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The Order of Amethyst

The Order of Amethyst

Order Device:

Estimated number: 142,000,000

"To achieve a fragment of impossible omniscience is to surpass the cosmos."

All Tethysi feel a desire for knowledge, but the knights for whom that desire surpasses all else join the Order of Amethyst. One of the oldest orders, it grew alongside the Order of the Autumn Butterfly, but the two diverged and became rivals due to their incompatable views. Where the Order of the Autumn Butterfly believed that the pinnacle of learning was in self-reflection, the Order of Amethyst opened their minds to the wisdom of the wisest minds of the multiverse. Its knights range far afield, seeking lost tomes in the ruins of dead civilisations or the greatest literary achievements of the most insightful of scholars. They do not believe knowledge should be hoarded, and will share it happily with any they encounter, sometimes to the point of causing insult if the knowledge they bring is not wanted. The War of Eldenia was started when a knight of the order tactlessly informed that planetary empire's ruler that their national history and divine mandate were built on lies. On another occasion, they inadvertently gave a nation knowledge that was then used to create weapons of mass destruction, which were deployed against its foes and led to the end of that planet. However, often they are regarded as sage benefactors and worthy scholars in their own right.

Political stance
Their priorities are in education and tourism, for they feel knowledge is meaningless without the means and will to pass it on.

Knowledge-hungry without common sense or restraint.

Order Commander

Elvand Ganrinsspawn

Age: 71

Height: 148cm

The Eternal Mage, Hero-Wizard

Personal Device:

In their youth, Elvand was considered a promising member of the Order of Amethyst, insightful and sharp with great skill and potential. However, their life changed when they went to a small, technologically backwards galaxy which nevertheless had achieved interstellar travel through the use of what they knew as magic. Fascinated, Elvand chose to join that narrative in order to study it more efficiently. They would come to regret that decision, as they found themself no longer a knight in that world - their goal was knowledge of magic, so a wielder of magic they became, no longer able to wield most of the weapons they had been so prodigiously skilled with. Not only that, the role they had been bestowed was enormous - to aid that galaxy's greatest young hero in overthrowing the monstrous tyrant ruling over it. The power they were granted was equally great, and though the conflict was long and gruelling, the victory at its end would be remembered across the galaxy forever, as would the mysterious Elvand's role in it. For Elvand however, the cost was unthinkable. The Dark Lord they had defeated had been far more powerful than expected, having achieved power comparable in some ways to omnipotence, without becoming a divine being. During the final, cataclysmic battle, the Dark Lord did what was thought impossible - damaged the Autobiography of a Tethysian. As a result, even after the narrative's conclusion, Elvand has been trapped in that state - physically unchanged, and carrying the same magical power. They spent decades slowly climbing the ranks of the Order of Amethyst, hoping that with that influence they might someday find a way to repair their Autobiography and end their curse.

They wear half-plot armour, but unlike other Tethysi, it is combined with a modified magical robe and hat intended to amplify and protect them from the magical power they wield. Similarly, they have lost the physical strength to effectively wield most weapons, and so instead have crafted a staff with their own Autobiography dimensionally sealed as its catalyst. They have access to a wide variety of spells from many disciplines, but the strength of those spells is scaled to the narrative at hand.

Tired, grouchy, but truly good-natured at heart. Their preferred genres are history, psychology and science.

Respected by most and pitied by some, while a few dare to question whether they are truly still Tethysian at all. Lashanugi considers them a curiosity, and Grist thinks of them as a friend, though they usually respond with irritation.