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The Order of the Sun Crown

The Order of the Sun Crown

Order Device:

Estimated number: 304,002,000

"The Armada reborn."

The Order of the Sun Crown consider themselves the oldest of the knightly orders, and any orders who could speak to the contrary now lack the influence for their voice to be heard. They were formed around a very simple ideal - the glories of the past. They believe that the Spacefaring Warrior Armada of Tethys 13 was the greatest culture in the multiverse, and seek to re-establish those days, and learn all they can about them - however, they are inevitably coloured by their own biases. They have been accused of hiding evidence that goes against the view they have of what the Armada was like. They do not care for the honour and respect that motivates many of their brethren. They wear their hair long, fully willing to use it in battle, for it is a part of them, and anything that makes them stronger warriors should be embraced. Though their aggressive tendencies have made them many enemies, there is one group they vilify above all others - deities. Hearing the tales of the Sunruler and the final war, they believe it their duty to cut down the gods of other cultures if ever the opportunity presents itself, and seek it out when it does not.

Political stance
They will usually support anything they believe the Armada would have done. They are usually the first to propose or support war, the first to reject peace. They are excessively intolerant towards religion, to the point where they wish it purged from their nation.

Dishonourable, scornful, intolerant, violent.

Order Commander

Sezorah Ramtiyahsspawn

Age: 26

Height: 174cm

Sunruler Reborn, Golden Child

Personal Device:

Sezorah has been raised from a very young age to hold his current position. Spawned with a slight but noticeable golden sheen to his dark skin, they were declared the next coming of Seti zho Sunruler, the mightiest leader of the old Armada. They were given arms and armour to match what that mythical warrior was believed to have, and ruthlessly trained to reach their potential. Though they have hieved many great deeds in the years since, there are still whispers within their order that it is not enough, that Seti achieved far more. Sezorah has lived their whole life under enormous pressure, and as each year goes by, though their achievements are greater and grander, the expectations upon them grow even further and faster.

Sezorah bears a Wingkhopesh and wears Full-Plot Armour. They also wear their hair long, its neurotoxic properties able to paralyse or even kill an unwary opponent.

Sezorah has been called hubristic and boastful, but their feigned arrogance hides their insecurities about the huge pressures they labour under. They are forced to endlessly read and recite histories of the old Armada, specifically the deeds of Seti zho Sunruler, but in rare moments of solitude they prefer to read young fiction about the everyday lives of ordinary people in other nations.

They are placed under huge expectations, not only by their own order, but by all Tethysi as the commander of one of the largest orders in the nation. Some despise them for their inexperience and recklessness, while others admire their achievements at such a young age.