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Recent Dominion Legislation Effects

The Leader Pharaoh Nyarlathotep is worshiped as a god.
The state funds the recreational drug habits of every citizen.
The nation has always been at war with Bigtopia.
Scientists regularly clone human beings for research purposes.
Organ Donation is Compulsory.
Euthanasia is Legal.
The nation's favourite colour is white!
Red text rains down from the heavens on the head of anyone who dares to step out of line.
Artists are pillars of society.
It's a common sight to see angry commuters with grenade launchers mounted on their vehicles.
Pharaoh Nyarlathotep is refusing to make decisions until the Moon is out of Capricorn
Randomly bombing neighboring countries has become the new national sport.
Citizens who don't attend the nation's massive military parades tend to disappear overnight.
People regularly disappear off the streets and all evidence of them is destroyed.
The police force is rumored to be made up of evil shadows with no souls.
Jack Russells have proven to be terrible spies.
Children spout "Anekh Brak Cthulhu" involuntarily throughout the day.
Businesses are forced to bring all work back within the nation's borders.
The study of medicine is popular throughout The Dunwich Dominion.
Priests are being drafted by the church load.
Any citizen who cries is immediately assigned a psychiatrist.
Science centers and state of the art laboratories are ubiquitous.
Construction of the Really Big Hadron Collider is underway.
All transmission towers have been temporarily diverted in order to establish dialogue with a comet.
Chemically brainwashed citizens praise Pharaoh Nyarlathotep's name on an hourly basis.
The military recognizes no difference between male and female soldiers.
Astronomers are flocking to The Dunwich Dominion to take advantage of its clear night skies.
Drills and shovels have been banned as the government cracks down on any means of fracking.
'The Anti-Government Hour' is a popular programme on many of The Dunwich Dominion's radio stations.
Much of The Dunwich Dominion's computer network is controlled by a rampant artificial intelligence.
The words 'private' and 'enterprise' must never appear in the same sentence.
Workers have seized control of the economy.
An increasing percentage of the population's youth have homosexual parents.
The recently unemployed can often be seen at the local homeless shelter.
Homeless people are periodically found dead upon altars to assorted deities.
Tourists from around the world come to visit the country's famous rainforests.
Soldiers are equipped with multi-million $$$ Battle-Suits.
Noises louder than a whisper have been prohibited by law.
Military spending recently hit a new high.
90% of active duty Dominion Legionnaire personnel have been laid off and replaced by 3 meter tall Killer Robots.
Military spending is on the increase.
All major public areas are watched by police surveillance camera.
Employers may fire workers without giving any reason.
High-income earners pay a 100% tax rate.
Bicyclists are banned from major roads.
The military has forsaken terrestrial warfare.
Groups of government workers are declared protected tribes if they venture too deep into the Capitol.
The Dunwich Dominion's schoolchildren are manufactured into a segregated bunch of soldiers, religious zealots, and computer technicians.
Illegal hunting is rife after veganism was recently made compulsory.
Goetia Grotto is a police state during international summits.
The nation's drinking water tends to glow green at night.
Parents live in fear of governmental 'child protection' squads.
Citizens who fail to follow the official national religion are executed.
UFO sightings are listed daily in the morning news.
The military is recruiting war criminals to join its weapons research teams.
Bizarre-looking creatures called 'Cosmic Octopusdogs' dominate wildlife preserves.
All government facilities are built in the subterranean citadel of Goetia Grotto.
The police crack down on tax evaders without mercy.
All recreational drugs are legal.
Invasive species are hunted by the Gendarmerie.
Citizens are frequently searched for illegal weapons.
The military is on a massive recruiting drive in advance of an invasion of Brasilistan.
Graffiti graces every city's streets.
Carpet bombing has decimated Brasilistan's landscape and population.
'Mountain Doobie' is widely regarded as the nation's favorite drink.
The Pacific holds its breath as nuclear warfare is being seriously considered.
Politicians are often seen with soldiers pointing guns at their heads.
The nation is weighing the price of victory following a nuclear strike.
