a reasonably long one, but to summarize it: His mentor, the fleet admiral before him, lost his eye and decided to replace it with an eyepatch with nano-cameras (tiny cameras, so the eyepatch restores his eyesight like a replacement eye would) instead of a formal new eye. Casimir caught on to the look, and when Casimir lost an eye as well (turns out that's very common among Slavonian fleet personnel), he replaced it with an eyepatch as well - and eventually lost an arm and had it replaced with a mechanical arm, granting him increased strength.

Rise in Politics



Tsar Casimir's rule hasn't been particularly excellent, nor poor. He is considered a competent leader, with competent policies.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Monarchies, status quo, strong armies, colonization, nonaggression, constitutional monarchy, protecting weaker nations, Slavic people

  • Neutral: Capitalism, social democracy, absolute monarchy, democracies

  • Anti: Communism, warmongers, dictators, separatists

*Casimir has not actually stated his economic viewpoint, other than pointing out that he dislikes communism. His rule seems to be generally capitalist in nature.

Personal Information

Tsar Casimir is a strange, quiet personality. He rarely makes speeches and his public appearances are not too often. He is known by his subordinates to be a man of few words and rather blunt as well (not rude, however). He has revealed that he is 'a bit of a shut-in' and spends most of his free time watching movies in a dark room. He also reveals that he does like to work out and "[makes] sure that [his] robot arm is not used to make things easier."


I never liked communism. It's in my blood as a pole.
- Casimir's vague explanation of his economic policy after his coronation

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