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"May I just say I think you are awesome. I really like the pictures you bring us."-Sulania

"We should pay you to do this. Seriously, you're doing an excellent job."-New babylonia

"No. We do not like you. We love you!"-Olthar

"Herp you are awesome."-The Time Alliance

"Herp posts the cutest and most adorable pony pics."- Auzkhia

"DDRoH is now Thread Cheese Sandwich. *nods*"-Auzkhia

"Congratulations, you've won the world's adoration as the best Derpy-based nation on NS!"- Lolloh

"You win shiny digital medal for best provider of pictures."-Sulania

"My bro, you are hereby approved by the Equestrian Deparment of Awesome, go meet Ms. Derpy Hooves for final approval"-Equestican

"I love you :') Platonically"-Equestican

"Te amo mucho, platonically."- Equestican

"You're a cool dude, Herp."-Ameriganastan

"I have deduced from many long hours of studying the subject that Herp is impossible to hate. Unless you hate cheerfulness; in which case the door's over there."-Slorch

"<3"- Aelarus




You're da best."- Sinovet

"Herp is love, Herp is life"-Equestican

" are best Bambi."-Sinovet

"Herp is best pone poster ever"-Equestican

"I think you are cool."-Trevor Phillip Enterprises

"Your pictures are the best!"-Western Vale Confederacy

"Derp is 10/10 pictures."-Equestria and Griffon

"Derp rekts,so if Derpy rekts,Herp rekts harder."-Equestria and Griffon

"People Love You, Nations Love You, I LOVE YOU."-Fashie

"Banned for being the coolest"-Fashie

"<3 for you!"-Kraeshia

"Everything, Herp's charisma, Herp's Derpiness, his weapons...."- Haja-Mishu, when asked "What's the scariest thing about Herp's military?"

"I submit to the will of the Derpchicken!"- Roma byzantina

"Your graph lines got no chill man lol."-The new fandom republic

"If I'm correct you are the first person I seen with a factbook about the nice things people say about you. Shows you care."-Thonegroth

"You were cool enough to have an entire backlog of quotes dedicated to how awesome you are."-Liberty and Alderney

"I love your sig, flag, name, and online persona!"- New Polypontia

"They're cool. :)"-Portugal 28XX

"Accept their hugs because hugs are amazing"- Katyuscha

"Cool, yet not as cool as its' owner!"-New Polypontia on Herp's military.

"nice factbook bro"- The Republic of Est du Canada

"Dude,You can hang with me irl. That's how awesome you are. I bet you sweat swag."-The new fandom republic

"It's always fun to see u around."- Galindo Prime

Best NS ever"- Etarr

"So, what we do know for sure, is that Herp is a silly pony."- New babylonia

"Somepony's got a nice sign!"-Marethian Lupanar of Teladre

"one of the best allies and nations i know. "-The Salvatagard Republic


" -Quidomne

"Is that really you? I always thought you were a Female Canadian brony in her late teens or early twenties."- Tokuopolis

"Long ago, the parties worked together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Conservatives attacked. Only Trudeau, master of politics could stop them, but when Canada needed him most, he died. Ten years have passed and my brother and I have discovered the new Trudeau, a man named Justin and while rhetorical skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he can stop Harper. But I believe Trudeau can save Canada..."- Kelinfort (not about me but is so awesome I had to put it here)

""This Jesus guy, you know? He's been keeping us waiting, like what, 2000, 3000 years? And what has President Obama done? He's decided to wait more. We're tired of waiting. China is beating our economy while we're waiting. Mexicans are jumping the border and raping people, and we're still waiting. And do you know what happens when we wait? We lose. That's why we don't win anymore. We're all waiting for this Jesus guy. You know what I say? I say this is America and we don't wait. We don't lose. I've got a plan to end the waiting. Now get this, this is gonna be Yuuuge. I'm going to be the anti-Christ and force the guys hand. The waiting game will be over, I guarantee it. America wins again. Look, I love Jesus. I think he's a great guy. A big proponent of my wall. He said I have the best tax plan too. It's right there in Two Corinthians. Don't believe me, go look, you'll find it, I guarantee it. He comes back, he carpet bombs China and Mexico, and Boom! America wins again, I guarantee it. #MakeJesusGreatAgain" - Idzequitch, this is the best thing

"Cool flag"-The Democratic Republic of CONFEDERATION OF HALANDIA

"I am greatestbanks, and thank you."- GreatestBanks

"Awwww, thanks *hugs* "-

"Water slides? I know a few things about water slides. People ask me about them all the time. Important people. Raiders like destroying water slides. Caelapes? Hates 'em. I know. I hear these things from important people. Raiders? They'll come smash your water slides to pieces. Probably tag whatever's left, too. Terrible things, tags. Just terrible."- Edward Rump senpai noticed me!