Foreign governments are looking into weaponizing the infamous Dunwich Dominion Bee.
It is mandatory to learn evolution in schools.
The military invades any neighboring nation with the gall to criticize its policies.
Murderers frequently escape punishment by claiming they were protecting their honor.
Space shuttles regularly launch rubbish into space.
Shanty towns are forming in the suburbs of major cities.
Door-to-door salesmen are frequently beaten up by 'vigilantes.'
Toddlers are wielding machine guns in the name of national defense.
Firing squads regularly execute dissidents.
All new "spies" are fifteen-year-old acne-ridden kids on computers.
Fancy dress parties are raided by military police for new recruits.
The military invades any neighboring nation with the gall to criticize its policies.
Suppression of pro-democracy protests is a daily occurrence.
The military patrols the streets in search of possible secessionists.
Census workers struggle to account for the rapidly increasing number of citizens to tabulate.
Politicians are often found scavenging bins at night to supplement their income.It is illegal to make racist remarks in public.
Animal Liberation Activists are regularly jailed.
Niche industries catering to S&M enthusiasts has sprung up.
Murder rates are on the rise as the popularity of soylent products grows.
The roads are notorious throughout the region for their peril.
Suppression of pro-democracy protests is a daily occurrence.
Programs of questionable content are shown at peak-hours.
The nation's new foreign policy of 'very disproportionate retribution' has its neighbors on edge.
Flash floods that dams could have controlled regularly ravage small towns in mountain valleys.
The Dunwich Dominion's Medieval Faire is renowned as one of the best in the region.
All news sources are under strict government control.
The government is financing an extremely costly war against malaria.
A new generation of aquariumless hotels are being built under government supervision
Children are brainwashed at a young age to accept "Love and peace!" as a way of life.
The Dunwich Dominion's newly-famous raindances to summon storms instead attract tourists from all over the Pacific.
"Mantis Shrimp Studies" is academia's fastest growing field.
The government's religious works are headed by a New Age guru.
Mobile phone masts are being erected all over the country.
The education system is famed for its taxing exams.
School Uniforms are compulsory.
Citizens are emigrating to escape the bland cuisine.
Eight year-olds can be seen lighting up in public areas.
Cars speed down national highways while drivers sleep at the wheel.
Homeowners are evicted to make way for new runways.
The nation is reliant on the principle of mutually assured destruction to maintain its security.
The government funds large training centres to turn Cosmic Octopuses into functioning members of society.
The Dunwich Dominion's famous countrysides are shrouded by wind farms.
The government extracts trade concessions from poor nations in exchange for humanitarian aid.
Postmen have been arrested in job lots for selling junk mail as home insulation.
The government enforces a policy of 'from each according to their ability, to each according to the available budget.'
Guns are banned for civilians.
Cosmic Octopus is one of the most popular forenames in The Dunwich Dominion.
Newborns are being raised as mindless killing machines.
The nation leads the Pacific in per capita stalking.
The number of students attending university has reached a record high.
The government seizes private property for the 'good of the people.'
Late night adverts for breast milk co-ops regularly win pornography industry awards.
Teams of painters are converting road signs from horse lengths to kilometers.
Immigrant herding has become a national pastime.
The world outside is only known of in folklore.
Immigrants are asked to leave their cultural traditions and pride at the border.
Retirement homes are often fitted with luxurious suites.
The Dunwich Dominion's army is full of two-metre tall super-soldiers.
Citizens are forced to donate blood once every three months.
Criminals are executed and their property seized.
The government spends millions of Pacific Pearls every year prosecuting spammers.
Most of the military's funding goes into researching space-age weaponry.
Fearful citizens watch their every move as does their government.
The Dunwich Dominion's free colleges struggle to maintain standards in the face of overwhelming demand.
Recruitment posters proclaim the army to be both fabulous and fashionable.
The government is spending millions on renovating the public transportation system.
Citizens are regularly arrested in queues for 'loitering'.
Roads are often attended by round-the-clock construction crews.
Citizens are expected to be proficient in at least five languages.
