by Max Barry

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The Union of
Corrupt Dictatorship

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History, Map and Overview

During the 1920s, the world was a mess and the Kolechia was losing it's grip on it's eastern lands. These Eastern lands declared their independence and united to form Arstotzka, a republic different from that of the rest of the world. The Republic was never a real republic, inequality, corruption and weak government made the Arstotzkan state weak and so the Kolechians could just storm the country with their armed forces. The Arstotzkans had to broker peace with the Kolechians to win there independence and so they did in 1924 where mutual trade deals were created and the two nations rebuild itself, well actually just Kolechia. Arstotzka and it's politicians had agreed to a stupid trade deal of there time and as Kolechia gets better, Arstotzka deteriorates. The Arstotzkan Government is not making anything better, the people were absolutely livid and the Arstotzkan social order was overthrown and was replaced by a new one. The Arstotzkan Laborer's Party promised it's people to make Arstotzka stronger and better. Many men and women rejoiced and the brand new authority is put into place in 1945. Arstotzka rapidly industrialized and it's working conditions improved and so did housing and the infrastructure, however the catch was the full allegiance to the communist party no matter what. No party nor person shall threaten the will of the people, political opposition was shutdown, people were dragged out of their homes and executed for being alleged "dissidents" and protest was put down, harshly. In 1976, Arstotzka is strong and will be put up to the test, they expanded east to discover new territories and took them and for the last few years have been building cities out them such as the cities of Paskov, Yuzhno and Vokrai. The 6 Year war broke out between Kolechia and Arstotzka, Arstotzka made the offensive and caught the Kolechians off guard but the Kolechians created stiff resistance and as a result the war was not easy. Kolechia had suffered serious economic loss after the Communists took power and so Kolechia was not in a position ti fight and eventually lost. It had been years since The 6-Year War with neighboring Kolechia and both nations still feel bitter about each other. The city of Grestin was divided into two, West Grestin by Kolechia and East Grestin for Arstotzka. A border checkpoint was established and people from the post-war Kolechia and other countries can immigrate through there. Despite the peace, tensions between the Kolechians and Arstotzkans remain cold as Kolechian nationalists commit acts of terror on the city after the war ended in 1982. Presently, Arstotzka is the strongest military power in the region and has a heavy mass production capabilities. Aside from that, Arstotzkan health care and surgery is actually high quality for a communist state.

Glory to Arstotzka