"'re essentially the Vermin supreme of NS.

You now have a theme song.

'My name is Derpy
My name is Derpy
Derpyyyy Supreme

My name is Derpy
My name is Derpy
My name is Derpy Derpy Derpy Supreme

And you can vote
And you can vote
And you can vote for me for president
(If you want to)

And my name is Derpy, and uh...


Ok, thanks very much for coming out today. And one more thing, um, I, uh, Jesus told me to make Randy Terry gay."- Ancient humans

When asked 'Did I do a good campaign' Barapam said:

"Absolutely! It was just as silly as you aimed for!"- Barapam

" This is why you should have dominated the election."- Gurori on this WA submission

"I remember you as Cookie Monster Eyes. Some times the avatar sticks but the name doesn't."- San Marlindo

"Just wanted to let you know that I laugh everytime I see your flag.
Its just so dDeERppppppYYY!" Nova roma et agros captos

"Hold X to laugh hysterically. Hold Y to act funny."- Aterria, describing my nation as a video game perfectly

"Very silly.
Sometime excessively silly.
Keep on being silly, mate!"- Adst world on whether or not I'm silly

"Your like the best guy in Nationstates"-Havenburgh
"You are the greatest man ever in the whole wide world" - Havenburgh

MARRY ME." - The princes of the universe

"Oh thank you! I love yours. Seeing it instantly cheers me up every time I see it. ^^" - Luminesa on my flag

"WWT: World War Trump
Its gonna be YUUGE
Coming to a theater near you."- Australian antarctica

""Sir what's our strategy?"
"It's gonna be great lemme tell ya."" - Internationalist bastard

"I wish. He'd count two votes, and then Remain would de facto win because he'd still be counting a decade later." -Conscentia on Gabe Newell counting the brexit vote

"This is a Very High level of equality and human rights offered to LGBT+ people. As its name suggests, this country is fun-loving enough to let love be love, and it revels in its reputation as such. Extremely progressive, happily liberal, derpily herpy, the Derpy Democratic Republic of Herp deserves its excellent score."- The arthurian isles

" I lol'd so hard, never expected to see that outfit!" -Calimera II

"Thanks. Now I need NASA to send a space probe to get my sides back."-Frenline delpha

" That's awesome."-USS Monitor

" *rofl* "-Soldati senza confini

" Call my mom and Doctor, im dying."-The balkens

"You definitely have my vote because it takes balls to wear such an outfit you did with fantabulous humor." - Nanatsu no tsuki

"He's also got my vote. It does take balls to wear such a humorous outfit."-Soldati senza confini

"And who doesn't love a guy that can make them laugh? Humor is totally sexy."-USS Monitor

From Calimera II to USS Monitor
they were reacting to my Sexiest/Cutest NS'er 2016 entry. viewtopic.php?f=20&t=383985&p=29474742#p29474742

"0/10 - Wish i lived there tbh. Or at least being able to go there on vacations will be cool." - Liberty and alderney

" he rocked that tutu" - Nanatsu no tsuki

"Preemptive congrats to Herp. Our category has been upstaged by a ballerina. Never change, NS :P"- Idzequitch

"He started his engines. Now the best ballerina will win. o/"- Nanatsu no tsuki

"Just curious, do you have both x-chromosomes? Or only one of them :P" -Ishvaen

"Very fab! I exploded with euphoria seeing your entry, soooo awsome"- Ishvaen

My take on your flag." - Yy4u

The following quotes happen November 8th- to 9th


"I love all of you. Truthfully, I do. I take none of this personally and I don't mean to upset anyone if I have. I'm just happy that the guy I wanted to win is likely going to get in. That's all."Kravanica

"I don't think Herp hates anyone. He's a very good person."-Wisconsin9

"Herp is incapable of hatred. He's just a snuggly teddy bear. :)"- Kollin

"I'd vote the stuffing out of you."- Futrellia

"My first act would be that everyone in America gets a can of silly string!"- Me, silly.
"YES! Bro your my hero.


"Night! *hugs*"-Jolthig

"I love you too derpy."- Ostroeuropa

"You're such a good person... Goodniht. *hugs*"- Liriena

"Friendship triumphs all.