The newly revamped army is so eager for action that it has trouble keeping the peace.
Self-driving cars obey the road rules even during emergencies.
The importance of winning Olympic gold medals is indoctrinated from an early age.
Hunters have been known to lose limbs while attempting to 'play tag' with their prey.
Political scientists despair as the national mascot election eclipses all others in voter enthusiasm.
The nation's train stations are widely considered to be the ugliest in the Pacific.
A typical fast food menu item could serve a small army.
The Dunwich Channel Tunnel project is plagued by delays.
Airship use has soared while property values beneath their routes have plummeted.
The latest Harry Potter book is a bestseller.
Emigrants arrive on foreign shores with nothing but pocket sand.
The mining industry has taken a hit from tighter environmental regulations.
Glittering new sports stadiums adorn every city and town.
Breastfeeding mothers are replacing smokers to loiter outside the workplace.
Phone taps are frequently carried out by the police.
Only AI know why the nation is rapidly increasing its semiconductor stockpile.
Frequent fliers are obliged to submit to invasive security procedures by government security
Teenagers performing appendectomies on their friends has become a popular schoolyard prank.
Murder victims' families receive windfall payouts when the murderers are executed.
Children as young as twelve are conscripted into the armed forces.
The controversial show 'Who Wants to be an Immigrant?' has become wildly popular.
Teenage fathers are forced to join the army.
Families are only permitted to have one child.
The wearing and manufacture of fur apparel is banned.
Public footpaths are being slowly eroded by the burgeoning number of ramblers.
Major internet servers have acquired citizenship.
The police use sound cannons and mortars to deal with loud parties.
Mining safety laws are often more expensive than what's being mined.
The government has begun selling heroin and ecstasy to help fund its projects.
Information Technology facilities are being turned into Cosmic Octopus habitats.
The "Underwear of Women in Power" issue of The Goetia Grotto Times is sold out.
Religious education is a new government priority.
People unhook their phones at night to escape a never-ending barrage of phone calls.
The government has undertaken a massive education and health program to combat VODAIS.
Wind farms are erected on shuttered oil platforms.
The country has been 'going shopping' by annexing nearby nations for their resources.
New safety regulations require all cars manufactured in The Dunwich Dominion to be bombproof.
Radio shows frequently feature people denouncing religion.
The Cosmic Octopus is protected from hunting and slowly coming back from the brink of extinction.
Several citizens have complained about scientists abducting their pets for experimentation.
There's a shortage of swinging hot spots as land development grinds to a halt.
The Dunwich Dominion National Academy regulates grammar and usage.
Racial and Religious segregation has become rife as the various groups loathe to mingle.
The Hanging Gardens account for half of Goetia Grotto's water use.
Citizens have reported seeing strange rays of light emanating from the moon.
A government program is underway to revitalize The Dunwich Dominion's beaches.
The newspaper industry is subsidized by the government in order to keep it afloat.
People reciting Shakespeare have become a common sight.
Most citizens in The Dunwich Dominion are abject pyrophobes after extremely graphic pamphlets were mailed nationwide by the government.
Conductors wield diamond-encrusted batons to fit in with their freshly gilded surroundings.
Hospitals are among the best-funded in the region.
City rooftops are pockmarked with the shattered remains of experimental delivery drones.
Rocket boots and thermal detonators have become standard-issue military gear.
The nation has recently been attributed to the funding of terrorist organisations.
Warfare increasingly resembles a video game.
Schools have extensive counseling programs for troubled students.
Stylish juvenile delinquents are highly over-represented in fatal motorcycle accidents.
Cars are banned from built-up areas.
There have been sightings of people walking around dressed in nothing but leopard-skin g-strings for 'religious reasons.'
Clowns are being rounded up and admitted to mental institutions.
The sound of wooden legs echo throughout The Dunwich Dominion after the recent introduction of the Foot Tax.
Rumor has it that the government was paid off by the mob to allow casinos to reopen.
Drunk drivers are sent to rehabilitation paid for by the mob.
It is a common belief that a sport isn't sport if there are no decapitations.
