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Brought to you by The Ministry of Production

The Economy of Arstotzka is built upon many reforms, plans and a set of goals. The very first goals for economic development
happened when the Communist party took power through a violent revolution. The plan "Modernization and Work Program" was to create jobs
by upgrading and creating new industries and working in those industries. It was set forth by The Ministry of Production (M.O.P.) by the central planners in 1946.
Other projects were the military modernization program which lasted for 5 years after 1946 for the upcoming against Kolechia in 1976 and finally the "Economic Totalization Reformation". Arstotzka's economic plans also eradicated lots unemployment and now the country has a 96% Employment rate. The Economic improvements had created much better standards of living, better infrastructure and the people have healthier diets now that food processing has been created and agrarian produce increased.
The Gross Domestic Product is 9.8649 Trillion Arstotzkan Credits (170,060,000 USD) and GDP per capita of 1,200 Arstotzkan Credits (18.55 USD). The salary is low because the taxation is high and the prices are so low and everyone is payed the same as wealth is distributed equally. Prices are low, very low, a refrigeration device costs 100 credits, basic food like fish and cow costs 20 Credits, heat is only 50 credits and so on and so forth. The Infrastructure is invested upon heavily during the Modernization and Work Program as new roads and public transport is built to help reduce traffic and accidents by creating commuter trolleys and the brand new bullet train project scheduled to be started on July 17, 2019. Current Infrastructure is reliable enough, public transit in Arstotzka however is still a great way to go around when you have no vehicles or Credits to spare for a car.

Production: 12 Million Barrels per day
Consumption: 3 Million Barrels per day
Reserves: 85 Billion barrels

Labor Force: 182 Million
Merchant Marine Strength: 1,430
Major Ports and Terminals: 7
Roadway Coverage: 1.1 Million
Railway Coverage: 91K
Serviceable Airports: 1K