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(Sosani) Lymarce IV, Highest Orator of the Cult of Xl

Born thirty million years ago on the Cult's very home planet Teeth itself to his predecessor Lymarce III (full name Yorsi Lymarce), Sosani Lymarce is a healthy, active, extremely intelligent but perhaps introverted and distant-minded Snow Voxen (Vulpine/fox anthro aliens) academic who rose to the throne at the age of 24 following his father's voluntary entrance into the Onyx Forest and consumption by Xl herself. He is most widely known for his action to increase the production of Transfiguration devices by any means necessary, and providing with them the means for the public citizenry to enter the Onyx Forest and be consumed by Xl themselves. Though introverted, he is capable of giving extremely compelling and energetic speeches and sermons, a skill he has perfected his whole life.

Sosani, as of yet, has not married or produced offspring. He does, however, have two sisters and his mother, who he has an extreme level of respect and care for, almost to the point of overprotective paranoia. If there is one thing that can be said of Sosani with absolute certainty, it is that his love for his mother and sisters is almost to the point of obsession. They, along with him, live in the Governance Building on Teeth's northern pole.

As a Voxen, Sosani possesses lowered physical strength than the average Human, a tall stature of 6'6", and a slender build. This is due to his species' evolutionary adaptation to their low-gravity homeworld of Vox. With a surface gravity of only 0.72g, Earth-like gravity is very uncomfortable for him without the use of his abilities (see below), or medications. However, this is much more than made up for with his species' natural magical abilities (The technical term is 'Afterffinity'). Sosani's afterffinity is such that he can supply enough kinetic and F-force (fundamental forces) manipulation to stop a speeding car from one hundred miles an hour to a standstill in less than two seconds, and slow small arms fire to a dead stop in the middle of the air. His skill with Afterspace manipulation is also fine enough to cause great discomfort, heavy confusion, and basic cognitive manipulation within organic brains. He can also influence electronic systems through the manipulation of electromagnetism. Beyond this, he takes regular martial arts training, but will still usually get his vulpine butt handed to him by an average untrained human without access to his abilities.