'Police Academy 36' and 'Sharknados On A Plane' are vying for top spot at the box-office.
A flood of mandatory divorces burden the courts.
There is a dearth of space for new houses.
The Dunwich Dominion Babysitters Club has proven to be a huge relief to stressed-out parents across the nation.
All mothers are allowed six months fully-paid maternity leave.
Citizens wishing to leave the country must surrender half their wealth to the government.
The government is cracking down on subversive groups.
Scientists recently cloned the long-extinct feather-bellied Cosmic Octopus.
Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is illegal.
Bus ads propagandize causes ranging from sexual revolution to religious pogroms.
Prisoners work-share to cut down rising costs of keeping them in jail.
The public health bureaucracy is wrapped in miles of red tape.
Citizens are bombarded with advertising from their compulsory miniature radios.
Birth rates have hit an all-time low.
The military has grudgingly released all top secret information in an effort for greater transparency.
Unemployed taxi drivers ironically use self-driving cabs to reach employment offices.
Popular political cartoonists are thrown in jail for inciting dissent.
Crime is on the rise as DNA sampling has been all but outlawed.
The nation is currently revamping its entire education system.
A historic rise in the minimum wage has crushed the economy with inflation.
The government has awarded itself a month-long holiday to celebrate its achievements.
Skateparks can be found in every city.
Citizens are tied down and forced to watch educational videos on empathy.
The government is well known for declaring war on other countries for suspected slights.
Stray cats threaten the fledgling avian-based internet.
Government officials across The Dunwich Dominion are being "encouraged" to adopt Cosmic Octopuses to set an example for the populace.
Discarded pennies litter the streets.
Pharmacies close down as medicinal drugs are sold freely by the government.
Citizens are barcoded to keep track of their movements.
Prime real estate is devoted to wind farms and solar energy generators.
Nuclear warheads are frequently launched into space as a warning to invading meteoroids.
Public intoxication has decreased ever since fraternities were banned.
Female newsreaders distract the nation by breastfeeding during broadcast.
All gamers have been drafted into the military despite their lack of upper body strength.
The Dunwich Dominion Arts Council pays teenagers to sit through opera performances.
Leather-clad individuals can be seen walking their slaves in public parks.
Saturday morning cartoons feature full frontal nudity.
Rare art has become a significant factor in negotiating all foreign trade agreements.
Chickens roam the streets freely.
Teenagers haven't been seen outdoors since the nation reconnected to the Internet.
Nude art is becoming wildly popular.
Children are regularly seen wagering pocket money at blackjack tables.
Adultery has been made a capital offence.
Traveller camps regularly block five-lane superhighways.
Human tissue is grown in vats as a delicacy as well as for transplants.
Unpopular cops are fired at a moment's notice by the citizens they police.
Colonial citizens are forced to sing the praise of the "Great Dunwich Dominion Liberator".
Billions of Pacific Pearls are being blown on orbital weapons development.
Archaeological discoveries are often followed by mysterious hamster abductions.
Emergency room admissions for 'stampede injuries' have skyrocketed since the introduction of weekly Sabbath Eve sales.
Dozens of additional foreign policy specialists have been sent to the country's WA Mission.
Computer users are buried daily in thousands of unsolicited emails.
Eminent domain has been abolished.
Government-run brothels can be found on every street corner.
Soldiers go to war dressed in cassocks and robes.
Rare art has become a significant factor in negotiating all foreign trade agreements.
Leather-clad individuals can be seen walking their slaves in public parks.
Animal Liberationists are regularly jailed.
Dominion Armed forces are locked in an expensive and bloody war abroad to stamp out possible terrorists.
It is a crime to offend someone's religious beliefs.
Pharaoh Nyarlathotep has been declared supreme ruler for all eternity.
Military spending is on the increase.
Tourists are forbidden to enter Native Dunwich Dominion lands.
A primitive society is being eroded as its youth flock to the modern world.
Tourists from around the world come to visit the country's famous rainforests.
Manual labourers must be willing to have cybernetic limbs to get a job.