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The Order of the Aqua Hippeastrum

The Order of the Aqua Hippeastrum

Order Device:

Estimated number: 119,923,000

"Have the patience of a bud and the energy of full bloom."

The Order of the Aqua Hippeastrum broke from the Order of the Sun Crown due to a difference of ideals. Its founders were knights whose studies led them to believe that their peers were incorrect in their understanding of the Tethysi of the past, that they were not violent marauders but noble heroes. They devoted themselves to emulating these ancient warriors, but also to researching the oaths and treaties they had held, in order to remake or preserve them. The order's name comes from the martial school that its founders belonged to, which taught a focus on defence and patience to wait for an opening to launch an all-out assault.

Political stance
They are generally not the most outspoken in political matters, except when matters involve a nation, place or people mentioned in their records - in those cases, they are utterly intractible. They generally vote in favour of measures that strengthen foreign ties, and against outright aggression.

Patient, prideful and extremely rigid in their honour code.

Order Commander

Strosz Gardatossspawn

Age: 49

Height: 195cm

Guardian Hero

Personal Device:

The Tethysi have a reputation for a lack of empathy. They will rarely send material aid to a struggling nation, or step forwards in negotiations to improve the state of a region. They are generally passive, refraining from involving themselves as a nation. In recent years that has started to change, and Strosz has been the one leading that movement. Feeling that the order was not doing enough to aid others, and founded a charity organisation within the order but expanding beyond it, gathering supplies to bring to nations in need. Before, though the order would go to assist their allies without hesitation, the only aid they would grant would be military. They would act as heroes descending from the skies to save those in need, but Strosz forced them to face whether that alone was enough to truly be considered a hero. It was no lip service. Strosz has led the Aqua Hippeastrum in not only rescuing those in need, but delivering them from that need, time and again. Countless legendary warriors have their names forever etched into Tethysian history, but perhaps none will be remembered as widely and reverently outside it as Strosz Gardatossspawn.

They wear Full Plot Armour, and carry a Wingaxe and a large Erashield, with a backup Candleblade.

They are selfless, brave, kind and serious, seemingly honestly so. Their preferred genres are history and fables.


They generally get along with most others and are idolised by some, though others find them too uptight.