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The Nikopol Empire and Archoncy of
Scandinavian Liberal Paradise

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Archon Cedric the First

Their Imperial Highness, Archon Cedric, the 28th Emperor of Nikopol and her dependencies, Grand Protector of the Asali-Gaedrean Union, High Lord of the Archoncy of Thama.
Teir Raiks Elvan, Arkon Cedrik, des 28es Raiker ov Nikopol ed teir dependenkis, Egros Vokt ov des Asali-Gaedrik Raiksunion, Elvan Erker ov des Arkoncy ov Thama
Italic text in brackets denotes Ostspeak, for instance as Cedric (Cedrik) where the name "Cedric" is the English form of the Ostspeak "Cedrik"

Their Imperial Highness the 28th Emperor of Nikopol
Grand Protector of Asalien and Gaedrea
High Lord of the Archoncy of Thama
Cedric Malcolm Stargard

Cedric Stargard, Black Phoenix Guard Armour (1848)

Stargard Coat of Arms


Personal Info]


September 32nd, 1821


Northern Territory, on board
Interstate Express train




Archon Angela II of house Stargard

Nathan Sam Stargard-Hels


The Blue Palace, Imperial City, Swifter Landing

Sun Spire, Roanoke

Torchlight Mountain, Northern Territory

Novengard Palace, Burnhart

Red Citadel, Forkastel


N/A, Male in Gendered Languages

Sexual Orientation:

N/A, Pansexual in Terran terms

Ideology Info

Political Ideology:

Federal Monarchist

Economic Ideology:


"Do you think we should change the name? 'Deathsea' makes me feel like we're evil." - Their Imperial Highness while visiting Thesas.

Born Sept. 32nd 1821 (27 years ago), the current Archon of Thama and the Emperor of Nikopol, Kratesia, Nisivasil, Shiramor, Mat, the Dazels, and the Nikopolian barriers.

Early Life
Cedric Malcolm Stargard (Kedrik Malkom Stargard), born Laure Cyril Stargard (Laure Cirill Stargard) to Their Imperial Highness Archon Angela II (Angela Stargard) and Their Royal Highness the King consort Nathan Stargard-Hels (Nažane Sam Hels) under less than ideal circumstances on board a Thaman Interstate Express train, Cedric adopted his proper name at the age of 6.

The king died in Dodecember 1828, pushing his wife out of the way of a truck during a terrorist attack. As a result, Cedric and his then-not-yet-born siblings (Her Imperial Highness was one month pregnant at the time) grew up without their father. Cedric's siblings, fraternal twins, were named Nathaniel and Samantha (Natanel and Samante) in honour of their father.

Cedric was educated, as is custom, at a public primary school under his fathers bachelor surname (Hels) for privacy reasons. At first, this was a school in one of the capital cities - Roanoke - but after his fathers death and the birth of his siblings, the family moved to the Shiramor islands where he and his siblings lived with his mother's cousin, Lord (Erker) Karl Drachen, and attended a school in the small town of Helimore while his mother ran the nation from the Forkastel Citadel. Once he turned 12, the family moved back to the Imperial City and Cedric attended the Technikum number 5 in Swifter Landing.
He attended college at the Capital University, Roanoke, majoring in Biochemistry and Ancient Humanities. During his time at the University, part of Cedric's hair was permanently chemically bleached by a fellow student as part of a prank, which forces him to dye it. Also around this time, his deep interest in Ancient Humanities and space earned him the nickname "Stardust," which was later much to his annoyance picked up on by the press.

On the 11th of Bicember 1846, Archon Angela II abdicated the throne in favour of Cedric and disappeared a week later with her personal regiment of Imperial Eagle Marines. She returned, seemingly alone, for her son's coronation on the 26th of Hexember, and disappeared once more the following day. Her whereabouts are still unknown, and Cedric has stated that he shall honour his mother's wishes and not seek her out.

Reign and Ideology
Since his coronation, Their Imperial Highness has not yet forcibly passed any legislation through the Congress, and has acted mostly as just another independent Lord in the Imperial Senate. He has threatened to Veto several legislations if they were to pass through the Congress, but so far none have done so, as he shares positions with the largest party in the Federal Diet, as well as both the Eastern and Western guilds (which are traditionally royalist but otherwise oppose eachother) - giving him defacto majority power in the Diet.

His policies are personally quite libertarian - he supports personal autonomy in the highest regard, believing that personal freedom is important and that the government, his government, exists to protect the freedom of the people to live as they like. He is however fiercely authoritarian when politics are concerned, and believes that unchecked democracy will only lead to corruption and an eventual fascist dictatorship, which his enemies are quick to point out is fairly hypocritical.

Economically, he supports syndicalist views - allowing the market to be regulated by trade unions with little input from the government past upholding anti-monopoly laws, minimum wages, universal public health and education, and his own universal basic income project.

His foreign policy has brought attention to the Nikopolian Empire from abroad, his increasingly belligerent and imperialist stance on international trade and the sovereignty of nations in the Thaman sphere of influence often viewed as highly aggressive by others, and his expansionist and assimilationist policies concerning the Dunkairu, the native sapients of the southern continents, have angered many anticolonialists and the few Xenoanthropologists in existence.

Currently in the fourth year of his reign, Their Imperial Highness remains without an heir, making both of his younger siblings (twins) the heirs apparent. Their Imperial Highness is romantically involved with a fellow student from CU Roanoke, Leon Adler. Their Imperial Highness officially resides in the Blue Palace in the Imperial City with his siblings, but actually lives day-to-day at his father's Royal Penthouse in the Sun Spire in Roanoke, with his partner Leon. Recreationally he enjoys long distance running, tennis, metalworking, and skiing, as well as reportedly online gaming. He has frequently been criticised for his excessive vacationing and has spent almost half of his time as monarch on recreational leave.

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Political Opinions

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Resurrection of the ancient human interstellar "empire", Nikopolian hegemony, Unification of Asnea, Dunkairu integration, Big stick diplomacy, (virtually) Absolute personal freedom, Monarchy, Syndicalism, civil egalitarianism

  • Neutral: Communism, Market socialism, absolute egalitarianism

  • Anti: free markets, liberalism, archaic civil rights beliefs

Five Dimensional Political Compass

8values Test

Personal Life
Their Imperial Highness is in a relationship with fellow CU Roanoke Astrophysics student Leon Adler. They are not yet married and have disclosed no plans for marriage anytime soon. Cedric also has many intimate partners among his friends, many of whom are shared with Leon.

For the most part, Cedric manages to have a pretty normal personal life for a person of his age. While there are very rarely times when he is without his personal guard, they are trained well to blend in, as is Cedric himself. In his own words, "In Roanoke, even the Emperor can be anonymous."

Cedric reserves his weekends for personal affairs, and only breaks this convention for important votes in the Diet which he nonetheless votes on from his Rein [a personal computer and Elknet port, equivalent to a 21st century smartphone]. He has also taken at least two months of recreational leave every year of his reign. He still exercises his Congressional powers through his Rein during leaves, but is otherwise unavailable for comments, public appearances, interviews, etc.


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