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The Disputed Territories of
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Un pò di storia.

Already present at the time of the earliest civilisations the Territorio di Nessuno, originally called Terra Nullius, was the larghest nation in the world. However, precisely because of its size, it is dubted that really exist.
In fact, the neighboring nations took possesion of its territories subjugating the people who lived there, who were wrongly defined nomads or wilds when instead they were citizen of Terra Nullius.
With the passage of time more and more population belonging to Terra Nullius broke away and became indipendent, causing a greater loss of territory.
In 1320 it was officially recognized as an indipendent nation under the name of Nonesmanneslond, but at that point he had already lost much of the original territory.
From 1492 it began a rapid decline caused by rumors about the riches of the land. This sparked a series of conflicts between Nonesmanneslond and the various nations who want to take possession of these riches that continued intermittently until 1878, while there are still ongoing disputes regarging certain territories.
In 1914 acquired the actually name and, take advantage of a conflict that involved most of the world (The Great World War of 30 years 1912-1946), declare war on the partecipant nations, judging that they were too busy with each other to resist, hoping to regain the lost territories. However, despite being able to cause the collapse of some nations, was finally defeted in 1946. It caused another loss of territories, international military occupation and the obbligation to pay the war reparations.
In 1961 ending the international military occupation.
In 1989 he was denied the obbligation to pay the war reparations.
In 2014 he joined to the World Assembly. In the same year, following a zombie apocalypse, research a cure and help the other nations to cure the infects.