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The Order of the Pun Crown

The Order of the Pun Crown

Order Device:

Estimated number: 135,797,531

"Quip all day and pun all knight."

The Order of the Pun Crown was formed by Long, the order's first Knight Commander and the warrior responsible for the First Pun Civil War. The traditional and conservative Commanders of some of the other major Orders tried to put an end to Long's rampant punning, which escalated into a full-blown conflict when other propunnents flocked to Long's banner. The war was long and savage, but eventually ended in a peace settlement and the Pun Crown's acceptance as a true Knight Order.
Then came the Second Pun Civil War. Long's successor demanded that the first war be written as 'the First Puncivil War' in the histories, which was one step too far. This war was even bloodier than the first, and the echoes of it remain part of the culture to this day. The Sun Crown in particular have never forgiven those days, and the rivalry between the two orders remains one-sidedly bitter.

Political stance
They believe in freedom of speech, even at the cost of traditions, culture, law and order and national security.

Unbearably annoying.

Order Commander

Nite Joakinsspawn

Age: 49

Height: 189cm

Tormentor, Maddener, Punisher (self-given)

Personal Device:

Nite is quite possibly the single finest warrior currently alive in the nation, and though their many detractors refuse to accept it, a duel record of 341 victories to 11 losses speaks for itself. At a young age they were sought by the Orders of the Silver Lantern, Sea Cat, Sun Crown and most every minor order, but chose the Pun Crown and flourished there, much to the aggravation of every opponent they faced from then on. Nothing gave them greater joy than approaching an undefeated, arrogant, narcissistic opponent and leaving them choking on their hubris in a humiliating manner. This was not done out of sadism, however - they honestly believe that crushing the pride of those who have become too arrogant is healthy for that person. When their foes refuse to accept that lesson however, Nite's patience may begin to wear thin. Normally their skill enables them to achieve victory without needlessly slaying or maiming their opponent, but they have no compunction against taking a life when necessary.

Nite wears Full Plot Armour and bears Long's Word, the blade of the first Knight Commander of the Order of the Pun Crown, notable for its long feathered quillions. It is said that mastery of the weapon requires mastery of the art of quipping, but that may just be an excuse. They also carry a buckler Erashield.

Nite is jovial and good-natured, rarely seeming to take anything seriously, though they take a great interest in cultivating talent. Their favourite genre is comedy, especially in the form of theatre and poetry.

Though most cannot stand them, none can deny their overwhelming skill.