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The Order of the Autumn Butterfly

The Order of the Autumn Butterfly

Order Device:

Estimated number: 132,232,000

"Are we knights who dreamt we were butterflies, or butterflies dreaming that we are knights?"

Few orders have risen and fallen from prominence as frequently as that of the Autumn Butterfly. It was created to examine the deeper potential and meanings of the multiverse from an areligious perspective, alongside the Order of Amethyst - however, the two took very different approaches, and the two have had a rivalry from their inception. Where the Order of Amethyst pursued learning through the knowledge of the wise from across the galaxy, the Order of the Autumn Butterfly pursued it through meditation and self-reflection. They believe that the best account of their life they can leave is not one of glorious deeds, but of self-fulfillment.

Political stance
They are generally more isolationist and non-interventionist, but not out of spite or prejudice. They do not feel that the Grand Libraries should close to outsiders, but that the Tethysi should serve that role passively, rather than engaging with those who come seeking knowledge or going out to seek it themselves.

Pompous philosophers, holier-than-thou, aloof spiritualists.

Order Commander

Zu Vaisusspawn

Age: 39

Height: 168cm

Moth Blade

Personal Device:

Zu was seen as an oddity among the knights of Tethys 13 for declining the use of a Wing-Weapon. He believed that over-reliance on the Feathered Eels was stagnating the Tethysi. The Order of the Autumn Butterfly was quite taken with his ideals, dedication and sharp mind, and he made steady progress through its ranks. It is with his support and backing that Tethysian engineers have begun to experiment with crafting improved Candleblades and other weapons and armour that do not require materials from the Feathered Eels.

Zu carries a

, a weapon most Tethysi consider flashy and impractical. They also wear prototype non-Feathered Eel Full-Plot Armour and wear the Dream Mantle, which has the effect of vastly increasing the wearer's power in a given setting if they are unconscious, though they are only able to follow the last imperatives of their conscious thought.

They are usually serene, but has a sense of humour, prone to finding joy and amusement in unlikely places, and is known to have a bit of an ego. Their preferred genres are philosophy and science fiction.

Zu is considered wise and powerful, but also needlessly obscure in their advice and a show-off in battle.