Goodnight. *hugs*"-Frenequesta

"Still love you though Derp. *hug and kiss"- Jerzylvania


I admire you. :3" - Liriena

"First tutus and now cake? Dude, you're a star."- Nanatsu no tsuki

"I was right. He is adorkable. :P"- The princes of the universe

"He is. :P"- Liriena

"The world needs more silly right about now."- The princes of the universe (November 10, 2016)

"The tutu, cake face and the chicken suit... gotta love you, Derpy."-Nanatsu no tsuki

"Healthy, wholesome silly."-Liriena

"Thou art a silly goose. :p *hugs*"- The princes of the universe

"My body is an amusement park."-Lunatic goofballs

Debate night 2020:

"*sniff* WRONG, I'm right, I'm the smartest, believe me, bigl-"(Trump)

"Mr. President, Mr. President, imma let you finish..."(Kanye)

"I bet Anne Frank would vote for me" (Justin Bieber)

(Fred)"*Agitated screeching*" - Valrifell

"PETA makes everything a bad idea."- USS Monitor

"Would that not be.... electile dysfunction?"- Katganistan

"^This" -Farnhamia

"I'm a very progressive Claus and don't believe you can be objectively good or bad,
but subjectively you've been a very good lad!"-Secret santa claus

"I'm gonna give it a tentative papal seal of approval. :P"- Liriena

"I give it a thumbs up. "-Sareva

"I have no clue why 40k fans are tarnishing the holy name of the Emperor of Mankind, Trump is clearly a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch."-St salvador

"Also a big shoutout to Gordon Freeman for campaigning like a madman to make sure it doesn't pass.

*hugs*" - Roavin

In response to 'Am I still a good Rudolph, Santa?'- The Derpy Democratic Republic Of Herp

"Of course! Your intention are good :)"- Secret santa claus

"Congrats to you too, Derpers. I don't think anyone better could've won your category."- Nanatsu no tsuki

"...Trump's words are meaningless..."- Blakk Metal

"You art a truly wise man, Herp."- The holy empire of the spaghetti monster

"How would you keep the nose bright if you start getting substandard store brand yeyo?"-Gauthier

"[I am a]Sparkly Unicorn
You unicorn of otherworldly allure! Youíre the classic example of unicorn perfection, and itís no wonder, because you LITERALLY SPARKLE. Shine on like the lovely, perfect unicorn that you are."- Linksome quiz I did

" The Twilight of TET."- Sungai pusat

"Because sparkly. Or something. :D
Doesn't actually fit, tbf. Maybe you're more like the Pinkie/Derpy of TET. Or something." -Sungai pusat


"So yuuge that not even Donald Trump's ego is that big."- The serbian empire

"5:1 to Actually change the bulb 2 to man a circus cannon 1 to blow silly string everywhere and lastly 1 to hold a lampshade container." - Vaniri

"Herp is The Messiah confirmed."Sareva

"Hello, oh sexy one"-Idzequitch

"A WINNER IS HERP"- The supreme magnificent high swaglord

"You win The HIGH SWAG-AWARD for LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT."- The supreme magnificent high swaglord

"Since Herp made this thread. Herp is now my home dawg. HERP IS the real OG."-Republic of tacos

"No, you're funny all the time."- Hetalia dakota 2 ii

"To be honest, I hadn't even really considered what it would look like flying til you said that. It's an awful presumption that it would ever get high enough to get "shot down" in any meaningful sense. That conglomeration of scrap metal and lawnmower parts, even if finished, would never achieve rotation speed.

But since you said that, I pictured them trying, and I laughed again.

That's probably the best mental image I'll get all week. Thank you for that." - Galloism (context)viewtopic.php?p=30933523#p30933523

"You do some of the cutest "thank you" posts in the mod forum. I liked the Rudolf bit with the glowing nose."- USS Monitor

"From your post history, you seem to be one of the few genuinely good people that I know.

I am giving you a title. From now on you are Sir Herp the Merciful."- The supreme magnificent high swaglord

"Best formal attire ever"- Thermodolia

"I have been on this game on 8 nations and have interacted with you every time and when ever I see your flag I smile"- Vamenlac

"I love you."-Liriena

"That's the best version of that joke I've ever seen. Well played, good sir/madam. You win an internet."- Izandai on this joke : viewtopic.php?p=31620253#p31620253

"You have my like sir, that was nice."- The Huskar Social Union On this viewtopic.php?p=32552042#p32552042

"Thanks alot dude I really appreciate it."- LinkProtonjon

"Happy Birthday, best nation in TSP!"-Stronk russian states

"Herp is Gaston Rapunzel."-The supreme magnificent high swaglord

"Goodnight Herp. You fill our days with joy!"- The south falls

"Aww, Herp!! Of course we support you! We love you hun!!
And you're not weird at all, you're perfect! ^_^"- Si-topia

"You've been very Herp-ful."-The Holy Therns

"Never change, Herp. :D" - USS Monitor

"Agreed. Herp often lightens the mood."- Pax Nerdvana