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The Legions for Dummies. A TL;DR version of legionary culture.

So, a short summary.

The legions are a Theocratic Federation separated into four legions, each tasked with conquering and subjugating the entirety of a certain cardinal direction, with the Priest-Caste also being the Warrior-Caste. War and Law are the primary concerns of the government, and in it's absence of attention Corporations have achieved an almost ludicrous level of power and influence over the legionary economy, while they are technically still subservient to the government, the Lords generally leave them be, with the only common interference being preferences as to which corporation gets first pick of resources brought into the empire by new conquests.

Naming conventions generally hold that you have a formal name, that is given to strangers and usually consists of a caste-tag attached to a Hexadecimal number. For example, a diplomat's name could be DP-3F, and then there are nicknames, used between friends, which usually refer to some incident that cemented the friendship. A soldier who was rescued from an enemy camp by another might call them "Jailbreak" , a factory worker who returned anothers fallen tool might call the other "Butterfingers." These names usually stick and become semi-official.

Legionary society is biophobic to the extreme. They believe quite ardently that all non-sapient life is nothing more than a collection of vermin in need of extermination, and that even sapient life is distasteful. Their homeland is testament to this fact, and is little more than an irradiated, toxic, wasteland dotted with shining towers containing entire cities. They practice augmentative cybernetics heavily. Most citizens possessing 2-3 of their original major organs, with the remaining being replaced.

The Legions are semi-cannibalistic. The Warrior-Priest caste is well known for eating the bodies of the war-dead, even their own losses are consumed in this manner, albeit after the bionics are removed and stored away in an elaborate funeral rite. This practice is unusual, as it is an accepted fact that the "Pureblood" Genetically engineered citizens of the legions have next to no immune systems, how they avoid sickness and death from consuming humans is a mystery. When asked, they say they treat it but the method has never been determined.