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Thakian Armed Forces (OUTDATED)

The Thakian Armed Forces

Flag of the Thakian Army

Flag of the Thakian Air Force

Flag of the Thakian Navy

The Thakian Armed Forces, also known as the Thakiëntenangkswalf in Sacrystum, is the 2nd largest fighting force in Terra Nova. They serve as the Kingdom of Thakia's primary combat force and first line of defense from the forces which threaten the country and its inhabitants.

The Thakian Armed Forces has 7,1 Million active personnel across all its branches and 3.8 Million reserve personnel, in case of invasion the army can enable conscription and grow their numbers to around 48 Million.

The Thakian Armed Forces consist of three branches that are independent of each other, each branch of the armed forces has their own manufactures, research, recruitment offices and bases.

The Thakian Army

The Thakian Army is the land branch of the Thakian Armed Forces.

The Thakian Army is renowned for their Stoic nature in the face of overwhelming odds, along with maintaining a prolific pride for both marksmanship and armored combat, The Thakian Army trains its troops in the arts of Ambush and Reconnaissance tactics including the creation of makeshift traps and luring enemy forces into designated pre-planned kill zones, The Thakian troops are highly disciplined, highly agile, maneuverable, stern and steady soldiers.

They are known to be extremely fierce fighters when in defensive positions although they do have a tradition to fight until the bitter end due to the cultural significance of Honor and the shame that a retreat or surrender would bring upon them.

The Thakian Army is divided into a series of Regiments that are composed of 15 Brigades, Every regiment is led by a Grand Commander and the Brigades are led by Captains.

A standard Thakian regiment can be expected to have specialized groups of infantry, UTH-12 Enachyšop Tanks and UTV-31 Ubenakentûkni Mobile Artillery stations.

There is Special Regiments that are trained and equipped for specific situations, these Regiments often get special designations.

The Thakian Air Force

The Thakian Air Force is the aerial branch of Thakian Armed Forces and is the newest Armed Forces branch in Thakia as it was created in 1921 by king Phoenidas V.

The Thakian Air Force is the largest Air Force in Terra Nova. Their mission is to establish air superiority, suppress enemy air defenses, interdict enemy ground targets, conduct aerial reconnaissance, and to offer aerial fire support for the Ground Forces.

The Air Force is divided into a series of teams called "Wings" that are led by a Wing Commander, These "Wings" are formed by 5 Air Squadrons.

The Air Force is also in charge of any outer space operations conducted by the Thakian Armed Forces and it's the leading team in the development of Space Technology.

The Thakian Navy

The Thakian Royal Navy is the seafaring branch of the Thakian Armed Forces, The Thakian Navy is a blue-water navy and for its potential to project power globally it is considered the largest and most capable navy in Terra Nova, The Navy is the oldest still standing institution in Thakia.

It is one of the world's most prestigious naval forces and its fleets have an impressive battle record, comparable only in power to those of the Markosean Federation and the Empire of Lancanus.

The Thakian Navy is divided into three Departments : Marine Corps, Naval Aviation and Naval Warfare Departments.

The three departments are led by the Grand Admiral and the vessels of the navy are divided into Operation Groups that are composed of 3 fleets.

Each Fleet is led by an Admiral and their equipment varies depending on their mission.

The design doctrine of the Thakian navy is based around flexibility as their ships can maintain fire from any direction with only a few vessels being the exception.


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Things to keep in mind

  • Thakia and its universe are cut off from the rest of the multiverse to stop the spread of the demonic hordes of Mortis.

  • Terra Nova is 4 times bigger than Earth and it has a slightly stronger gravity.

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