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The Armed Republic of
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Quotes about Chuck According to NS Pals

Here are some quotes about Chuck or aspects of Chuck's nation from his NS friends and acquaintances.
"With enough "Boom", anything is possible." - Valentine Z
Chuck man, According to Fallen Albali:
Chuck Man
+ Can use a gun
+ Knows how to be safe. Probably
- Literally his life is all guns
- His bed is made of guns
- You need help
The Chuck is selling some weapons(as usual) - Ukraniumstan
"I do not like these people! I MEAN. WHO. THE. ####. GIVES. A. BABY. A. #######. GUN?!"

-Dumbfounded Seargant of the 25th infantry division

" say that there is a gun behind every blade of grass in Chuck would be an understatement."
"Unlike war profiteering, taxation is morally acceptable."
"I don't consider Chuck to be a reliable source of information on account of all the smokeless powder he snorts"
Hands off the merch

Become the primary arms provider for all sides in a regional civil war and ensure it continues for at least seven months

You have a gun. Your wife has a gun, All three of your children have guns, including the baby. Your dog and cat have guns. The fish swimming in their little bowl have guns. The birds singing on the powerlines? They have guns. There's paintings in your house of people holding guns, and the guns are real. The statue in front of your house has a gun too, and everyone else's house is well armed, down to the basement cellar where Johnny Incel lives, and keeps concealed behind his waifu pillow a katana... and a M134 minigun.
There's a gun behind every blade of grass, they say. Well, no, because every blade of grass has a gun too, and the ants and bugs crawling amongst those blades of grass have guns too. There's guns in the trees, in the bushes, in the tidepools and puddles, every street corner, and every hospital, synagogue, church, school, fire department, insurance agency, wine cellar, bar, swimming pool, strip club and cafe is an arsenal of its' own. Even the very particles of air you breathe are proudly bearing arms.

The only thing I could say is they probably couldn't fistfight worth crap since they have all those guns, but who cares? Guns. Guns everywhere.

"The Chuck, really a masterpiece. Who else can list firearms like a waiter listing food on the menu" - Memorable NSers' 2019 edition
"The Chuck operates 1,631 nuclear powered aircraft carriers. nuff said"