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Defensive Condition (Def-Con) Levels

Def-Con 0: peace (P.O.D.'s military stance at even this level is equivalent to the U.S.A.'s Def-Con 3)
Def-Con 1: War with another nation
Def-Con 2: War with two or more nations
Def-Con 3: Advanced war with another nation
Def-Con 4: Advanced war with two or more nations
Def-Con 5: War with the world
Def-Con 6: Advanced war with the world
Def-Con 7: Loss of control in space (Loss of ability to safely launch supplies into orbit)
Def-Con 8: Loss of all orbital systems
Def-Con 9: Loss of at least forty Percent (40%) of the national population
Def-Con 10: "Absence Protocol"
Def-Con xXx: Class four chemical or biological weapon spill/attack

Advanced warfare is defined as a war in which The Dictatorship is playing a mainly defensive role.

Def-Con xXx is a localized Defensive Condition level and has only been used on a national scale in one incident.

Def-Con 10, referred to as the "Absence Protocol" is the Defensive Condition that is set when The Dictatorship has lost no less than sixty percent (60%) of its military and law enforcement personnel. Upon reaching Defensive Condition Level Ten, the remainder of The Dictatorship's nuclear fission missiles, nuclear fusion missiles, and Neutron missiles would be launched at all non-ally nations' capital cities as well as all non-ally nations' ten (10) most highly populated cities. The remainder of The Dictatorship's biological missiles, chemical missiles, and bio-chemical missiles would be launched at and detonated randomly in all non-ally nations' airspace.

Current Def-Con level: Def-Con 0