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Developed in the late 1980s under Freedom Loving President Reagan, the M-113-OA Space-Gavin is the worlds first, only, and bestest Sub-Orbital Freedom Delivery Vehicle. Built to allow the American Military to dispatch FREEDOMTM anywhere in the world within 30 minutes, the Space-Gavin represents the pinnacle of Armored Vehicle Technology. The Space-Gavin consists of 3 components. The first component is the booster rocket.The booster rocket, derived from a USAF Mid-sized launch vehicle, is a two-stage design with two LOX/Kerosene Engines on the first stage, and a singe LOX/LH Engine on the upper stage. The second component is the Eagle Lifting Body Re-entry sled. The Eagle fits over the front and bottom of the M-113 and both controls and protects the vehicle during Reentry and landing. The Eagle also contains the life-support systems for space-flight and allows the M-113 to undertake orbital Maneuvers,such as rendezvousing with a Space Station or Orion warship. The final component is the M-113-OA Itself. The M-113-OA is a heavily modified M-113 Gavin which carries the crew and passengers into battle.

Space-Gavin Stats:
Weight 13.6 Short Tons (18 w/ Sled, 150 tons w/ Booster)
Length 15 ft 11.5 in ( 22' w/ Sled, 111' 6.583" w/Booster)
Width 8 ft 9.7 in ( 10' w/ Sled, 23' w/ Booster)
Height 8 ft 2 in ( (8' 6" w/ Sled, 23' w/ Booster)
Crew: 2 (Pilot, Commander) w/ 10 Passenger
Range: 10,000 Miles
Armament: 1 x .50 Cal Machine gun

First Stage: 2 x LOX/Kerosene Rocket engines
Second Stage: 1 x LOX/LH Rocket engine
Landing Sled: 2 x Rocket engines
Assault Vehicle: Detroit Diesel 6V53T, 6-cylinder diesel engine