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The Spacefaring Warrior Armada of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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The Spacefaring Warrior Armada of Tethys 13 is a nation comprised of millions of individual ships, and its people are all genetically and cybernetically enhanced superhuman warriors bearing sentient symbiotic weapons that have reality-warping abilities. They travel between planets and galaxies, honing their skills, engaging in wars, going on adventures and hiring themselves out as mercenaries, bodyguards, private combat tutors etcetera, with the goal of proving themselves the greatest warriors in existence.

"Zho" is a vitally important word in the Tethysi language, and one that does not translate easily, though it is generally seen as a combination of "wielder of" and "who is also", for weapon and wielder are one being.

Positive points:
- They are some of the finest warriors around
- They are extremely intelligent and scientifically advanced
- They are economically powerful due to their military proficiency and fame
- they are quite inclusive

Negative points:
- They have no sense of tact
- What they see as returning with glory for their ship, others would see as monstrously punishing taxation
- They don't comprehend peace very well, it just doesn't fit in to their worldview
- Their joy in battle was deemed too manic by the World Census Organisation, and thus was disregarded, without which they are so devoted to training that they seem like utterly morose individuals
- They have almost no compassion whatsoever
- They are among the worst drivers imaginable. They could crash a car by sneezing in the passenger seat. Their first entry into an Osiris racing event had one participant spin out at the starting line and the other crash before too long.