by Max Barry

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The Disputed Territories of
Left-wing Utopia

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Le vostre nazioni andranno ad arricchire i miei Territori

These nations will be a fine addition to my Territories:

■ The No Matter What He Will Always Be a Military Territory of Montarc
■ The Katenalist Territory of The New Wisconsin Empire
■ The 13 Osean Territories of Cryobia
■ The Purple Territory of Aerilia
■ The Chose a Flag and Stick With It Goddamnit Territory of Lotion empire
■ The Doomed Territories of Siberian federal republic
■ The Japanese-German Imperial Territory of Illusia and Neverendia
■ The Dead Territory of Triest3
■ The Imperial Territory of Raccooniah
■ The Nerd Territory of Zazumo
■ The Free But Not as Free as You May Think Territory of Drusselstein
■ The Ever Changing Territory of Eraver
■ The Dead Territories of Altavis
■ The Dead Territory of Megawave
■ The Emerald Territory of Kilkire
■ The Territories of Militarized algerstonia
■ The Territory of Perna m buco
■ The Autocratic Imperial Territory of Pandoska
■ The Disperso West African Territory of Deerfenland
■ The Saederin Imperial Territory of Great Solordia
■ The Dead Territory of The Greater Danish Order
■ The Kaiserreich Territories of German holy roman empire
■ The Missed Territory of Queens port
■ The Theocratic Imperial Territory of Guyomartand
■ The Bolt Action Rifle's Storage Territory of Saa canada
■ Th Mmt@$t1 Trr1t0ry 0f East Supple Lund
■ The Ungrateful Territories of Minuda
■ The Dead Territory of Andratia
■ The Spooky Scary Territory of Tommatito
■ The United Territories of Beasluxia
■ The Territories of Kakastania
■ The Dead Territories of Awto
■ The Totally Not Bretonnia Territory of British Bayonet
■ The Dead Territory of The gloryhole
■ The Territories of Le Front de Liberation du Midand
■ The Totally Democratic and Free Territories of United north american
■ The Minuda's Territory of the Territory of Waupun Island
■ The Other Territory of True algerstonia
■ The Jingoist Territories of Wazoola
■ The Rightful Territory of The wiganese islands
■ The Unrightful Territory of Lungha
■ The Space Territory of Deltiri
■ The Real Pizza Territories of The Soviet States of Europe
■ The Royal Territory of the Tsardom of leonlandia
■ The Sandbox Territory of Al qatif
■ The Cathouse Territory of Alunya
■ The Benevolent Territory of Fendlium
■ The Thief Territory of Jar Watinnree
■ The Hopefully Right One Territory of Jar Wattinree

With the special partecipation of Territorio di qualcuno.